A typical good news story

This is a typical good news story from Graham from England who has just returned from a Romantic Tour to meet his special lady, Zinaida. Graham sent me a thank you email which I wanted to share with you.

When I asked if I could send the email to all members, he sent another email which follows the first email below:

Hi Keith,

I would just like to drop you a quick email to express my thanks to all involved in my trip to meet Zinaida in the Ukraine.

All was virtually perfect. We are well on the way to being very close now. Tears on departure and all that.

So you can see how helpful you guys have been to us both and our future together.

I would like to extend my thanks to our young and lovely interpreter, who was a very special person indeed, and extremely pleasant at all times. We behaved virtually as a three-some, which was not as you first think. I mean we got on like old friends. So much so that I think Zinaida has a new friend too now in Nadia. She was actually invited to come with us, when not really needed. Zinaida’s English is very good and Nadia was only as back-up support for her confidence!

So all went very well in my opinion, bar a couple of minor hick-ups. None of which are worth a mention here.

We went to see a Rachmaninoff concert in Lugansk (very sophisticated!!!) amongst other things we could cram-in, in just a single week!

Suffice to say, I will be going back as soon as work commitments permit, and she will be coming here too in the near future. Dead easy for me with no visa requirements for us UK fellows.

So we both would like to thank you, and all the staff you have engaged on our behalf.

Zinaida and I are in constant communication now, and she is just perfect. When I say perfect, I really mean it.
So fingers crossed all goes well.

My very best wishes and kindest regards to you and your team.

Graham in the UK.

Graham’s second email is:

Hi Keith,

I would be happy for you to use my inadequate words for others to read. Please with-out my/her email of course.

Please send a copy to Zinaida too. I wrote it on her behalf also. And better it comes from you. She will like that. If not too much trouble to ask.

A fortuitous find indeed to stumble upon your site and have the opportunity to meet such an amazing woman. Bloody statuesque perfection in my eyes. God what a fantastic girl.
Although she thinks she is not, but says the same about me, which I insist is just a fantasy also… A romantic quandary ay!!! Ha Ha.

If you would be so good to send it to Anna and Olga. They will probably like to hear how the story has progressed so far too… As I entered into a correspondence with them also in the course of arrangements!
Should give them renewed vigour as it has me, and the girls love to read this stuff from time to time.

We are like two peas in a pod now, Zinaida and me…

Thanks mate… Bloody good on ya! Keep up the good fight for all us poor dumb bastards trying hard out there.

Best and kindest to all.

It is heart-warming to receive such grateful thanks and makes all the hard work worthwhile.

If you would like to progress your on-line relationship with a Romantic Tour or even just a video chat, please just send me a note or request it from the site.

All the best

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