The importance of learning to accept yourself (Slavic dating advice)

November 22, 2020 at 10.50am by in Slavic Women
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A study shows that the majority of anxieties come from not being able to accept yourself. Indeed, when you completely accept yourself, you are a calm person.

Do you know your strengths?

Oftentimes, what you are good at is also what you love doing. So, what are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? Please make sure that you identify your strengths and focus on your strengths as your strengths define who you really are. This is our Slavic dating expert’s advice.

Meanwhile, you should also know your weaknesses so that you can minimize their impact. Well, no one is perfect as perfection is basically a joke (it does not even exist). Honestly, your weaknesses can make your life a very rich experience because they give your life texture.

That being said, you would be well-advised to minimize your weaknesses’ impact – perhaps you can work with coaches and mentors who are able to help you effectively. In my opinion, having sufficient guidance is very important.

At the end of the day, you just do what you can and then make peace with the rest. Know what’s under your control as well as what’s outside your control. You simply do what you are able to control and make peace with everything that is outside your control. Then you will have complete acceptance in your life.

A famous psychologist states that when you look for reassurance so as to handle your anxiety, what you will get is only false comfort. By contrast, when you totally accept yourself and do not even let anxiety bother you, you’re listening to your inner wise mind.

How to play to your strengths:

In truth, when you are aware of your strengths and play to those, you can see the purest form of who you really are.

My first question for you – What did you love doing when you were a kid?

Every kid knows what makes them truly happy. So, you can ask yourself, “When I was 4 or 5 years old, what did I enjoy doing?” Interestingly, these activities can still make you truly happy now.😊

By the way, activities that can make you genuinely happy are sustainable activities that you will do in the long run. Also, those activities are probably your strengths, too!

Our Slavic dating expert liked creative writing when she was a kid. Currently, she is using her creative writing skills to create blog posts every day. This is the best job for her.

My second question for you – What’s obvious to you but it’s so amazing to others? Everybody has some kind of talent. For example, Jack is very good at art. Yet he did not pay much attention to his strength in the past. However, because of the pandemic, he lost his job. Hence, Jack immediately studied graphic design on the Internet and became a graphic designer. Right now, he just runs his online business as a freelance graphic designer – he works from home every day. He told me that his Internet business has already gained traction.😉

Slavic women like men who have a growth mindset.

Successful men definitely have a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset. A person with a fixed mindset does not even believe that they are able to keep learning forever. Yet a person with a growth mindset surely believes that they are able to keep learning, growing and changing.

In order to cultivate a growth mindset, you need to be a student of life. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals never open a book after graduation. Nevertheless, I know you aren’t one of them because you are reading this article right now – apparently, you are keen to learn more.

In addition, someone with a growth mindset is oftentimes an avid reader. Yes, leaders are readers. A wildly successful guy that I know reads a book each week. When he is working out in the gym, he listens to an audiobook. So, he reads 52 books each year!

What’s your reading list like?Do you read books on personal development?

Besides, someone with a growth mindset believes in never-ending improvement. Frankly, reading is only a part of the big plan. If reading alone is able to make you very successful, then I would argue that librarians must be the most successful individuals on the planet.

Oh, there is nothing wrong with librarians. I simply want to make this key point: Apart from reading, you still have to improve other areas in your life, e.g. meeting the right individuals, building a supportive social circle, etc.

“Slavic ladies are attracted to motivated men who have a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset.”

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