Online dating news: How to build the real foundation to win at love

December 5, 2021 at 12.17pm by in Dating advice
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So, you are on an online dating website and getting ready for love. But before you find true love, you need to build the solid foundation to win at love in the long run. 😊

  • How to create attraction:

Today you are in for a treat because I’m going to share with you the psychology of what makes you instantly stand out in a woman’s eyes! 😉

First of all, you have to show a woman that you like her without giving away your power. When you have a video chat with a lady online, remember to hold eye contact to indicate your interest. Basically, your attitude indicates, “Hi! You are interesting, so I’m interested in knowing you.”

Second, you need to create some kind of challenge and let a woman feel the excitement which makes her want to be with you. That is to say, a woman needs to feel like there is a standard for her to meet, so perhaps she hasn’t won you yet, even though she might win you. You can achieve this effect by showing your high standards, standing by your own values and having your own opinions without saying “in my opinion” for 10 times.

When these two elements are combined, you are flirting with her online, thereby getting sparks of authentic attraction.  When the spark is present, she wants to know you more.

Now you’ve got the initial chemistry which is important for a long-term relationship.

  • Do you have an amazing character?

A male friend of mine told me something quite thought-provoking: “I like talking with women because when I talk with a woman, I can have a real conversation. In contrast, when I talk with men, I can only feel the competition every single time because men always want to compete with each other during conversations.”

What he described is the male ego.

Sadly, most men do things to feed their ego rather than their soul. For instance, whenever I go to networking events to meet businessmen, I only meet their ego. By contrast, when I was a member of Business Chicks (a networking organization for businesswomen to meet each other), I was able to have genuine conversations with women who are willing to be vulnerable.

In the first place, a man with a good character knows that ego is the enemy. He has to do things that feed his soul instead of his ego. He is honest. He takes time for what truly matters. He genuinely cares about his friends and family. He knows what he wants to achieve and is very passionate about his career. I know a guy who is a fashion stylist, although his family wanted him to be an engineer. He decided to follow his own bliss rather than doing what his family expect him to do. I really admire his courage – now many of his clients are A-list celebrities. This guy has a beautiful energy/vibe and lifts everyone’s spirit whenever people meet him. His character is what makes him a remarkable person – he is always fascinating as he lives at the highest level. He has good values which make others keen to level up around him. After joining an online dating site, he met his Ukrainian wife who says, “Attraction creates the initial spark; his character is what actually keeps me attracted to him for so many years.”

In the second place, respect shows you definitely have a line – you never compromise your non-negotiables or your boundaries. When a woman doesn’t treat you right, you are happy to walk away as you are internally fulfilled at all times. Therefore, other people see your value clearly.

When a woman stops investing in you, you stop chasing her. That means you have respect because you value yourself and know what you truly deserve.

A strong man has an unshakeable sense of self-worth, so he would never settle for bad treatment. He builds his unshakeable inner core by managing his emotions that he experiences on a daily basis. He has a list of emotional buttons that remind him of positive emotions (e.g., photos from an overseas holiday, gifts from his mentor, etc.) Whenever he needs to change his emotions, he simply looks at the emotional buttons at home and then tap into these deep reserves of inspiration and strength. That’s why he feels very empowered and can claim what he deserves.

Online dating starts from building your core confidence.

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