International dating in the 21st century: How to maintain a good relationship

April 19, 2021 at 10.18am by in International Dating
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Finding the right person is the prerequisite of having a good relationship. If two people have incompatible lifestyle choices, their relationship probably can’t survive. For example, some people value joy, freedom and satisfaction, so they spend money on experiences and things that bring these great emotions and feelings fast. By contrast, other people value security and stability, so they save money for a rainy day. Clearly, when two individuals spend their time, money as well as other resources extremely differently, they have incompatible lifestyle choices – this creates conflict in a relationship. As a result, choosing the right woman is so key!

  • In order to maintain a good relationship, you must have clarity first.

In relationship coach Wala Truscott’s online program ‘The Free Man’, she talks about clarity, i.e., as an individual, you have to know who you really are, what your needs and standards are as well as how you look after yourself. This is the foundation for a healthy relationship.

For example, Bob is a fashion-conscious man who enjoys the quality of his clothes. He doesn’t want to show off expensive brands; he says it’s actually about respecting himself so others will know that they should respect him. That’s right. When he wears high-quality clothes, his fashion is saying this on his behalf, “This is exactly how I treat myself; therefore, I would expect you to treat me with respect as well.”

Bob joined an international dating site and is married to a Slavic wife now.

  • A weekly date night is so key.

If you schedule a date night each week, you are always excited as you’re looking forward to something interesting with your lady. This anticipation will make you enjoy this relationship even more! 😉

Of course, it is your responsibility to plan the activities for the weekly date night in advance. As a man in a romantic relationship, you either lead or be misled. Full stop.

Switch off your phone; turn off the TV. The date night is only about you and your lady….

According to an international dating expert, before the date night, you would be well-advised to prepare your headspace. I would assume that you know you need to work on your grooming before the date night; hence, I don’t need to mention that. Yet what I have to emphasize is you’d better prepare your headspace as your headspace directly determines your attitude as well as your behavior.

For example, when you are sitting at your desk in the office, your mindset is totally different from the mindset when you are actually enjoying a romantic date night with your lady. So, before the date night, you may see a romantic movie or listen to a love song, thereby conditioning your emotions and feelings & giving you the right headspace for the date night. 😉

  • Stop overthinking.

Overthinking or overmanaging life is the reason for anxiety and stress in relationships. But how can we stop overthinking?

In the first place, you can make the fast transition from Mind Full to Mindful.

Mind Full: You only focus on your thoughts and anxieties; consequently, your thoughts and anxieties just grow and grow and grow….

Mindful: You simply focus on what you hear, see, smell, feel, your breath as well as your body movements. At the same time, when irritating thoughts arise, you just watch them go like watching cars go, but you don’t drive the car away.

In the second place, you may let irritating thoughts be there so they will gradually disappear.

In reality, not every thought deserves your precious attention. When an irritating thought annoys you, simply let it stay there. Please don’t argue with it. Let time pass.

Truthfully, when you argue with the irritating thought, more anxiety will come to find you. Here is why:

An international dating coach points out that mental health issues are a major reason why many couples break up (anxiety is the most common mental health problem), even though they try very hard to manage their anxiety. But the more you try to control your anxiety, the worse it becomes as things only go backwards in the internal world. Let me explain.

If you’d like to improve your career, you have to do something proactively so you can see some results.

Nonetheless, if you’d like to manage anxiety or overthinking, doing more will just make you feel more stressed out and anxious – things surely go backwards in the internal world.

As a result, you must do less so you are able to let thoughts pass….

“Therapeutic surrender is so powerful – you don’t try to control things that are outside of your control anymore.”

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