International dating insights: How to eliminate limiting beliefs

November 30, 2020 at 3.13pm by in International Dating
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Limiting beliefs stop you from being a better version of yourself, so you have to get rid of them if you are keen to attract a high-value Ukrainian woman.

  • Discover brand-new possibilities.

A question for you. What are you curious about? As I see it, your curiosity is able to lead you to something brand-new.

I did not say ‘your passion’. I just said you would be well-advised to begin from your current curiosity.

At times, you don’t always know what your limiting beliefs really are. Hence, looking at what you are curious about now could be an eye-opening experience in life. 😊

If you are currently very curious about a successful guy who has achieved great success in his career. You should totally read his blog or autobiography.

Interestingly, international dating experts indicate that the ideal way to get rid of an old belief is to build a new belief. The empowering new belief can directly replace the limiting old belief in your brain.

Right now, the pandemic actually gives you much more time to stay at home, relax and think about what you’d like to improve. Now you can learn new things and find new beliefs via documentaries, blogs, books and podcasts.

  • Never expect anyone else to be responsible for your happiness.

In my opinion, disappointment rocks up when you expect other people to satisfy your expectations. Realistically, oftentimes nobody has the obligation to satisfy your expectations.

First and most importantly, even your partner and your kids aren’t responsible for your happiness as only you are totally responsible for your own happiness. Let me explain.

International dating consultants point out that your partner and your kids can only try to make you happy in life. Yet ultimately, you are the only one who is completely responsible for your life.

Second, please do not expect others to like everything you do in life and at work. That’s right. I’m telling you that some individuals will dislike what you do. This is the unpleasant realism that you will have to face.

No matter what you say or do, some people will find a way to disagree with you or feel offended by you.

Finally, please do not expect others to give you permanent approval.

About 20 years ago, when Savage Garden broke up, Willie Williams sat Darren Hayes down and carefully said to Darren, “Never expect other people to give you permanent approval after this, okay? With this mindset, your life will be so much easier.” Darren Hayes acknowledges that Willie Williams’s advice is the best and the most helpful.

In other words, the need for others’ approval is the real reason for lots of anxieties in life and at work, particularly if you’ve had some kind of success already.

  • Ukrainian women like men who can tune into their intuition.

As the modern society highly values analytical thinking, a lot of men have already talked themselves out of their highly valuable intuition. Yet truthfully, your intuition is such an underrated tool.

In the first place, you would be well-advised to practice using your intuition frequently. Let me give you an exercise right now:

Let’s say your name is Stephen. Now say this to yourself, “My name is Stephen.” At this moment, your body feels calm and relaxed.

And then say this to yourself, “My name is Maria.” At this moment, your body feels slightly tense. That’s your body’s wisdom – your intuition.

In the second place, you can use your right brain more often because that’s your creative brain. In contrast, your left brain is your analytical brain. In truth, the creative brain cultivates your intuition, whereas the modern culture wants you to use your analytical brain almost all the time.

The ideal way to practice using your creative brain is to enjoy music, art and literature. Though these things seem to be quite useless in a very commercial world, they can actually help you to effectively tune into your intuition.

Lastly, you can implement Law of Attraction. Look, this is certainly not some woo-woo stuff that we can’t stand. In truth, the modern society only values proactively doing more and more – that is an exhausting approach.

In contrast, Law of Attraction is all about following your intuition and expecting positive things to happen in life. In this way, you can better look after your own wellbeing and attract the right Ukrainian lady who will appreciate you, respect you and admire you.

“The right Ukrainian woman will like you, take care of you and support you at all times.”

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