On a date with a Slavic woman – Please don’t keep talking about work

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As an inevitable first date topic, work is easy to talk about on a date. Yet this can hinder the progress of the date – you are thinking of how wonderful the date is, and then suddenly you begin to discuss stressful deadlines at work. How romantic can that be?! Well, not very romantic. So, you would be well-advised to avoid talking about work too much on a date with a Slavic woman. 😉

  • How to avoid talking about work all the time:

Talking about work on a date can be very boring. What’s more, it may also indicate that you are validated by a job title. Don’t get me wrong. It’s perfectly okay to talk about work on a date, but it shouldn’t be your primary topic on the date!

Sadly, a lot of men keep talking about work all the time. I know a guy who always talks about “the new project this year” and “the end-of-year report” on a date. This topic has become a big turn-off! ☹

Therefore, my suggestion is to focus on dreams rather than deliverables. By that I mean you’d better talk about your ambitions and dreams rather than technical aspects of your job. 😊

Here is the rationale:

Women are more emotional than men. If you always want to talk about the dry and dull technical aspects of your work, she cannot connect with you on an emotional level.

Hence, you should totally talk to her more emotively. For example, if you talk about what you wanted to do in the future when you were a child, the conversation is much more fun than talking about what your lame boss told you to do this morning.

  • Talk about individuals rather than numbers.

Please do not talk about “conversion rate” and “monthly KPI” when you are on the first date with a Slavic woman. Instead, you can talk about how your colleagues interact with each other in the office, the happy hour in a pub with your co-workers last Friday evening, and so on.

Well, if this lady is very keen to talk about her job, let her do that. 😉 Chances are there is an emotional reason why she is so excited about her job, e.g., she is doing something that truly makes her happy. But if she implies that her job is not very interesting, you can say something like this to her, “Well, actually, you sound slightly tired when you mention your job. Truthfully, I never saw you as a call center agent. When I met you for the first time, I thought you have a fantastic sense of fashion. Have you considered doing something more artistic?”

Now you are turning an unmotivating topic into a highly inspiring topic. In this way, the Slavic lady will feel closer to you psychologically and feel more connected to you emotionally as a result.

You can get her to talk about things that she genuinely cares about in life. If you implement this strategy, your conversation will be more meaningful and engaging for both of you. Also, the Slavic lady will care about you even more by the end of the date because you care about her potential, hopes and dreams – Law of Reciprocity is real.

  • How to connect with Slavic women effectively:

A highly effective date is best characterized by fascinating conversations. Topics include three themes:

  1. Fun and funny things – You are taking her back to the playground (very playful and spontaneous);
  2. Emotive conversations – This doesn’t mean you have to create a Titanic effect. In fact, I mean you are supposed to create micro-attraction moments such as offering to walk her home while saying “I just want to make sure that you are safe and protected.”
  3. Logistics – You may need to talk about when you are going to meet for another date next time. This should be a small part of the conversations.

“Dating is an artform – Have you mastered this skill yet?”

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