International dating: learning to accept yourself

international dating

International dating is a journey that many men and women have decided to explore. As we all know, dating isn’t easy; love is hard. Research shows that most anxieties come from being unable to accept oneself. When you fully accept yourself, you become calm! 

  • Four key ideas:
  1. Know your strengths and focus on your strengths.

What are you good at? What do you love doing? Usually, what you are good at and what you love doing are the same activity. Make sure you find out your strengths and focus on those because your strengths are the most important part of who you are!

2. Know your weaknesses and minimize their impact.

Nobody is perfect because perfection is a joke  it doesn’t exist. Frankly, your weaknesses make your life a rich experience – it gives your life texture.

Having said that, you can still minimize your weaknesses’ impact by working with mentors and coaches. Having the right guidance is so key.

3. Do what you can and make peace with the rest.

Find out what’s under your control and what’s outside your control. Do what you can control and then make peace with things that are outside your control. That’s how you have full acceptance in life.

4. False Comfort VS Wise Mind:

American psychologist Sally Winston claims that when you seek reassurance in order to deal with your anxiety, what you can get is just false comfort. In contrast, when you fully accept yourself and stop letting anxieties bother you, you are listening to your wise mind

international dating
  • How to stop overthinking and enjoy international dating: 5 steps

Stress comes from overthinking and overmanaging life. There are five steps that will help you stop overthinking now.

Step 1: Make the transition from Mind Full to Mindful

Mind Full: When you focus on your thoughts, your thoughts keep growing….

Mindful: When you focus on your senses, you notice what you can see, hear, smell and feel. Then you think less!

Step 2: Let certain thoughts pass.

Not every thought deserves your attention. When there is an unhelpful thought, you should totally let it pass. 

Don’t argue with it. Just let it be there and it will be gone as time goes by.

Step 3: Think like a child at times, but behave like an adult all the time.

Sometimes thinking like a child can cure overthinking. Meanwhile, it gives you a fresh perspective and can stimulate your creativity! 

This isn’t childish; it’s childlike

Step 4: Do more physical exercise.

Many health coaches and international dating experts recommend physical exercise to people who tend to overthink and those who suffer from anxiety. Try a 45-minute workout each day and you will notice that you can think less!

Step 5: Choose therapeutic surrender.

When you overthink things, it’s often because you are trying to control things that are outside your control.

So, when it comes to things that are outside your control, you would be well-advised to choose therapeutic surrender – surrendering to destiny is very powerful

“When you fully accept yourself, you stress less and enjoy international dating more.”

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