Meeting Eastern European women: Do you trust your intuition?

Eastern European women

Dating and relationships require strong intuition – a person who is successful in dating & relationships always trusts their own intuition. If you are looking to meet Eastern European women, are you aware of your intuition?

  • Three ways to tune into your intuition:

Because the modern culture values analytical thinking, many men and women have talked themselves out of their intuition. But in truth, your intuition is the most underrated tool that you must use.

  1. Practice using your intuition.

Here is an exercise for Eastern European women:

Let’s say your name is Belinda. Now you say this to yourself, “My name is Belinda.” At this moment, your body feels relaxed and calm. 

Then you say this to yourself, “My name is Steve.” At this moment, your body feels a bit tense. 

Your body’s reaction is your intuition. 😊

  1. Use your right brain.

Your right brain is your creative brain, whereas your left brain is your analytical brain. Actually, your creative brain stores your intuition, yet society expects you to use your analytical brain all the time. This is sad but true.

The best way to use your right brain more frequently is to enjoy art, music, and literature. Although these things seem useless in an extremely commercial world, they can help you tune into your intuition effectively.

  1. Cultivate your feminine energy – advice for Eastern European women.

This isn’t some woo-woo stuff. As a matter of fact, our modern culture highly values masculine energy much more than feminine energy because the modern culture is all about proactively doing more and more and more…. (very exhausting!)

By contrast, feminine energy is about listening to your intuition, expecting great things to happen, and looking after your wellbeing. 

Eastern European women
  • How to deal with adversity:

Life is not about having positivity all day, every day. Life is also about dealing with adversity when challenges rock up because difficult situations will arise – that’s a given.

  1. Is that negativity or is that feedback?

Sometimes helpful feedback can pose as negativity. Let’s say your clients are complaining about you – that’s not necessarily negativity because it can be constructive feedback if you think about it more carefully.

  1. Reframe the situation.

If it’s actually negativity, you have to reframe the situation. A woman that I know lost her job due to the pandemic. That’s obviously negativity. But because she lost her job, she started her own business. Now she has a business that is already working. In other words, she has become a successful entrepreneur in spite of “negativity”, because of “negativity”.

So, how can you reframe the difficult situation and make it work for you?

  1. Turn adversity into empowerment.

Negativity is unavoidable in life because you are only human. However, there are many ways to turn negativity into empowerment:

  1. Learn the lessons.
  2. Be more resilient.
  3. Use the lessons that you’ve learned and your resilience to become a more empowered woman!
  1. Focus on what makes you happy.

After you’ve tried your best, you need to do what makes you happy. Feel like dressing up and going to a concert? Do that! Feel like sleeping in and ordering a take-out? Do that!

“Eastern European women are more resilient as they are able to overcome adversity and find strength.”

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