How to manage insecurity in international dating

international dating

As I see it, insecurity and jealousy don’t necessarily have to be the reason why relationships end. I know jealousy and insecurity may end relationships easily, because when someone is jealous, they become mean, petty and small (just like somebody who is too worried about what other people are doing to concentrate on their own life). Also, when someone is insecure, they become uncertain, uncomfortable and fragile – they don’t have a sense of ease that makes others admire them because they literally cannot relax. Having said that, no one has to be perfect in order to be in romantic relationships. As a matter of fact, both insecurity and jealousy are just facts of being a human. But how should we manage insecurity properly in international dating?

  • What really matters….

In my opinion, what truly matters is how often you feel jealous and / or insecure and how much you let these emotions run your life. If you only feel insecure or jealous once a month, that’s not a problem. However, if you feel jealous and insecure every week, it’s an issue that you’ll have to deal with. What’s more, if jealousy and insecurity don’t run your life at all, it’s okay. In contrast, if you let jealousy and insecurity knock you off course all the time, you’d better see a therapist. 

Everyone feels moments where their body is a bit out of shape. Everyone hates the pimple / wrinkle on their face at times. Everyone feels that someone else is smarter than them. Everyone feels embarrassed sometimes. These are very common. What actually matters is how people respond to these feelings and emotions.

international dating
  • Communication in international dating:

If you feel insecure and / or jealous, would you keep it to yourself and never tell your lady how you feel? Or do you turn it into a 24/7 argument where you ruin the ambience? 

Here is a solution: If you take a moment and then honestly & calmly explain what bothers you, you’ll be able to find the strength to focus on self-love so that your insecurities can have less of a hold on you. In this way, insecurities become an obstacle for you to work around or a part of you which could even be endearing if you bravely own it, thereby showing your confidence in other ways of your life. 

Therefore, it is clear that everyone would feel insecure at some stage in their life. The key is to be confident enough in your value that your insecurities scarcely register in the grand scheme of your life. 

  • How to have confidence:

There is something that most people rarely talk about and most experts wouldn’t acknowledge: lack of confidence is probably the real reason for most mental health issues. Of course, we know that challenging life experiences can cause mental health problems, but we also know many successful people still run big companies and achieve more success in spite of challenges in life. That’s because different people have different confidence levels. In other words, successful people don’t allow challenges in life to run their lives as they have the confidence to handle things well.

If you need to build confidence in international dating, you might invest in your education in this regard. For instance, you can buy an online program which teaches you dating skills. Or you can read a dating book to improve your understanding of female psychology. 

Those who would like to build confidence in their careers would be well-advised to hire a mentor. For example, let’s say you want to start your own business, but you don’t know how to do it. You may hire a business coach who can teach you exactly how to succeed in business.

In terms of men who are keen to build confidence in their physical health and fitness, I don’t think going to the gym every day is necessary. In fact, COVID-19 has shut down many gyms all over the world. Why not stick to a routine and do some daily exercise at home?

“Are you confident enough to tell your lady how you really feel?”

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