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July 9, 2020 at 1.19am by in Online Dating
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As online dating has become very mainstream nowadays, many people judge candidates according to their online dating profile pictures, even though we all know the saying “Never judge a book by its cover”. This is sad but true. Yet you can still approach dating and relationships from a stance of self-acceptance and empowerment. Now I’d like to share with you some specific techniques in this regard. Yes, you are in for a treat today. 😉

Confidence is the state of feeling absolutely certain about the truth and validity of your self-worth.

Truthfully, certainty is the main quality of a high-value man. A high-value guy is very confident about his self-worth. This guy is fully aware of his own skills, appeal and what he deserves. A guy who is completely certain about himself has a profound feeling of his self-worth which influences all his other traits. If this guy is not getting what he deserves from a relationship, he will definitely feel very comfortable articulating his real needs or just leaving the relationship confidently.

Apart from that, certainty is also one of the most attractive qualities a man can have. For instance, a guy with true certainty is aware of the fact that a Ukrainian woman’s life will be significantly improved for having him in it. He knows that when the right candidate appears, marrying him will be the best decision that she will make in her life, for he knows with total certainty that he is the best thing that could happen to her.

Independence and self-determination are very key attributes of a high-value man as well. More specifically, before finding a Ukrainian bride, you have to get a life. I know this sounds very simple, yet it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s very easy to do. You have to have a life that you really adore, and is highly engaged in various fun activities which make you truly passionate about every day in your life. Maybe you have got a job you enjoy, and you fill your spare time with wonderful things that appeal to you creatively as well as emotionally. You also surround yourself with high-value friends who constantly reinforce your self-confidence. You never depend on anybody else to be energized or entertained because your life is your own!

Always remember: this mindset applies to your entire life with or without a wife. As a matter of fact, a fuller life will surely help you find a high-quality Ukrainian bride more quickly.

A guy with core confidence sticks to his principles. In reality, having integrity when you are trying to meet someone suitable is about knowing what your standards really are and being completely comfortable with your standards. A guy of integrity does not compromise what he believes in just to seek approval from others, nor does he allow terrible behavior slide in order to try & fit in. For example, if a guy meets a lady he likes, he will not recalibrate his own values so as to match her values. This is integrity in dating and relationships.

Actually, if your communication with a Ukrainian woman comes from a place of true integrity, you basically create a dynamic where you can expect the same thing from this candidate. Yes, a person of integrity does not put up with somebody who lacks integrity.

How to attract the right candidate fast:

First of all, you can choose to feel the good feelings. Without working on your mindset, your brain may play tricks on you as the brain naturally focuses on negatives so as to make sure you are safe – that is also known as a survival mechanism. That is to say, your brain needs to protect you all the time; therefore, it keeps looking for what could go wrong and making you feel negative frequently. However, it does not necessarily mean you must allow the limbic brain to do whatever it wants to do. Realistically, you are able to decide to feel good at any time.

For example, you want to boost your confidence now. You can go to the fanciest clothing shop and try on the most outstanding outfit. Just try on the best outfit in the entire city and observe yourself in the mirror. You don’t have to buy the expensive outfit. But you can look at yourself and feel the good feelings!

How would you feel? Do you appreciate what you see? Do you feel wonderful? Store that feeling in your brain and in your body. When you do not feel very confident, find that feeling in your memory quickly and then you will instantly become very confident!

Second, you would be well-advised to become a more romantic guy. Note that Law of Attraction is not about wishful thinking at all. In fact, it’s all about feeling the positives before great things happen in your life.

You need to have the right behavior apart from confidence. More exactly, you have to demonstrate relevant behavior that will help you to attract the right Ukrainian lady that you like.

For instance, you may see some romantic films, listen to some love songs and join an international dating site like where we offer video chat online and automatic translation services – these are unique to, so we highly recommend these special features to you.

All of these activities will surely make you more romantic in general.

Next, you may keep a daily ritual, e.g. chatting with at least 4 new people in your life every day, sending 5 messages to suitable candidates on an international dating website, and so forth. If you stick to your daily ritual for a while, your life will be very different as ordinary things which are done consistently will produce extraordinary results.

Lastly, you need to cooperate with the universe so that the universe will want to work for you. No, Law of Attraction is not really about letting the universe do all the hard work. In fact, Law of Attraction is actually about giving the universe the opportunity to help you achieve your goals, which means you must cooperate with the universe at the same time. So, it’s time to take daily actions – do you have an action plan?

Remember: always stick to your plan. If you need to go to the gym or hire a dating coach, make sure you do it as soon as possible.

Law of Reciprocity is real.

Law of Reciprocity refers to the fact that you can only get what you give in life (AKA value exchange). Unfortunately, many individuals feel very entitled & have extremely high expectations, which is literally the recipe for disaster in love. In my opinion, you must be generous first. If that candidate does not reciprocate, you already have the answer, right? That is to say, you should invest and test.

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