Looking for a Ukrainian bride: How to establish the right standards

June 17, 2020 at 7.38am by in Slavic Women
Ukrainian bride

If you are single and looking for a partner, you’d better be aware of your standards, i.e. what are your non-negotiables in the dating department? No matter you decide to try online dating or offline dating, knowing how to establish high and realistic standards is paramount.

Lay out your requirements upfront in your dating profile.

For some reason, many people find it very difficult to lay out their standards upfront. Maybe they are very shy or introverted. Perhaps they think it’s rude to be blunt in this regard. Another common reason is they believe that if someone is their true love, this individual should automatically know what is expected.

These are typical mistakes in dating and relationships because if you lay out your requirements four weeks into the relationship, or three months after you’ve slept together, or even one year after you’ve said “I do” in front of your families, friends and the preacher, there will be problems in this relationship.

That is to say, you have to give your partner a road map for how to conduct themselves, so that they will know how to treat you well and rub you in the right ways. Whenever your partner annoys you, you need to ask yourself, “Is that because he/she doesn’t respect me? Or is that because he/she doesn’t know what I expect? Have I told him/her my standards?”

If your partner is a reasonably good person, he/she will respect you most of the time. However, if you never give your partner the road map, he/she wouldn’t know your standards because your partner can’t read your mind.

Therefore, you can lay out your standards in your dating profile on the best online dating site. Please let me show you two examples:

“An independent woman looking for a considerate, honest and reliable man who believes in monogamy and Christianity & can treat my children well.”

“As a self-made entrepreneur, I’m looking for an elegant woman who allows me to have a lot of time for my work because my work is very important to me.”

These two examples are from dating profiles on the best dating site in 2019. Example 1 was a dating profile written by a 31-year-old single mother who would like to have a long-term, serious relationship with a guy that shares the same religion. Also, although she is an independent woman, she expects her future husband to support her kids in some way as well. Now any potential candidates can understand her standards clearly and quickly. Example 2 was a dating profile written by a 29-year-old man who is looking to date a feminine, traditional woman that can give him lots of time for himself so that he can focus on his work. This guy spends nearly 90 hours per week doing his work & he doesn’t want his future wife to complain. Therefore, he lays out his requirements upfront so that only the right women will talk to him on the best online dating site. A switched-on woman with brains will understand that this guy is a successful entrepreneur, so if she is married to him, she will gain financial benefits & he won’t have time for affairs, which is great.

Meet someone in person and clarify your standards fast.

After joining the best online dating website, you will meet some suitable candidates in record time. Thus, you would be well-advised to tell them what your standards are early. Let me explain.

On the first date, if you tell your date what your requirements are in the middle of a conversation, it will be much easier for your date to understand, and more importantly, act on them, particularly when your standards sound reasonable & attainable and you shape your requirements in soft language.

For instance, if someone is late for the first date, instead of saying “I don’t like being late” or “I can’t stand that”, you can say something along the lines of, “We are all so busy nowadays as time is certainly very precious, right? I went out of my way to make sure that I arrive here at 6pm because I think punctuality is important. And if I’m going to be late for the date, I would make a phone call immediately.”

Another potential issue in dating and relationships is how and when to have the exclusivity talk. In fact, I encourage you to have the exclusivity talk on the first date so that there won’t be awkward moments several months later. You can say something like, “I’m always honest with someone that I’m dating. If I feel like seeing other people at the same time, I would let my date know upfront so that there is no confusion. Of course, if I’d like to date someone exclusively, it should be clarified from the beginning.” Apparently, these standards aren’t suitable for dating profiles on the best dating sites, so you’d better communicate these in person when you go out for a real date with someone special.

Which standards are high standards?

I remember a woman who asked me this question, “How can I get my boyfriend to give me gifts and a good time on my birthday?”

Let’s call her Sabrina. Sabrina is a 27-year-old woman from New York City. She met her boyfriend from the best dating website last year. Because she is a switched-on lady, she told him her requirements and standards early in their relationship.

But her birthday didn’t rock up many months later, and she was so disappointed by her boyfriend’s behavior on her birthday – he wrote her a poem & that was all.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying Sabrina’s boyfriend did anything wrong. As a matter of fact, many girls would be very happy if their boyfriends can write poems for them. But that’s not Sabrina’s standards. So, this is what I taught Sabrina:

If you tell him that you’d like pink roses at work, dinner at a fancy restaurant and a Dior bag for your birthday, that is exactly what he will give you. Nothing less, but surely nothing more.

Remember: men are simple and logical creatures. They are usually very good when they know what to do, and it’s your responsibility to tell them what to do.

Realistic standards VS unrealistic standards:

On many free dating websites, there are many men looking to date high-caliber women. There is nothing with that. But how many men can actually date high-caliber women? I know this isn’t the most politically correct thing to say because it’s the unpleasant realism: If a guy believes that he is a 7, he should date women who are 6 or 5, as women who are 8, 9 and 10 want to date top 10 men. Women are biologically programmed to be hypergamous because of evolution. And this is especially true in this day and age. Please note that evolution isn’t just about those tribe days when human beings were living in forests – evolution doesn’t stop in modern-day society.

“Truthfully, high standards are requirements that can highly satisfy you & these are also things that your partner doesn’t mind doing.”

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