Isaac-USA, Seattle-April 2016

Feedback from Isaac about our services

I would like to say that this site is a superlative and exceedingly legitimate business and is perhaps, the only creditable matchmaking service in the world and certainly in the Slavic countries.

Their care, diligence, excellence and professionalism in the entire process involving the special ordering and delivery of the bouquet of flowers to my Olga was exemplary and is a reflection of the degree to which they represent the beautiful ladies who graciously adorn this website. If you are a foreign man who desires to win the heart of one of these ladies I testify to you that these ladies are real and that the team is dedicated to your search as they are their representation of these exquisite flowers of Slavic beauty.

If you would like to know the success formula for winning their hearts and hands, here it is:
1. Be sure that you’ve “got your act together.”
2. Be adventurous, confident, kind, gracious and courteous.
3. Realize that you are now embarked on winning the heart of one of the most desirable of women in the world who is probably much more than you can comprehend or maybe even deserve. Nevertheless, she is approachable and her heart is winnable.
4. Remember that Ukrainian women, despite their dazzling looks do not consider their beauty as their greatest asset but rather their desires to be the ultimate wife, companion, mother, homemaker and cornerstone of her family and 100% enthusiastic supporter of her man.
5. Before you seek to impress her first seek to know her for she is more interested in your soul than in your wallet.
6. If in the end you succeed in winning the heart of one of these treasures, care for her as you would your most valuable possession because she will become your greatest blessing.

  • William

    I am embarking on this same journey to find my princess with a heart of gold on this website. I am also finding that what you are saying is exactly what I’m experiencing. I am very hopeful I may have the opportunity to cherish and love one of these beautiful inside and beautiful outside, ladies of Ukraine.
    I want to put my letter of success and appreciation here one day to encourage other men to do the same. Thank you UBA.


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