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Eastern European woman

Eastern European women appreciate men who plan dates carefully beforehand. Of course, I know you would plan each date to show some respect. But apart from choosing the venue, you also need to know what to say on the date!

  • Pay her a compliment when she least expects it!

Let’s say you take your Eastern European lady to an art gallery where you two are looking at each painting carefully. As you are walking around the gallery and appreciating every painting, you say this to her, “You have midnight blue eyes.” (Of course, only say this if her eyes are actually blue.)

Then you keep talking about the painting on the wall.

She will actually keep thinking about you for days!

Oftentimes, when a guy wants something from her, he wouldn’t end that interaction suddenly and then move on to another topic immediately. Instead, he would keep praising her beauty and keep that particular conversation going for a while, hoping he will get something from her.

Yet you are so different. You pay her an unusual compliment in a bold and confident manner. Then you change the topic instantly. This will certainly make the Eastern European woman find you mysterious and intriguing. As a result, your perceived value will increase in her opinion.

If she is attracted to you, she will possibly ask you a question about her eyes later on. That means she will want to prove herself to you and invest in you.

By the way, there are some variations that you can consider. (You don’t have to say “You have midnight blue eyes” if her eyes aren’t blue!)

  1. You look like Cameron Diaz.”
  2. You are traditionally pretty.”
  3. An intelligent lady like you surely gets that.”

When you pay an Eastern European woman a compliment, you should be confident and firm. Paying her a compliment won’t make you look needy because you will only look needy if you are truly needy.

If you aren’t actually needy, paying her a compliment will only make you look more courageous and confident because you are genuine and honest!

Eastern European women
  • Give her a wide range of emotions on the date.

Women are very emotional. Well, truthfully, men are also emotional. But what I’m saying is most women are probably more emotional than men.

In order to make someone feel attracted to you in the long term, you must make sure that every time that person sees you, you offer a range of emotions on the date.

Perhaps you can go to see a horror movie in the cinema. Research shows that when a man and a woman experience that type of excitement together, she will feel closer to him psychologically.

That also explains why the love between Rose and Jack on Titanic is so strong and powerful. Two people experience that type of challenge together, so of course, they must be deeply in love forever.

Obviously, you don’t need to create a Titanic scenario in order to make her fall for you. In fact, you may organize a hike in the national park where you can offer her help during the trip. That will also simulate the Titanic effect to some degree.

Incidentally, a good sense of humor will always help you attract Eastern European women because you are able to make them laugh – that’s a very positive emotion!

  • Select the right music for the date.

Let’s say your Eastern European girlfriend is coming to your place for dinner. You would be well-advised to choose the right background music for this romantic date. Let me explain.

If you two are cooking in the kitchen and there is some background music, the ambience will relax you. This process will help you build the emotional connection which is essential in a relationship.

When you are having dinner together, make sure there is some background music as well. This will make the awkward silence less awkward!

After dinner, you and your girlfriend may slow dance in the living room because there is some background music. So, make sure the songs are romantic. Here are my recommendations:

  1. When you say nothing at all (Alison Krauss)
  2. I know what love is (Celine Dion)
  3. Only time (Enya)
  4. Only love (Trademark)
  5. This masquerade (The Carpenters)
  6. Evergreen (Westlife)
  7. Love is a matter of distance (Will Young)
  8. Wonderful tonight (Eric Clapton)
  9. Careless whisper (George Michael)
  10. I knew I loved you (Savage Garden)

Now there are ten songs here – create a playlist on your laptop and use this playlist on the romantic dinner date at home!

“When your Eastern European girlfriend hears one of these songs in the future, she will immediately think about that romantic date with you! That’s the power of music.”

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