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June 16, 2022 at 10.47am by in International Dating
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These days most people don’t go to clubs and bars due to COVID, but people still go to supermarkets and grocery stores because everyone needs to buy daily necessities. Therefore, the best place to meet women is at the grocery store and the local supermarket! So, apart from online dating, you can meet women offline as well.

  • How to approach women:

Women aren’t going about to buy milk and meet a romantic partner in the supermarket or the grocery store. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean she is definitely closed off to the possibility of that happening in her life. Hence, you have to respect the fact that women are going about other aspects of their lives, too. 

When you see a woman in a supermarket, please keep your distance because you are a complete stranger in her reality. This isn’t a nightclub; consequently, women don’t expect to find dates when she is buying her groceries. You’d better not overwhelm her by not getting too close into her personal space. My advice is to keep 2 meters distance from a woman and signal that you are interested in having a conversation with her. For instance, you can make eye contact and then smile.

Don’t say, “Oh, dear. I must come over and say hi because you are so beautiful.” (This can work well if you meet her at a party, yet in a grocery store, this probably wouldn’t work very well.)

In a grocery store, you can start the conversation by commenting on something external in this environment, e.g., “The queue at the grocery store today is crazy, isn’t it?” because observing and commenting on something that’s around both of you can feel less threatening/intense in this environment. What’s more, this gives you some time to assess her reaction. Now you look for signs that she is open, receptive and comfortable having a conversation with you. If she participates in the conversation that you’ve just started, it’s a good sign. Otherwise, you’ll have to end the interaction.

Of course, if she smiles and joins the conversation, you should totally continue by giving a backstory about what you are doing or who you are, e.g., “I’ve decided to do some shopping here because I’ve spent all day on my laptop. Coming to the grocery store is so much more relaxing than sitting still all day long.” This gives her some insights into who you are and what you are doing – your job keeps you busy, but you are happy to be more active and engage in the real world around you. This makes her feel more comfortable and more willing to continue talking to you.

All right. She is interested. That’s great. The next step is to take the interaction even further – so you say, “Oh. Before you go, let me grab your Facebook if you are comfortable.” Alternatively, you can say, “By the way, I have 20 minutes before I have to attend my next appointment, if you are happy to get a coffee with me in XYZ coffee shop.” (Obviously, XYZ coffee shop is outside the grocery store – you are turning this interaction into an instant date naturally.) Remember: your next move has to be relaxed, casual and suitable for the environment you are in. If you meet a woman in this environment, your goal is to keep in touch with her. Don’t ask, “Are you married?” or “Do you have a boyfriend?” at this stage because women are very smart – they know what your intention is – if they are married or in long-term relationships, they wouldn’t engage in such a conversation with you in the first place. (Also, even if a woman is single, she might say she is married just to end the conversation when that question makes her feel a bit uncomfortable.)

  • How to eliminate your secondary goal and meet women directly:

Most single men do other things in life with a secondary goal: They go to grocery stores to buy groceries and to meet women; they go to the gym for health and fitness and to meet women; they join foreign language classes to learn something and to meet women. All of these are fine, but it can be exhausting and makes those activities less enjoyable. Why not do whatever you like while fully enjoying it?

Now I’d like to encourage you to get rid of your secondary goal, and the best way to achieve that is to join an online dating site where you can directly meet women without playing any games. 

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