Is your style/grooming important in international dating?

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Feeling good about yourself is surely the key to enjoying a happy life because positive feelings attract positive people and things. When you do things that make you feel great and build your self-esteem, your confidence is boosted. 😊

  • Don’t underestimate the power of external acts.

In truth, some external acts are very effective self-esteem boosters. For instance, when you work on your fitness, you feel healthy, energetic and at your best. I know this blog is about international dating, but I’m a huge believer that whole lifestyle transformation leads to a successful dating life. Therefore, I’d like to point out the importance of health and fitness – Do you go to the gym? Do you eat well and sleep well? Also, your fashion game has to be on point. This is paramount on the first date because the first impression plays a key role in the dynamics. So, please allow me to share with you some practical tips that will certainly tip the scales to your favor in record time. 😉

Firstly, be sure to be dressed for the occasion. That means you’d better plan ahead. For example, if you are taking a woman to a heavy metal bar for the first date, make sure that you dress well according to the heavy metal style. Let’s say you wear a suit but she is dressed up like a rock star, you might look like her lawyer.

Secondly, never underdo or overdo it. You are the leader in the relationship; hence, you should know the dress code so that you can dress appropriately. If you are going to a cocktail party with your lady, you can’t wear a T-shirt, jeans and trainers.

Thirdly, prepare an emergency toiletry bag in the office (you’ll need toothpaste, a toothbrush, razor, moisturizer, aftershave and a lip balm). If you work until 6pm and you have a date at 6:30pm, you can get ready very quickly! Grooming is important!

  • How to have a great style:

When you look after your own style and grooming, you feel good about yourself. You don’t have to be Brad Pitt, yet looking after yourself tells the entire world that you definitely care about yourself – you have high self-esteem & hygiene, which indicates that your life is amazing & a lady would want to be a part of your life! Indeed, a good style can significantly improve your confidence when you are in the international dating scene. What’s more, your style can work for you when you meet a woman for the first time – a great style creates the right first impression.

If you can invest in some consulting, you may consult a personal stylist. If your budget is higher, you may even hire a personal shopper who can handle your wardrobe for you! As I see it, wearing well-styled and well-fitted clothes on the first date can do wonders, as your style gives you external confidence which boosts your internal confidence. In addition, women pay attention to well-dressed men because most men don’t dress very well! If you dress well on the first date, your style gives a sense of occasion which shows that you respect and love yourself. This is teaching the lady how to treat you as well!

  • Bonus tips:
  1. Your clothes must fit well.

You don’t really have to spend a lot of money in your closet. So long as your clothes are flattering and high-quality, you will look attractive and elegant.

  • Avoid dramatic logo shirts.

Perhaps you have some logo T-shirts. The logo can be your favorite band, a business logo, or high-street fashion shirt with a big logo. But in my opinion, bright logo T-shirts aren’t the right items for the first date because in order to impress a lady, a smart shirt is more suitable.

  • Your shoes are even more important.

A good wardrobe requires a variety of footwear. Having a pair of good dress shoes can help you achieve the right look for the first date.

  • Remember the four key elements of grooming.

Sticking to a grooming habit is paramount: A) make sure your nails are short and nice; B) trim your beard or shave it off; C) your hair should be styled nicely; D) use some cologne.

  • Don’t forget your accessories.

Wearing a pair of designer sunglasses, a tasteful watch or chic jewelry can instantly help you to level up.

“Your style / grooming helps you to feel more confident in the international dating department.”

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