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Slavic dating

Real elegance can be found in Ukrainian ladies. That’s exactly why so many men are attracted to them.

  • Different layers of elegance:

Elegance Layer 1: Ukrainian women are very presentable because they are fashion-conscious women. When you go out with your Ukrainian lady, she will make you look good – other men will envy you so much!

Elegance Layer 2: Ukrainian ladies are traditional as they have traditional values. They treat their men very well and highly value their families. They want to look after children and take care of the household.

Elegance Layer 3: Women from Ukraine are very respectful. Good manners and etiquette are important to them. They understand that respect is the prerequisite of everything in a happy relationship. It’s the basic foundation in the dynamics. 

Elegance Layer 4: Ladies from Ukraine want real, meaningful, serious, and long-term relationships. Unlike western women who may play the field, women in Ukraine only want to have healthy, genuine relationships with men who respect women.

Elegance Layer 5: Ladies in Ukraine aren’t thinking about feminism which is already overdone in western countries. Indeed, when feminism is overdone, it’s not good for anyone. Only the oligarchs make more profit from feminism which is overdone: After women started to have jobs in the 60s, the average wage is actually lower now, as evidenced by the fact that most couples cannot afford a house even though women have jobs nowadays, but in our grandparents’ generation, a man could afford a house and support his family with his salary, while his wife didn’t have a job.

  • Intelligent and elegant ladies:

Many people assume that men want good-looking women. But further analysis reveals that high-value men want elegant and intelligent ladies. A high-end matchmaker from the United States points out that the most important quality that successful men look for in women is intelligence which is actually quite rare!

Indeed, superficial men prefer good-looking women who are shallow. There is nothing wrong with beauty, yet if beauty is the only thing that a woman has to offer, then her value will decrease over time because one day she will become old. By contrast, if elegance and intelligence are a woman’s most important qualities, then her value will increase over time, for she will become more and more elegant and intelligent in the future – she will keep learning and growing in the long term.

In a long-term relationship, an elegant and intelligent woman is able to maintain the relationship well because she has the wisdom to manage the dynamics in her relationship effectively.

At, we interview every female candidate very carefully in person. Therefore, every Ukrainian woman in our database is a genuine lady looking for a serious relationship. As a result, you will be able to meet a large number of elegant and intelligent ladies on this international dating site.

Better still, offers an audio/video chat feature that allows you to chat with your lady on the Internet. Apart from that, there is an automatic translation feature that helps you to understand each other faster if you decide to contact ladies from Eastern Europe. These ladies are learning English proactively each day.

Slavic dating
  • How to tell whether a lady is intelligent:

Perhaps you won’t give her an IQ test. Nevertheless, there are many interesting ways to evaluate a lady’s intelligence.

First of all, you can look at whether she has overcome tremendous adversity or not. A woman who has already overcome tremendous adversity early in her life must be very intelligent. A good case in point is Oprah Winfrey who overcame a lot of difficulties when she was young. Now she is a very successful and influential woman. 

Second, you may find out if she is good at communication. Usually, someone who has good communication skills is an intelligent person because it means this individual has tact and diplomacy. This is very, very important in a marriage.

Third, you should see how she handles conflict in a relationship. As a matter of fact, every relationship involves some kind of conflict. The key point is to deal with conflict in the right ways. A relationship consultant argues that the way you handle conflict and the way your wife handles conflict must be compatible in order to make your marriage work! Basically, someone with a high IQ knows how to cope with conflict properly.

“Ukrainian women are elegant ladies who deserve your respect and love.”

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