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August 11, 2021 at 5.20am by in Dating advice
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An international dating coach points out that a perfect relationship doesn’t exist because perfection is actually a joke. Many people think they desire a romantic relationship with a celebrity, a talented artist, a successful entrepreneur, a health guru or a model. However, they never ask: What do I have to give up in order to be in a relationship with a person like that?

  • The truth about romantic relationships:

Of course, being married to a wildly successful person surely comes with perks, but the real question is: What does this individual actually value? How does this person spend their time? Frankly, at the end of the day, it’s not what somebody is that really determines the nature / quality of the romantic relationship; it’s what that person wants to spend most of their time with. It’s more about how well that person looks after your needs in their decisions. It’s about how much they are happy to be an effective teammate. 😊

For instance, everyone could imagine the same type of successful person with 2 totally different value systems:

  1. Someone who is successful due to a passion for their work, a strong creative drive, a burning striving for achievement and making the world a better place as well as a true dedication to their mission.
  1. Someone who is successful because of their pursuit of status, fame, a need to control people, a need for external validation and hedonism.

Therefore, although these two people are equally successful, why they want to be successful is totally different because they are driven by different reasons.

In other words, these are two completely different people in relationships.

As a result, you would be well-advised to dig deeper when you consider who you want to date. Even with an outstanding person there is probably a trade-off.

Truthfully, if you are keen to become (or be with) a very successful business owner as you desire a glamorous life, please note that most wildly successful business owners work extremely hard – they work every day, skip parties and think about how to grow their businesses all the time.

Well, if you think that’s perfect because you are that type of growth-driven person as well, then you should totally create a power couple!

Yet don’t forget to ask yourself this question: How am I going to spend my spare time in a romantic relationship? Am I going to travel the world, work every weekend, or watch Netflix on the sofa?

What about that Instagram model who is extroverted, adventurous and popular on the Internet? Are you sure you want to be with someone who goes to parties every day?

  • Basically, each desirable quality always comes with some kind of sacrifice:
  1. Some people think they need an ambitious spouse until they realize that ambitious person works 18 hours a day and has no time for their romantic relationship.
  1. Some people think they should totally date an Instagram model until they realize someone like that possibly can’t even have an intelligent conversation.
  1. Some people think they want to meet a talented artist until they see the artistic genius’s obsessive focus and crazy work habits at 4am.
  1. Some people think they must marry someone who is very close to their family until they hate the huge amount of time that individual spends with their family.

Apparently, everything comes with some type of hidden cost. Nothing is perfect in reality.

International dating experts state that even the greatest relationships are characterized by trade-offs. Having said that, some trade-offs are comfortable and some can fit you amazingly if her value system and way of life complement your own. 😉

As I see it, you should totally identify your non-negotiables and stick to your standards. Just be sure to understand that no matter which way you choose, it’s not going to be perfectly easy.

“Understand your core values and find someone whose values are compatible with your values. That is the key to success in dating and relationships.”

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