International dating: the best date night ideas

international dating

If you are chatting with a Russian woman online and you two are happy with the interactions, perhaps you can schedule a date night once a week on the Internet!

  • Creative date night ideas during the pandemic:

First of all, you can have a Zoom or Google Hangout dinner date online. This is the ideal date night idea during COVID-19. Just use Google Hangout or Zoom to begin an online meeting, and then you can have a fantastic dinner date with your Russian girlfriend.

Second, Netflix party is perfect if both of you are interested in movies. Due to the current pandemic, Netflix has already introduced a brand-new feature that allows two individuals to see the same film at the same time while chatting online. Isn’t this a cultured date night idea?

Third, if you and your Russian lady are avid readers, you may start a book club for two people on the Internet. Indeed, the quarantine has given you a large amount of time to read some high-quality books. Therefore, it’s the right time to start a book club with your lady and discuss the books you’ve read. This is an even more cultured date night idea!

Well, even if you are already married to a Russian wife, you should still schedule a date night once a week to maintain the spark in your marriage. Slow dance in the sitting room is a great idea. I think this is probably the most romantic date night idea of all time. You and your wife slow dance in the living room during a romantic song like Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love. I’m pretty sure the love will grow stronger and stronger after such a beautiful date night!

  • If this is the initial stage of your dating journey….

I understand that not everyone has found the one yet. It’s very normal to get started at any age. So, if you are at the initial stage of your dating life, please make sure that you know how to protect yourself.

Here is a list of the most common dating red flags that everyone must be aware of.

#1. If someone wants to borrow money, that’s a red flag.

Whenever someone that you’ve met on the Internet asks for your money, it’s a red flag because you are probably dating a spammer or a scammer. If a woman asks you to lend her some money on an international dating site, you must report her to the website immediately.

#2. If someone has lots of negative comments on their ex, it’s a huge red flag.

Realistically, a mature individual would not hate their ex at all as ‘hate’ is such a strong word. I remember Henry Francis from Mad Men famously said, “I hate Nazis, yet I don’t hate my ex-wife even though she bothers me. Well, that’s because I’m an adult.”

Hence, if a person has a large number of negative comments on their ex, that is an immature person. A big red flag.

#3. If she isn’t investing in you, it’s a red flag.

If you like a Russian woman, you can invest in her first and look at her response. If she starts to invest in you, it’s a positive sign. Otherwise, it is obviously a red flag. Invest and test is the best principle in dating and relationships.

#4. If she treats the waitress/waiter in the restaurant badly, it’s a big red flag.

Let’s say you are on a date with a woman. Now you are sitting in an elegant restaurant. Pay attention to the way she treats the waitress/waiter. If she doesn’t respect the waitress/waiter, it’s apparently a red flag as it just means she merely ‘respects’ those who she finds useful to her.

In reality, many daters would ignore red flags as the Attraction has a capital A – that’s also known as infatuation. Don Draper from Mad Men once said, “People show you who they are, yet we ignore it because we want them to be whom we want them to be.” You should totally listen to Don Draper’s advice and be careful.

  • Questions to ask a Russian woman on a date:

Question 1: “Let’s take turns asking each other questions, okay?”

This is a fun question because it leads to many new questions! I can show you a list of follow-up questions:

  1. When did your last relationship happen?” (Now you will see whether she has any negative comments on her ex.)
  2. What do you like doing in your free time?” (Find out her real interest now.)

Question 2: “Right now what are you looking forward to?”

The power of anticipation is tremendous. Figure out what makes her excited right now. This can help you build emotional connection with her quickly.

“Be a delightful conversationalist on each date.”

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