Insights into modern online dating: How to find hope after a hard time

July 30, 2021 at 9.42am by in Dating advice
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Perhaps you went through a difficult divorce, a bad breakup or a challenging time during COVID-19. Well, almost everyone has had at least one terrible breakup in their life, so you are not alone. If you think you have probably lost hope in love, please do not try to change your thoughts – you have to change your action.

  • Remember: most people’s love lives are not easy.

You are ghosted by someone. Someone told you it’s over. You have got a one-sided text message conversation on your smartphone again. Things are going nowhere. You feel deeply hurt by a horrific betrayal. You might think only you experience things like that, but in reality, these are all very common, especially in the current dating climate in western countries.

Hence, more and more men in western countries have started to look for Eastern European women who are more respectful, elegant and traditional. Indeed, online dating is the ideal tool when it comes to meeting international candidates, particularly during the pandemic. As the vaccine has been developed, international travel will become viable soon, so if you begin to connect with an Eastern European lady on the Internet now, you will be able to visit her in the near future.

Now the question is: How do you find hope again when a previous relationship has hurt you so much? More specifically, what can you do to feel positive? How can you stop feeling so disappointed by your love life?

As I see it, most of the time, attitude follows action much more frequently than action follows attitude. That is to say, as you feel that relationships are too stressful, your thinking will not change this feeling. As a matter of fact, your action will.

Sadly, a lot of people drink too much alcohol and eat junk food after a terrible breakup or a soul-destroying divorce. They also feel confused at work and in relationships with friends and family. That’s a vicious circle, unfortunately.

Truthfully, what you should do is to take action which will make you stoked again. Don’t get caught up in your thoughts. Focus on what action you can take right now.

online dating
  • The truth about taking action:

Dr. Claire Weekes was a general practitioner from Australia. Her books about how to cure anxiety have been wildly popular since 1960s when mental health was a topic that most people didn’t even talk about or understand. Interestingly, after reading a large number of books on mental health, I realized that Dr. Claire Weekes’s books are definitely the best, although her books were published several decades ago. In other words, modern research isn’t necessarily better than Dr. Claire Weekes’s work, partly because Dr. Claire Weekes had first-hand experience about anxiety, and partly because the way she explained anxiety as well as its cure is almost perfect.

According to Dr. Claire Weekes, someone who suffers from a nervous breakdown has to stay occupied – this person shouldn’t stay in bed, dwelling on their thoughts. In fact, they would be well-advised to remain busy (or at least they need to have something to do). That also explains why most people who have anxiety find weekends and public holidays so maddening & they feel much better when they have to go to work!

Yes, when you go to work, you constantly take action unless your job is extremely easy and you have nothing to do. That also tells us why unemployment is actually a mental health problem – when someone doesn’t have a job, they don’t really have a structured life, so their life looks like a mental health issue. No wonder a lot of people who are unemployed face mental health challenges.

Okay. Now you’ve fully understood the importance of taking action, so please start somewhere, e.g., your health – maybe you can do some exercise and get some healthy sunshine today. Take a long walk while listening to an audiobook via Libby (an app which offers free eBooks and audiobooks from your local library). Go to places that ignite your curiosity. Talk to people you meet. Connect with old friends. Make new friends. Or even find a new job if you like!

  • Online dating shouldn’t be a full-time job.

I know some men would hire virtual dating assistants or personal dating assistants to manage their online dating profiles and dating sites’ accounts. I understand that kind of stress – dating western women is a real challenge because the majority of western women play mind games with men. No wonder online dating looks like a full-time job these days.

Since you are on this website (Simply Dating), you are aware of the fact that Eastern European ladies are much better candidates because they don’t play games – they are very honest and reliable. As a result, online dating is much easier to manage on this platform. 😊

“Simply Dating offers an audio / video chat feature which helps you to communicate with Eastern European ladies online effortlessly.”

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