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Slavic women

Prioritizing your needs isn’t selfish. It’s important. If you don’t put your own needs first, sooner or later fatigue and resentment will grow. A positive, strong, growth mindset is the best wealth because it brings more and more wealth to you. A healthy mindset also helps you find the right Slavic woman in record time.

  • The importance of self-confidence:

When you are confident and bold enough in your endeavors, people will stop questioning you and they may start questioning themselves.

The fears that you don’t face become your limits. It’s time to bravely face your fears and take your power back.

Stop searching for your purpose. Start building your purpose. Take risks because risks create opportunities and magic. The space between where you want to be and where you are right now shouldn’t intimidate you. It can only inspire you. The best way to feel good now is to help someone else. The fastest way to cheer yourself up is to cheer someone else up. What are you going to do for someone else today? Two ways to re-ignite your intuition: 1) be more in your body and less in your head; 2) stop overthinking or overmanaging life.

When you feel anxious, remind yourself that feelings aren’t facts. Feelings are temporary. Two things to do before the end of this year: 1) take a class which scares you; 2) read a book that isn’t recommended by other people. Don’t feed the fears. But fears are your friends because they are teaching you something valuable.

Slavic women
  • When you love yourself, the right Slavic woman will also love you.

Three ways to love yourself today: 1) say no to things that you don’t want to do; 2) take a decisive step towards your goal; 3) visualize tremendous success.

Happiness is actually quite easy because you can choose a thought that makes you happy or a thought that makes you stressed out. You are able to make the choice each day. Thoughts become things, so what you read, listen to and believe eventually becomes your reality.

The most successful entrepreneurs never rest on their laurels because they don’t want stagnation. They constantly change things up. Three things that will bring you joy today: 1) make a vision board; 2) journal; 3) list five things you are grateful for.

A billion likes on social media mean nothing if you don’t like yourself. So, what are you doing to practice self-love today? When people criticize you unfairly and write negative comments on your work, say this to them, “I’m building something. What are you doing?”

If your dream doesn’t terrify you a little bit, it’s not big enough. If your dream is both terrifying and exciting, you must pursue it!

It’s perfectly okay to take chances, try things out and ask questions. You don’t need to know everything before getting started.

Don’t complain about luck. Real winners make their own luck.

We live in an era of freedom because there are no gatekeepers anymore thanks to the Internet. There is no excuse not to do what you desire.

Putting things off only increases fear. Taking action fights fear. The choice is yours.

Make peace with who you are, and then you will be content with what you have. That’s where true gratitude begins.

It’s time to stop telling yourself old stories that no longer serve you. Start telling the story of your life as you want it to be from now on.

Be careful what you fantasize about because your fantasies sometimes become realities.

Fear leads to hesitation which causes the worst fear to come true. Find a way to make fear a friend of yours. Allow your fear to teach you something useful.

“Life isn’t really about finding yourself. Life is actually about creating yourself. Your values are the qualifies of the person that you want to become. Life is a journey rather than a destination. Make sure the journey is interesting and learn to love the journey. If you don’t have a religion, you may consider making personal development your religion. Be a student of life. Be a confident man that attracts Slavic women.”

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