Meeting Ukrainian Women Online: transform insecurities into strengths

January 11, 2020 at 10.55am by in Slavic Women
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Having insecurities is a useful experience because it makes us strong and rich in character if we know how to deal with it. Now please allow me to show you how to transform your insecurities into strengths when you meet Ukrainian ladies online.

You are in some pretty mighty company when you feel insecure.

I’ve seen people who are supermodels feel insecure as badly as the average Joe in the street. I’ve seen multi-millionaires get rejected as badly as broke people. I’ve seen accomplished individuals suffer from anxiety in dating and relationships as well.

The conclusion is everybody has insecurities. Those who don’t are arrogant narcissists. It’s not just insecurities. The most desirable and attractive individuals also get rejected, lied to, cheated on, abused and made to feel totally worthless in their relationships, too. Therefore, we have to stop making ourselves the victim and understand that if we want to become winners in dating and relationships, we have to deal with insecurities and rejections. This is not only fine, it’s also absolutely normal when you meet a large number of Ukrainian women online.

The pain of having insecurities is just as bad as the meaning you give it.

Having insecurities can be painful. However, whether the pain is temporary or permanent is totally up to you, as it depends on the meaning you give the situation.

If you contact a Ukrainian woman online and she doesn’t respond to your message, you can decide what that means.

If a Calvin Klein male model gets a rejection, you might assume that woman is just too busy to respond to his message. But if you get a rejection, you might think that woman doesn’t find you attractive when you feel insecure. Hence, it is clear that you decide the meaning of the situation and you should pick the meaning that empowers you rather than the meaning that drains you.

Basically, no excuse is good enough to stop you from looking for love. Having insecurities is a healthy and normal part of life that everyone has to face no matter who they are. Rejection will also be a part of this process. The most successful individuals in love and life are always prepared to face their own insecurities and cope with rejections directly. They simply keep going without dwelling on anything.

Don’t allow your insecurities to stop you from looking for love. Never make the mistake of not showing up only because you have fear of rejection.

When you allow your insecurities to control you, Ukrainian ladies online don’t even have a shot at rejecting you as you reject yourself before you even get there. It is obvious that you should leave it to others to decide if they don’t want you instead of making the decision for them before they have had the chance.

Your mindset actually matters.

My brain usually switches off when I hear another “motivational speaker” talking about mindset because this is so corny. Nevertheless, I understand that the mindset definitely matters.

If you would like to meet Ukrainian women online, you have to stop waiting and start creating. Most men are waiting. Most women are waiting. Most people are all waiting. From now on, I’d like you to decide that you won’t wait for things to happen – not for a big bank account, not for a promotion, and definitely not for the right woman.

The mysterious right woman is already there. But you have to find her. There are 7 billion people on this planet, yet perhaps only a small percentage of women are wife material for you. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to maximize your chances of meeting her.

From this moment on, you will treat your love life seriously. Let me give you this analogy: Nobody would expect to lose weight without eating the right food and exercise well; nobody would wait until they win the lottery in order to get rich. Similarly, if you want to meet your Ukrainian mail-order bride online, you need to learn techniques and strategies that will help you achieve this goal as well.

No matter what you want to achieve, there are only two options: You either wait or create. Sadly, in terms of love life, the majority of men wait and wait and wait. Because you are reading this article right now, you are not one of them. You will create opportunities for yourself!

I know a guy who has been waiting for nearly 10 years. Nothing has happened in his love life. There is no excitement or whatsoever. He is a waiter rather than a creator because he has seen too many Hollywood movies which told him “It will just happen one day”. But in reality, he is a 61-year-old divorced man and still lonely.

Now you have to decide to treat your love life as a skill that you can learn and improve at. Indeed, this is an area that requires your commitment and energy to master and enjoy.

You can’t expect one million dollars to suddenly appear in your bank account for no reason. Likewise, you also can’t afford to wait for a Ukrainian woman to approach you first. You must start creating.

Therefore, you need to understand that finding a Ukrainian mail-order bride online is an activity that you must do proactively rather than a chance occurrence. Don’t forget that dating is a verb, so it involves taking action and doing something. Look at what you are doing now to improve this area of your life – is that working or not?

Perhaps you have heard of Gary Vaynerchuk, right? He is one of the most well-known entrepreneurs in the United States. He has become successful not because he spends 18 hours per day thinking about how to accumulate wealth, but because he spends 18 hours taking action every day. In other words, reading this article alone is just Step 1; you must take action if you are actually serious.

If you wait for a Ukrainian lady to contact you, you are possibly waiting for your turn to win the lottery. Don’t forget that the lottery is a pretty lousy way to become wealthy.

Now this is the part of the article that you don’t want to read as it’s the brutal truth. However, it has to be written because only the uncomfortable truth will help you grow in this regard.

95% of men who read this article won’t take action. (Interestingly, Gary Vaynerchuk also said, “Do you know why I am willing to share all my secrets to success in public? Well, that’s actually because 95% of my audience won’t apply any of these. People who take action are very rare.”) Most people can enjoy what they’ve read or heard and agree that the advice is helpful. But it’s much easier to read something and feel good without doing anything in reality because most people are stuck in their habits. You can only change your habits when you see something as urgent.

“Changing your habits isn’t the easiest thing in the world. It takes commitment, practice as well as a real desire to change.”

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