Meeting & dating Russian ladies: How to remain positive in trying times

June 22, 2021 at 3.12pm by in Dating advice
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If you fall in love with a lady online during trying times like COVID, you can stay positive and there are many ways to do it. 😊

  • How to be positive:

I remember many years ago, my mentor told me that if someone had time for depression and anxiety, that probably indicated they didn’t know the value of their time. Indeed, the average person only has roughly 30,000 days in the world, so every single day is extremely paramount!

As I see it, positivity is actually a decision that you can make. For example, according to horoscope, 2021 is a new chapter in my life, meaning the previous 12 years looks like a dream which is gone now and the new chapter has started. Yes, I acknowledge the fact that the previous 12 years was not easy because it was characterized by change, challenges and growth. But I think in spite of those difficult years & because of those difficult years, I’ve created a new chapter for myself nowadays and it’s ready to give me a brand-new experience. Well, adversity has taught me so many highly valuable things; as a result, I would argue that without adversity, I wouldn’t have the insights, wisdom and knowledge to be who I am today. Therefore, I’m eternally grateful for everything that happened in the past and I don’t want to change a thing. Even if time travel is real, I still wouldn’t change anything in the past because if one thing is changed, then everything after that must be changed as well. Hence, the whole idea of time travel doesn’t work!

Yes, I know you want to travel overseas to meet your Russian lady right now, but due to the travel restrictions worldwide, these days you have to wait until international travel becomes possible. The good news is the vaccine has been found and soon we will be able to open borders. When you have something to look forward to, the anticipation will fill your life with joy. 😊

On the first page of my diary, there is a list of things that I look forward to. Take 2019 as an example. I was looking forward to meeting Julie Bishop, Mark Manson, Elle MacPherson and Ita Buttrose at breakfast events run by Business Chicks. I was also looking forward to the 60s and 70s fashion parade. Besides, I was looking forward to Dita Von Teese’s show in December, 2019. In my opinion, having something to look forward to makes me feel happy and upbeat. That’s why I always have something exciting to look forward to! 😉

In my view, you can make a decision to be happy and positive! It’s a choice.

  • Be well-organized; stay calm.

If you find things quite overwhelming during uncertain times, you should learn to be well-organized so that you only need to deal with one detail at a time. In this way, you will feel much calmer!

Write down everything you need to do each day in your diary. Or you can use Google Calendar if the digital format is something you prefer. When I say “write down everything”, I mean “everything that is important and/or urgent”. That includes talking with your Russian woman on the international dating website. (A relationship requires time and attention, so you must nurture your relationship.)

As you complete a task, simply delete it in your diary or calendar. This is very, very satisfying! Meanwhile, you have more clarity in this process.

My best friend is going to be laid off next month because of the COVID economy. Normally, she would manage her finances every fortnight because that’s how frequently she is paid by her employer. Since she will be laid off soon, her routine must be changed to some degree. Luckily, she has landed a new client for her side hustle, so she can send an invoice to the new client every second Sunday. Because she is going to be the new client’s Executive Manager, she manages the client’s calendar as well. As a result, she will add a reminder to the client’s Google calendar which reminds the client to pay the invoice on time every fortnight. Yes, it is her job to make sure that her client will pay her on time. Without direct debit, usually it takes more than 30 days for most people to pay their invoices. However, my best friend is a smart cookie who knows how to be well-organized!

“Remain positive & stay calm, and your international relationship will be happy, healthy and highly successful.”

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