Meeting Russian Women: Travel and Globalization

September 21, 2020 at 8.15am by in Slavic Women
Russian woman

International dating is best characterized by travel and meeting new people. This week, we interviewed two Russian ladies who work in the international hospitality industry. Their insights might blow your mind. 😉

Tensions and conflicts of corporate culture in international hotels:

International hotels are an important part of international hospitality. Since these hotels are international, the corporate culture can be quite complicated, which means inevitably, there are some conflicts and tensions of the establishment as well as the maintenance of corporate culture in international hotels.

According to these two Russian women, there is a difference between globalization and globalism. According to Collins (Forbes 2015), globalization refers to the fact that this world is gradually becoming interconnected by culture exchange and trade. Indeed, globalization has probably brought more benefits than problems. Yet globalism is a different concept. More specifically, globalism means the idea that events in a nation cannot be separated from events in other countries and that foreign policy and economic policy are supposed to be planned in an international manner (King 2018). In other words, globalization is a natural state which allows activities to unfold globally in a more organic way, whereas globalism is more about deliberately making events and policies from a global perspective. Truthfully, international hotels obviously prefer globalization because these organizations are looking to make more profit by entering foreign markets, which has nothing to do with politics. However, when a hotel enters a foreign market, it is usually influenced by globalism in various ways as economy, culture and politics are clearly intertwined in this day and age.

International travel – the context of international dating:

These two women from Russia point out that it is very important to identify the issues caused by globalism as these problems are oftentimes ignored by a large number of industry experts in the international hospitality sector.

To be more exact, globalism is a part of a cultural and political movement which is managed by the mainstream media with the help of the elite in influential countries.

Actually, although there is nothing wrong with women, homosexual individuals and immigrants, feminism, homosexuality and globalism are contributing to a range of conflicts in the modern culture which cannot be ignored in the corporate culture of international hotels. More precisely, sixty years ago, when women did not have jobs, a man was able to buy a house and use his income to support his entire family.

Nevertheless, after women started to have jobs, the situation has changed. Nowadays a man and his wife both have jobs, yet they still could not afford to buy a house easily. That means after women began to have jobs, the average salary is actually lower now, even though inflation is considered. That is because the number of employees in the labor force has doubled due to feminism. Because more and more women have their own careers, they are less likely to focus on having children.

Besides, because homosexuality effectively separates men from women as a popular ideology, the birth rate in many western countries has become even lower. As a result, the elite have a reason to promote globalism – western countries need immigrants and refugees because the birth rate is not high enough. In this way, immigrants and refugees are sent to the labor force, thereby further lowering the average salary in western countries.

Apparently, a growing number of employees in international hotels are aware of this trend; consequently, certain tensions and conflicts are inevitable. For example, in an international hotel where immigrants and refugees are hired, other employees might feel that the competition is increasingly stiff in their industry – usually, many immigrants and refugees do not ask for high salaries as their expectations are not very high.

Therefore, the employer may prefer immigrants and refugees in order to lower their cost. Nonetheless, this possibly creates tensions and conflicts amongst certain employees in the organization, though the majority of individuals in the mainstream society do not want to discuss any of these topics.

Working in an international hotel and meeting Russian ladies:

Cultural differences in international hotels could possibly lead to misunderstandings between team members before they even have a chance to build trust or establish any credibility with each other (Clarke & Chen 2009). Due to these cultural differences, tensions and conflicts in the corporate culture are present. For instance, employees from different cultures may have different communication styles, different attitudes toward conflicts, different ways to handle tasks at work, different decision-making processes, different attitudes toward disclosure, and so forth. As a matter of fact, these common differences exist between cultures and within cultures. That is to say, even within one culture, there are also some cultural differences. A case in point is subcultures, e.g. people from one region may operate differently from people from another region in the same country.

“Understanding different cultures is so key – a good understanding gives you an advantage when it comes to international dating.”

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