How to be truly confident with Slavic women

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Slavic women

When you think you lack confidence, you probably only lack confidence in certain areas of your life. By that I mean confidence is actually environment-dependent: You may feel absolutely confident in one area of life, e.g., career, investing, health, etc. However, you feel unconfident in another area of your life, e.g., public speaking, dating, etc. But don’t worry. Here are some very useful hacks to build core confidence. 🔥

  • You don’t need to be an extrovert in order to be confident.

Self-assurance and quiet confidence are much more attractive than being loud and clear like showing off what you have.

Your self-worth shouldn’t be attached to getting the second date or landing that fancy job. True confidence is always found in your authentic self-identity rather than what other people think.

Here is a principle to remember: When you have a date with a Slavic woman, you are there to express yourself, carefully listen to her and then evaluate whether the connection is solid. You are not there to impress her. When you have this mindset, you will be able to maintain your standards and beliefs without changing them so as to please somebody. Then you will be authentically confident.

That means you don’t need to agree with everything a woman says. It’s okay to disagree with her sometimes. Please value yourself, your self-worth and your time. Interestingly, this makes women respect you more. 😊

  • Confidence is different from arrogance.

Lack of confidence looks like this: “When ABC happens, I’ll be confident / happy.”

Arrogance looks like this: “I don’t take your feedback / or any feedback.”

Nonetheless, confidence is definitely not the same as arrogance. Confidence is knowing your self-worth without relying on the external environment or validation.

You can build your confidence by consistently stepping outside of your comfort zone. Remember: Everything that you are yearning for is actually outside your comfort zone. Learning something new, approaching women at a party, starting a side hustle – these gradually build strong links in the chain of core confidence. When this is done continually, you will realize that you are actually much more competent and capable than you thought. Only inaction should keep you awake at night.

Doing new things can be terrifying because you don’t have any reference points that tell you ‘You can do it’…yet. Nonetheless, it certainly doesn’t mean you cannot do it. It only means you probably haven’t tried it so far in your life. In reality, there was a time when you were unable to talk, walk, or read / write, but you learned those skills anyway!

  • How to manage fear:

No, nobody can totally eliminate fear, but we can learn to manage fear. Usually, fear is caused by thinking about yourself too much. Let me explain.

When you are worried about what other people are thinking about you / whether you will be hurt by others or not / how you can impress that woman, you are only thinking of “What’s in it for me?” This is actually a limiting belief which causes fear.

In contrast, when you are thinking of how you can help others, this new belief releases the fear – now you focus on how you can add value to other people’s lives / how you can make this world a better place. Therefore, you aren’t constantly thinking about “What’s in it for me?” anymore.

Many years ago, I was talking with a male friend who was worried about whether a Slavic woman is the right candidate or not. After listening to him for half an hour, I noticed that all he was concerned about was whether he would be hurt if he started a relationship with that lady. Hence, I said to him, “This isn’t the right relationship because you don’t love her. If you love her, you would want to know how you can make her happy rather than thinking about whether you will be hurt or not all the time.” I know this wasn’t something that he wanted to hear, but it was the truth.

Law of Reciprocity is real: When you make other people in your life happy, they will also want to make you happy. You can only get what you give at work, in love and in life.

You will be confident with Slavic women if you try these confidence hacks.

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