International Dating Safety Tips: Things to Do to Stay Safe

June 11, 2020 at 7.50am by in International Dating
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International dating is best characterized by excitement. But we must stay safe while enjoying the excitement. So, I’d like to share three dating safety tips with you today. You are welcome. 😊

Tell your friend or a family member where you are (especially on the first date).

This is particularly important on the first date – you must make sure your cell phone’s battery is not dead so that you can contact someone if it’s necessary.

Before you go out for the first time with someone you’ve met online, you should tell a friend or a family member what you are up to: You can send your friend or family member a text message when you are on the first date, e.g. “It’s all good” and “Call me now so I can fake an emergency and leave here.”

If you don’t know this person very well, the initial dates should happen at venues that you are familiar with.

Let’s say you’ve met someone on a dating site and you’ve been dating this person for two weeks. At this stage, you don’t know this person well enough. Therefore, ideally, all of your initial dates should happen at places that you’re very familiar with, e.g. the bar that you and your co-workers often go to on Friday night, the café near your office, etc. That means if something is wrong during the date, you can find the exit easily and quickly 😉

Don’t go home with this person if you are not ready yet.

Trust your intuition because your intuition is always right. In this analytical culture, many people have talked themselves out of their intuition. But I highly encourage you to trust your gut feeling. If something feels a bit off, then it’s off. You don’t need further evidence. Hence, if the person you’re dating asks you to go home with them but you are not ready for that, you should just say no.

Affordable Ways to Say I Love You

  1. Write a love letter to your partner.

These days most people use e-mails rather than s-mails, so if you’re keen to impress your partner on Valentine’s Day, you can write a letter to your partner with a pen! Well, I understand that not everyone is so artistic; hence, if you’re not sure whether you can pull it off, you may consider hiring a ghost-writer on or – yes, this can be outsourced!

2. Record a song for your partner.

If you are very musical, you might play the guitar or piano while singing a love song; meanwhile, you record the song and send the MP3 file to your partner. Actually, even if you can’t play any musical instrument, you may find a karaoke version of a love song on YouTube and sing the song while recording it!

3. Create a blog about your relationship.

In this day and age, the Internet has revolutionized the way we communicate. So, now you can simply start a website/blog on SquareSpace or WIX easily. Both SquareSpace and WIX are very user-friendly with beautiful templates for you to choose. Remember to choose a romantic design!

4. Make a magazine for the special person.

Let’s think outside the box. Now you can write several articles about your romantic relationship and add some CC0 photos from or where photographers have given up their intellectual property. Of course, you can even use your own photos. Then all you need to do is to print the document and attach a beautiful cover – your romantic magazine is ready.

5. Make a video for your special partner.

Rather than going to the movies on Valentine’s Day, you may surprise your partner with a video made by you. Simply use your cell phone to record the video and edit it with Adobe Professional. Tell your partner how much you are in love with them in the video in the sincerest way!

Five Mistakes to Avoid in a New Relationship

Starting a new relationship officially? That must be a very exciting stage in your life! But before you get that excited, please avoid these common mistakes people make when they begin relationships. (Special kudos go to international matchmaking experts who offered their advice.)

Mistake 1: Having unrealistic expectations

When we were young, we read fairy tales which usually end with “The prince and the princess lived happily ever after.”

But the real story happens after they get married because that’s when hard work begins. Indeed, when a relationship is official, the honeymoon stage will only last for about 18 months. Let me explain.

Experts from an international dating website discovered that excitement and fear generate the same kind of hormones in your body. So, if the excitement lasts for too long, it will negatively affect your longevity. That’s why the honeymoon stage of a relationship must end usually after 18 months – your body wants to protect you!

Consequently, if you assume that your relationship will be filled with excitement, romantic feelings and 100% bliss, you’re wrong.

A long-term relationship also involves the uncomfortable realism: responsibilities, compromises, and so forth. This is something that people don’t want to think about when they fall in love.

Mistake 2: Avoiding the elephant in the room

What’s the elephant in the room for most couples? It’s a taboo topic in many cultures – money.

An international dating coach reveals that money is the No. 1 reason for divorce in every country in the world.

If you avoid talking about finances in a new relationship, money might become an issue in future. Therefore, you should discuss finances honestly with your partner, e.g. how you’ll manage your money, how many bank accounts you’ll have, etc.

Mistake 3: Lacking a shared vision

Falling for someone is easy – it only takes some major chemistry. However, there’s a difference between lust and love.

Without a shared blueprint, a relationship is based on lust rather than love.

You can only build true love when you have shared goals in life, according to a counsellor from an international dating site.

Mistake 4: Ignoring value systems

Do you two really have much in common?

Initially, everything is wonderful because you’re so in love with someone new. Yet without examining each other’s value system, the attraction probably won’t last. Here’s why – If you and your partner’s value systems aren’t compatible, you’ll have more conflicts than love in this relationship, e.g. if you value freedom and want to travel the world while your partner values stability and wants to have a 9-to-5 job, this can become a problem later.

Mistake 5: Not meeting your new partner’s family and friends

International matchmaking experts encourage you to meet your new partner’s social circle early because it’s a good way to evaluate your new partner’s character – if people around this person are positive, that’s a good sign. But if people around this individual are negative, that’s a red flag.

“Dating doesn’t have to be hard if you have understood the above-mentioned key ideas.”

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