Is online dating a soft skill that you should master?

October 9, 2021 at 2.06pm by in Dating advice
online dating

These days online dating is very mainstream because it’s probably the only way for singles to find suitable candidates right now. But is this also a soft skill?

The definition of soft skills:

Perhaps you already know there are two types of skills in the workplace: technical skills and soft skills. Technical skills could be the ability to use Excel, accounting software, the machine in the factory, etc. But how should we define soft skills? Well, according to human dynamics experts, soft skills are interpersonal skills and character traits that characterize an individual’s relationships with others.

More importantly, without soft skills, your technical skills will not work. End of story.

A spoke to a lady who wrote a report about technical skills and soft skills. Here’s her comments: “The discussion in this report shows the importance of technical skills and soft skills, i.e., food and beverage service, customer service, marketing, learnability and verbal & written communication. All of these skills are essential in the hospitality industry in modern-day society. Furthermore, the organization has specific systems that helps the business owner to manage the organization effectively and efficiently: there is a loyalty tracking system which measures customer satisfaction via social media and Google; there is a reward system which regularly supports staff satisfaction in the organization; the bookkeeping and accounting software (Xero) automates the financial management for the organization; not using plastic cutlery has improved the restaurant’s environmental performance and has become the new management system in this regard; backup plans such as focusing on serving customers who purchase takeaways and working with food delivery services are the management system which allows the restaurant to manage change in trying times. Since 21st April 2021, I have consulted the director of the restaurant who knows the hospitality industry very well. After the consultation, I have summarized the key takeaways: Firstly, technical skills are the prerequisite of a successful career in this industry. As a result, I should focus on developing these technical skills – customer service as well as food and beverage service. Although I already have three certificates (Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate, Certificate of Barista and Certificate of Bartender), I still need to keep honing my technical skills so that I can have better employment opportunities in the current economy. Secondly, marketing skills are essential skills that a hospitality professional must have in this day and age because every organization needs effective marketing in the 21st century – obviously, in order to become irreplaceable in an organization, I have to further develop my marketing skills which are considered technical skills and soft skills at the same time.” Basically, she was working for a restaurant in the hospitality industry which is going through a tough time during the pandemic. She has a good understanding of soft skills.

In fact, soft skills are extremely important in dating and relationships. Nowadays, online dating has become a key soft skill.

Are you flexible enough?

Before the pandemic, you definitely had more ways to meet women – you could meet them in bars and pubs, you could meet them while travelling, you could meet them at social events…. But during COVID-19, online dating has become the only way to meet women. That means switched-on men are flexible – they can adjust their approach in trying times.

The lady that I interviewed also explained the importance of being flexible: “Besides, I have also consulted with an external consultant, for she understands the importance of soft skills after teaching English Communication and Business English for many years. Here are the key takeaways from the consultation: In the first place, I would be well-advised to further develop my learnability – when I keep expanding and growing my knowledge base, I will be able to use new skills and information to respond to whatever is happening. This also improves my agility – because the work landscape keeps changing, being agile is of vital importance – yesterday’s solutions probably cannot solve tomorrow’s issues. Therefore, I need to know how to shift gears when the situation needs that and respond to the needs of the organization, customers and industry trends accordingly. Indeed, situations like COVID-19 can take away our resources, yet it cannot take away our resourcefulness and resilience. In the second place, I should work on my verbal and written communication because English is my second language. Using my best English at all times is a must, especially when I work for an organization in the hospitality industry.” Clearly, she knows communication is the cornerstone of all soft skills. Most importantly, being flexible and agile is so key.

“Are you an effective communicator in online dating?”

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