International dating advice: What makes someone attractive?

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When it comes to a person’s looks, there are two types of attractiveness: objective attractiveness and perceived attractiveness. Based on scientific research, objective attractiveness is all about symmetry which is considered the most important thing in terms of facial attractiveness, for having a face which is equal on both sides is oftentimes a biological sign that tells others that good genes could be found in this individual. But we could only do so much in order to improve our objective attractiveness – dressing well, getting a cosmetic surgery, and so forth. Yet there are many things you can do to improve your perceived attractiveness.

Improve your charisma.

It turns out that individuals with average faces could be attractive as well, e.g. Will Smith, Tom Cruise and Bill Clinton – these celebrities aren’t necessarily extremely good-looking, yet they are very charismatic. That’s why they are very attractive!

If you’d like to work on your charisma, you may start from your conversational skills. Once you’ve become an engaging person, you look more interesting. That’s how you become attractive as a delightful conversationalist.

When you approach a Ukrainian lady on an international dating website, you may ask her “How have you been?” instead of “How are you?” – that’s because “How have you been?” makes the Ukrainian lady feel that you have known each other for a while before the conversation starts. Thus, it’s a highly effective method to build some rapport quickly with the lady from Ukraine.

During a delightful video conversation with a lady you like, you should pause and say, “So, I’m curious….” Don’t be afraid of silence when you are having an interesting conversation with a lady online – silence is actually very key because silence builds attraction. So, you can totally pause and say, “So, I’m curious” and then you pause again. Of course, the Ukrainian woman will pay more attention to you immediately. Now you continue and ask her, “If you could wake up anywhere on the planet tomorrow, where would you like to wake up tomorrow morning?”

Don’t focus on small talk. Remember to ask the Ukrainian woman specific questions at an emotional level. That means you don’t focus on “What do you do?” Instead, you ask her, “You look very intelligent. Are you a teacher?” You also don’t focus on “Do you enjoy your work?” Instead, you ask her, “Why do you want to be a teacher?” Many people have had small talk with this lady – that’s exactly why you should totally stand out and be outstanding! Also, if an individual is knowledgeable and worldly, other people will naturally associate them with charisma and attractiveness because a person like that can have very intelligent conversations with others. Clearly, life-long learners are usually very attractive.

How to know if you’ve found the right candidate:

Perhaps you have been seeing a Ukrainian lady for quite a while and you are thinking of if she is the one that you should marry. Before you make a big decision, please read this article carefully.

First, you and this Ukrainian woman may do a values test together. There are lots of values tests on the Internet, but you can also read a book called Values Clarification. Ideally, you and your Ukrainian bride should have the same or similar values. Or at least, her values and your values must be compatible. In the long run, you are only able to be with someone whose values are acceptable according to your worldview. For example, if one person highly values adventure whilst the other person values security, a relationship like that will not last, according to New Zealand blogger and best-selling author Gala Darling. Second, the chemistry must be present. These days some people get married for convenience rather than love. Actually, the prerequisite of romantic love is chemistry. Without chemistry, the risk is very high. Hence, you have to make sure that the chemistry between you and your Ukrainian girlfriend is real. Honestly, if the chemistry isn’t present, you can’t manufacture it. And that can be a problem.

How to maintain a long-distance relationship if you are seeing your Ukrainian girlfriend online:

Let’s say you’ve met a Ukrainian lady on where we offer video chat and automatic translation online. It’s not difficult to build a relationship with her on the Internet. But do you know how to maintain a long-distance relationship before you visit her in Ukraine?

In the first place, you have to make sure ongoing communication happens at least once a day. This is very important because regular communication is the foundation of a true relationship. Perhaps you can have a video chat with your Ukrainian girlfriend once a day. Please note that you are not supposed to become pen pals who only send each other text messages.

In the second place, you may send her gifts at times. Internet shopping is handy nowadays. Maybe you can send her a gift by post once a month and surprise her in a good way. Note that the gift doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, but it should be right so that the Ukrainian lady will be impressed. Basically, it means you probably don’t need to send her flowers and chocolate every time and you are supposed to be a bit more creative. Make sure you understand what she likes and give her exactly that. Perhaps she mentioned that she is into Savage Garden’s music and you send her a Savage Garden’s DVD. Also, you can even take notes while she is talking about things that she is interested in. For instance, if she says, “I really like reading novels”, you can write down “novels” on your laptop. Then next time when you are looking to buy her a gift, you can buy a novel and send it to her!

If it’s possible, you should totally meet her in person more frequently. can organize international trips for you if you like. As a matter of fact, if you are looking for a high-quality bride from Ukraine, you should go to Ukraine and meet her in person. You can visit our office in Ukraine and we will introduce the right candidate to you if you are interested.

How to be an attractive person in a relationship:

Once you are in a relationship with a Ukrainian woman, you want to stay attractive! So, here are some top tips for you to consider:

  1. Do not make money the elephant in the room in your relationship. This is a taboo topic because people in western countries generally do not want to talk about money at all. That’s why money is also a taboo topic in dating, unfortunately. Yet money is certainly an important topic in a relationship, and it’s also an unavoidable topic if it’s a long-term, serious relationship. You would be well-advised to talk about finances with your girlfriend in an honest way.
  2. You don’t need to know your girlfriend’s social media password. Some couples even share their social media passwords with each other. But that’s not necessary. If there is an issue in a relationship, you need to address the issue. If there isn’t any issue in a relationship, why do you need to know your girlfriend’s social media password? We’ve never seen a happy couple who solved their problems by remembering each other’s passwords.

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