Online dating tips: How to guarantee a second date

November 15, 2020 at 1.43pm by in Online Dating
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Okay. You like that elegant lady you met on the Internet and this is your very first date. At the same time, you are aware of the fact that if you find her beautiful, a large number of other guys would probably find her beautiful as well. As you surely have many competitors, you would like to know how to guarantee a second date. So, let me show you how.

⦁ Let her impress you.

First and most importantly, you need to turn the tables early by having a mindset shift. The first date is not about hoping she likes what she sees. Instead, it’s more about making this woman prove herself to you. Actually, you are here to find out if she meets your standards. In other words, you want to know whether you like her or not.

When this lady asks you, “Why are you single?”, you just say, “I’m actually looking for an amazing and genuine connection. If the connection is not great, I wouldn’t start a relationship.” Then this woman will wonder if she is good enough or not.

⦁ Online dating and flirting:

You can give her a cute nickname. For instance, if there’s a funny joke that only you know from the first date, you should totally use that joke to give her a nickname. Here is how:

Let’s say you ordered a delicious hot chocolate on the first date and you casually mentioned that this lady’s voice is like a pink marshmallow. So, you can say this jokingly, “You’re such a sweet lady. Could I call you Ms. Marshmallow from now on?” As she probably wants to impress you, she would say yes.

Whenever you send her a text message, you can call her ‘Ms. Marshmallow’. This technique alone will help you stand out from the crowd, for most guys would only think of when they could call this attractive woman ‘darling’ or ‘honey’.

⦁ The most practical online dating advice: How to guarantee the second date with her:

In truth, the idea of a second date must be planted on the first date. For example, on the first date, you may say something like, “Celine Dion is an outstanding singer.” (if this lady mentioned that her favorite music is Celine Dion’s songs). After the first date, you can send a text message to this lady, “Next month I’m going to Celine Dion’s concert. You should come.”

In this message, you are not asking “Would you like to come?” You simply say a statement “You should come”. This will guarantee a second date because –

If you actually ask her “Would you like to come?”, she will possibly have 2 questions on her mind: A) “Do I want to go to the concert with this guy?” B) “Can I attend this concert?”

In contrast, if you just say “You should come”, then she will merely have 1 question on her mind: “Can I attend this concert?”

Does that make sense to you?

⦁ What to do on the second date (very important online dating advice):

Each date is supposed to be interesting. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying every date must be dramatically different and extremely exciting. I mean you can’t be boring. Please let me explain.

If you went to a coffeehouse with this lady on the first date, the second date could be going to a concert together / going to the movies together / having dinner in an exotic restaurant / going to a gallery / going to a museum / attending a cooking class / attending a salsa dance class….

You’ve got the gist. Variety is key.

Having said that, no matter how much variety you introduce to each date, the fundamental principle is you can’t be a boring guy.

That means you have to be able to have intelligent conversations with her. You must have interesting things to say on each date. You are supposed to be a smart, funny, spontaneous and knowledgeable man who provides good value for her life.

And the best way to become such a high-value guy is to be a lifelong learner, a student of life and an avid reader. These habits will make you wise and switched-on at all times.

The most attractive guy that I know has the following habits:

⦁ He reads a book per month.
⦁ He has several hobbies: movies, music, art, etc.
⦁ He listens to podcasts when he is driving.
⦁ He has travelled the world.
⦁ He never stops surprising other people in his life.
⦁ His job is his calling.
⦁ He uses online dating sites to proactively improve his dating life.

“Online dating is the best way to improve your love life.”

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