International dating experts: here is how to make the 1st date a good date

January 10, 2022 at 11.46am by in Dating advice
international dating

When you meet your lady for the 1st date, how should you greet her? Shaking hands? Or a kiss on the cheek? Or even a kiss on the lips?! Well, according to an international dating expert, you are supposed to give her a hug when you meet her and then you just need to relax.

international dating
  • Not every date is supposed to be extremely exciting.

It’s actually better to mix in doing daily stuff with your lady on dates: chilling on the couch on your computers, sitting quietly and reading books, working on your laptops together, buying grocery and cooking at home…. In this way, you can test the romantic relationship by checking if you are able to do regular activities together. You don’t have to constantly entertain her in order to keep your lady excited because that’s too exhausting. A relationship cannot be concerts and wild adventures only, so it’s perfectly fine to let go. You don’t need to get an “A” grade for each date. What actually matters is how everyday things are over time. Of course, if no one plans anything interesting or fun, that becomes an issue.

As I see it, chemistry its overrated in many ways. Yes, chemistry is a good start, yet chemistry on its own doesn’t mean anything because without emotional investment and respect, chemistry means nothing.

  • How to practice your dating skills:

People who have great dating skills are wonderful communicators. Are you a gifted communicator? The good news is everyone can learn to be an outstanding communicator if they want to improve. For instance, from now on, you can set yourself a challenge of starting 2 new conversations with individuals that you meet each day. If dating is very important to you, you have to schedule it in your calendar as a top priority. If it’s not scheduled, it will probably fall by the wayside.

international dating
  • Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Who should pay the bill at the end of a date?

Answer: The guy should pay the bill; however, the woman should offer to pay in modern society, and then the man should insist on paying the bill anyway.

Question: How can I be myself when I talk to a lady that I like?

Answer: When you go out for a date with a lady, your intent shouldn’t be “I need her to like me”. As a matter of fact, your intent should be “I am here to give her a fun time. I want to find out more about her. I want to give her a compliment.” As a giver, you bring fun and value to the date. Therefore, you wouldn’t care too much about what others think of you. In dating and relationships, there is no rejection, just feedback.

Question: How can I meet the right person in international dating?

Answer: Don’t filter people out too quickly. If you filter women out too fast, you might miss the chance to meet a large number of good candidates. Initially, you can be open to be surprised. As you go on dates, you may gradually filter people out according to their values and behavior (e.g., affection, honesty and loyalty). In other words, you would be well-advised to be unselective about who you meet at the beginning, but be more selective about who you invest in.

Question: How can I meet someone in real life?

Answer: If you are interested in meeting someone in your local area, you can ask yourself, “Where would my ideal lady go on a Sunday morning?”, and then you should be there as well. When you go to these things, please initiate more conversations. This will change your social life and enrich everything you do because you will have a way to bring new people to your interesting world. Nevertheless, if you are keen to try international dating, is a high-quality platform for you to meet genuine ladies from Eastern Europe.

Question: What should I say on a date?

Answer: Overthinking could be very paralyzing. It’s time to reduce the standard for what you actually say and be happier with having daily conversations as an effective warm-up. And then you take it a bit further by giving an opinion or a slightly unusual thought. You can also comment on a TV show you like.

“When you come from a place of playfulness with people as well as curiosity rather than worrying about how other people perceive you, you will get noticed faster.”

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