Online dating suggestions: What questions should you ask on a first date?

October 12, 2020 at 2.39pm by in Online Dating
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Now I’m going to share some first date questions that wouldn’t go wrong in reality. I hope you do use these questions on a first date after joining this online dating site!

Simple but highly effective questions to ask on a first date:

“How have you been recently?”

Do not ask ‘how are you?’ Instead, you should ask ‘how have you been recently?’ as this simple and effective question makes the Eastern European lady feel that you have already known each other for quite a while. This builds rapport fast.

“How was your day today?”

If this woman begins to complain about her neighbor, her colleague or her dog, you should know she isn’t optimistic enough. In contrast, if she tells you something nice, it’s a positive sign! 😊

“Why did you want to be a teacher/nurse/singer, etc.?”

Why she does her job is much more important than what job she has as the real reasons behind her professional choice reveals who she is.

If this Eastern European woman says, “I had very high grades in school; I went to medical school so I wouldn’t waste my high grades”, you can say this to her, “Actually, I don’t like this type of reasons.” (Remember to say this in a warm and sweet tone). Please note that breaking the rapport at times is imperative in terms of building intense attraction, especially if you like her!

“So, I’m curious… If you didn’t have to go to work, what would you do in life?”

‘So’ – pause – ‘I’m curious’ – pause – ask this question.

When you introduce pauses before asking a question, she will pay more attention to what you are about to say.

This Eastern European woman’s answer to your question shows her interests and values. Then you will know whether her value system and yours are compatible or not.

“Could you please tell me something about your friends? What are they like?”

In reality, friends are family that she chose to have. Therefore, her friends’ qualities and traits could tell you what you may expect from her.

“What fact about you might surprise me?”

What a fun question! Just give her an opportunity to impress you immediately!

“What will your life look like five years from now?”

This Eastern European lady’s answer will showcase her blueprint. If she has a compelling vision, she is definitely very passionate about her vision. If she is attracted to you, she would probably want to share her vision with you! 😉

Unorthodox but very powerful questions to ask on a first date:

“If you are able to wake up anywhere tomorrow, where do you want to wake up in this world?”

Her answer to this question shows you what she is curious about in life.

Frankly, I would argue that what she is curious about is probably more imperative than what she is passionate about. Honestly, not everybody is able to find out their passion. In fact, passion oftentimes changes gradually over time.

“When was your last romantic relationship?”

You ask her this question not because you are going to dwell on someone’s history, but because you should objectively evaluate her comments on her previous romantic relationship. Truthfully, if she starts to complain about her ex-partner, it’s a big red flag, for that usually indicates that she probably cannot respond to tough situations in life well. What’s more, tough situations will definitely rock up – that is obviously a given.

Indeed, how she responds to tough situations in life shows you who she really is.

So, if this Eastern European woman does not have any bad comments on her ex-partner, it’s a positive sign – it means she is probably good at handling tough situations well.

“What are you looking forward to now?”

Never underestimate the power of anticipation and excitement. When an Eastern European lady’s eyes sparkle with anticipation, her heart is filled with joy and excitement.

What exactly is excitement and what does it do to the human brain?

It turns out that excitement and anxiety activate the same area in the brain. The only difference is excitement is joyful, whereas anxiety is terrifying.

That being said, anxiety is a rich experience. Many people have learned a lot from their anxiety, e.g. mindfulness, acceptance, surrendering to destiny, etc.

Thus, it’s very important to look forward to something so that a person can stay excited to some degree at all times.

Is she excited about a concert that she will attend?

Is she excited about a book that she will read?

What she is looking forward to doesn’t have to be something tremendous, but it has to be something that is right in your opinion.

“Asking the right questions is just like challenging her in the right ways.”

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