International dating and the smart casual dress code

international dating

If you are interested in dating an Eastern European woman, you would be well-advised to know that most ladies from Eastern Europe are very elegant & presentable – they are fashion-conscious individuals who respect themselves and other people. Indeed, dating starts from personal presentation and the first impression is paramount! ✨

  • Smart casual is the right dress code for the first date.

Smart casual includes a range of items, e.g., jeans, t-shirts and suits. As a result, many men find this dress code a little bit confusing. On the first date, you are supposed to strike the right balance between looking too casual and looking too formal. ✔️

According to my observation, jackets are really important items in the closet. You can buy cheaper shirts, but please invest in good jackets! A nice blazer is always the right starting point for your smart casual plan. It’s also perfect for most bars, theaters and restaurants. Basically, blazers are shorter than a suit jacket. A blazer with pockets looks even more casual. 👍

A cotton blazer without any padding in the shoulders works pretty well with a typical polo shirt. A lined jacket with padding can often go very well with a relatively formal shirt and wool pants.

Your blazer’s size must be right. Sadly, most men’s blazers are too big for them!

When you choose your pants, please always make sure you double check (or triple check) how your pants fit on your bottom. Note that fit is the No. 1 important factor when it comes to looking well-dressed.

In terms of your shirt, you have to pay attention to the details. If you would like to create a relaxing ambience, you may want to wear a collarless shirt or a shirt with a very subtle pattern, e.g., floral print. Personally, I think pale blue shirts and white shirts look great on men! In addition, if you prefer leaving your shirt untucked, then the shirt must be slightly shorter so that it wouldn’t cover your bottom.

What’s more, knitwear plays a key role if you are going to an outdoor cinema with your lady from Eastern Europe. I find v neck very good-looking when it comes to knitwear.

Don’t forget your shoes! Sometimes changing your shoes means changing the whole look. Usually, brown looks more casual than black. The basic rule is no matter what type of shoes you prefer, always make sure that your shoes are perfectly polished if they are leather, beautifully brushed if they are suede and really clean if they are trainers! 😊

  • A word on accessories:

Never underestimate the power of accessories. Many years ago, I worked for a furniture store where high-end products were sold. I remember many coworkers were wearing expensive accessories such as Gucci belts, Cartier rings, and so on. Because uniforms were provided by the employer at that time, employees could only wear accessories that might express their own personality to some degree. A coworker said to me, “I wear a Chanel necklace every day here so that when customers see me introducing furniture to them, they automatically associate this store with high-quality products. This is a way to increase the perceived value of the products that I sell.”

Don’t get me wrong. I am definitely not saying that you must wear jewelry. I mean accessories can surely help you to show a bit of your personality. You don’t really need to buy dear watches; however, you can consider having a striped or woven canvas belt that may add some magic to your look. 😉

Remember: ladies will notice the small details, so if you pay attention to how you present yourself, this also feels like you will pay more attention to your Eastern European lady. ❤️

“Apart from your clothes, shoes and accessories, be sure to have nice breath!”

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