Is Your Romantic Relationship with a Ukrainian Lady Marriage-prone?

April 28, 2020 at 1.40pm by in Slavic Women
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Sometimes lonely daters want to get married as soon as possible without realizing that they don’t even have a marriage-prone relationship. Therefore, today I’m going to show you how to figure out whether your relationship is marriage-prone or not.

Do you and your Ukrainian girlfriend have the same level of interest in each other?

If you are much crazier about your girlfriend than she is about you, it’s not a marriage-prone relationship. In the short term, you will feel satisfied as long as she wants to marry you. But in the long term, you will become resentful.

The honeymoon phrase will be gone, and at that time, you will realize that your girlfriend isn’t as good as you imagined – you were in love with an illusion.

In my opinion, the ideal candidate must absolutely adore you. If she doesn’t adore you, she isn’t the right candidate.

I will never marry someone who is not madly in love with me. If someone doesn’t really want me that much, then I certainly don’t want them.

When someone says, “I’m not sure”, then my response is, “I’m certainly not sure.” Similarly, if a woman is much, much crazier about you than you are about her, that’s also a problem. Right now, you may feel validated, but in the future, you won’t enjoy this validation forever.

Do you have dates very frequently with your Ukrainian girlfriend?

When you are actually in love with each other, you want to spend lots of time with each other. If your girlfriend is actually in love with you, she will want to do lots of activities with you all the time.

Marriage is a daily relationship rather than a weekly relationship. That means when you and your girlfriend only spend the weekend together, it’s not a marriage-prone relationship.

I know a couple who only have a date once a week. Their relationship is actually an arrangement. It is not a marriage-prone relationship.

An arrangement is something that you don’t want to tell your family and friends about. But a marriage-prone relationship should be something that you are proud of, so you want to tell your family and friends about it.

That being said, it doesn’t mean you have to see your girlfriend every day. In fact, as long as you have three or four dates with her per week, that’s already high-frequency dating which indicates a marriage-prone relationship. In other words, when a woman is happy with having 1 or 2 dates a week, that’s not really normal. In contrast, when a woman wants high-frequency dating, she is wife material. You may wife her up.

There is a difference between liking someone and respecting someone.

If your Ukrainian girlfriend has been dating you for a long time, she clearly likes you. But before marrying her, you need to ask yourself, “Does she respect me?”

This is how to find out whether she respects you or not:

  1. When she is late for a date, does she apologize to you?
  2. When you give her a gift, does she show appreciation?
  3. When you help her with something, does she say thanks?
  4. When you solve her problems, does she feel grateful or entitled?
  5. Does she laugh at you?
  6. Does she put you down?
  7. Does she tell you that you will never make it?
  8. Does she have positive or negative comments on your family?
  9. Does she dress up for you when you go out with her?
  10. Does she treat your friends well?

You can answer these questions and use your common sense to decide whether your Ukrainian girlfriend respects you or not.

If the discovery is: she doesn’t respect you, then it’s time to realize that there is a difference between being nice and being kind.

Being kind is a very good quality and people respect that. But being nice isn’t necessarily a good quality because that could possibly indicate lack of standards and lack of boundaries.

I have to clarify that being nice is actually okay because it shows you are generous and caring; you are happy and at ease with yourself. There is nothing wrong with that. But at the same time, you also need to ask, “Why am I being nice? Am I being nice because I want to get something more? Or am I being nice because I’m generous and loving?” Because I don’t know you personally, I can’t answer these questions for you. And I can only tell you what is happening in most cases: Most men are very nice to women because they want to get something more from women. Most men are thinking, “I’m very nice to this woman so that she thinks I’m a good man. I am very nice to her so that she will feel attracted to me. I’m extremely polite and also apologetic because I’m scared of her not liking me.” Some men are very nice to women because they are afraid that these hot women won’t accept them (sometimes men don’t accept themselves, so they are looking for women’s acceptance.) All of these reasons for being nice are based on fear. Fear never makes a man attractive. Never underestimate women’s intuition. Women can feel the root of a man’s nice image.

When you have boundaries instead of making your schedule all flexible for your Ukrainian girlfriend, she should feel more relaxed because she will see you are a guy that she can rely on.

Women should like you not because you are nice, but because you are generous and loving& meanwhile, you are also a tough guy who can handle difficult situations very well. It’s a mixture: women like a man who can be soft and sweet, and can also be hard and tough. This man has the integrity to stand up for what he believes in. That’s a powerful mix. Women don’t like assholes either. A woman just likes a real gentleman who shows harder aspects of his personality because that tells her this guy is an alpha guy.

If you are too polite and sometimes too apologetic. Being too nice kills attraction. If you are extremely nice and then you suddenly show your girlfriend very high standards that she can’t even meet, it’s a bit confusing. In modern psychology, it’s called cognitive dissonance.

A bonus tip that will help you and empower you:

Don’t deliberately mention your ex-wives and ex-girlfriends to the new woman you are dating, if there is no real purpose, because you don’t want your new woman to imagine what you did with other women (it’s not necessary). But if there is a legitimate reason why you need to mention your ex-wife/ex-girlfriend, it’s not a problem – you can still talk about your ex-wife/ex-girlfriend with your new woman if there is a real purpose, e.g. you and your ex have children together. That’s understandable.

“The feminine energy is always looking for the masculine energy that can ground her.”

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