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August 2, 2016 by

1. You’ve come a long way to be in Ukraine?
Yes, I have come a long way, from Louisiana in the southern part of the United States.

2. What did you like on our site?
Your site expresses to a scam free company and ensures thorough customer support 24/7. I like that you can easily communicate with the owner and all of the agents that work for the site. They can plan every part of your trip if it is your first time traveling and need help.

3. What can you say about our service?
Service is thorough and honest. You are able to contact an agent at anytime of the day.

4. What experience of communication on the site you can share that can help men?
In my opinion, after communicating with a lady via text and video, then you should feel a connection after a couple of months and consider traveling to meet this lady in person. Communication can be expensive over a long period of time, therefore, I feel that a man should come visit the lady in person or ask to exchange contact information so the communication will no longer have a fee.

5. Was your trip to Ukraine safe?
Yes. I have been to Ukraine 3 times and have felt very safe every moment here. I feel there is more danger in my own cities in the United States. I have traveled to several cities in Ukraine, via taxi and plane. I have walked the streets alone at night and felt safe the entire time. Please do not let the media convey a bad impression of Ukraine because of the incidents on the border. This in no way is affecting the safety of the other regions.

6. What do you think about Ukrainian ladies after your visit?
Of course you will first notice the unique beauty of the Ukraine ladies. More importantly, they carry themselves with respect and very polite and helpful, especially if there is a language barrier. They are concerned about your time here and ask if you are enjoying yourself. Of course there will be questions about life and concerns of search for serious relationship.

7. Is it possible to find an honest Ukrainian Woman with serious intentions to create a family ?
I honestly cannot answer the question if it is possible to find a serious woman since I am not engaged or married yet, however, I do feel that women here desire to have a happy family. I think you can notice early on if the lady is serious or not, and of course she will have the same concerns of the man she is meeting.

8. What is the best age difference to create a strong family?
I feel that finding someone within 10 years of age is important. Maybe 15 years difference if there is a connection.

9. What can you advise men and women on our site?
I advise everyone on this site to truly realize what you are doing and searching for. Take this seriously and realize that there will be cultural differences. For the man, know that you will need to travel to meet your lady and there will be some differences in your culture, but those can easily be learned and adapted. For the lady, know that you will likely be leaving for another country and a different culture, one that is similar in many ways and you can easily adapt. I can only speak for the United States, but our culture is vast and is a combination of every culture all over the world. For men and women, take this search and journey serious. You are looking for a lifelong partner and should be ready to accept the change and journey and do this together.

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Juan (Veracruz, Mexico) – Oksana (Zaporozhye) – June 2016

July 1, 2016 by

Love Story of Oksana and Juan!

Hi, my name is Oksana and I want to share my story with you. I have lived all my life in Ukraine, successfully graduated from the university and got the specialization of a psychologist.

I am a happy mother of my dear son – my little prince! Though, I never give up spending leisure time actively and energetically, improving and advancing myself and broadening my range of interests.

Who is a PERFECT MATE for me?
I was looking for a man who is as sincere as I am, the one whose loyalty could organically harmonize with ability to support and encourage whenever I need it.
Undoubtedly, he must be responsible for any deed and genuinely smart – I have never preferred men who could become attractive just for one night.
Not long after I came across Juan. He turned out the man who I was speaking a lot to, who we had so much in common with. I found that the only one I was waiting for!
As a sign of our love, we decided to make tatoos of each other’s names and surnames. My honey made it on the shoulder, and I chose my neck to paint it.
Since now, I believe that life is full of wonderful things and unforgettable moments!

I wish every man and woman to take place in life – finding their soul mate!


Watch the video about happy couple Oksana and Juan on UBA Youtube channel


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Robert (USA)-June 2016

June 7, 2016 by

Thanks to the Team, specifically Juliya and the local Agency Jasmin, my lady Ekaterina had a very wonderful birthday dinner with her daughter as I requested. I sincerely appreciate your hard work and cooperation in making this happen for Ekaterina and I. You guys are playing a very huge roll in the success of our relationship and it is noticed and greatly appreciated. Without you, the team, none of this would have ever been possible!!!
I would also like to thank the Jasmin office for going above and beyond what is required when delivering the gifts to my lady. Today, I received many photos of her including videos showing her receiving her gifts, as well as enjoying her dinner. Thank you so very much! Soon Ekaterina and I will be spending some time together and we will be officially announcing our engagement to the Agency, and again it is because of you and the work that you do that has made this dream of ours come true. Thank you all again and again.

Sincerely, Robert

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Shaun (New Zealand) – Marina (Zaporozhye) – March 2016

May 30, 2016 by

Our congratulation to happy couple Shaun and Marina!

I would like to say thank you to my agency Jasmin and to the site team for the wonderful job they have performed for us to meet each other with the help of the wonderful system for singles. I have been searching for my man for several long months and was almost losing hope to meet a man for a life term relationship when eventually started to talk with Shaun via the web site, we have been exchanging letters for several months and also have met on video chats, then Shaun offered that we would exchange contact information with each other and we continued our communication outside the agency site.

We started to plan our meeting and did meet in March 2016. Shaun offered that we would take mutual trip to Austria, he was all what I hoped to find in a man, he was very attentive, caring, loving and always made sure that I would feel myself like a lady. After our mutual trip to Austria we returned together to my native city Kharkov and I introduced him to my family. Now we are in the process of getting together, I am sure that our story is successful and I wish all the singles to find their happiness on this site. It worked for two of us and we are not lonely any more, I have found Shaun and I am willing to have mutual future with this wonderful man. I would like to assure all single who are applying to the services of the dating site that this will work for you, believe in yourself, make effort and focus on talking to a person who you believe would be your second half. I wish all of you to find your life mates and believe in your destiny!


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Thank You From DW

May 29, 2016 by

We received the email below from our member DW and wanted to share this with you. We are very pleased to do this as very few members allow us to share their experiences, even when they marry a lady from our site.

If we can help you in any way, please contact us and we will gladly assist

Hi Keith,

I visited Ukraine between the 2nd and 15th of May.  Unlike my previous visits, this time I visited 5 cities, and made use of multiple modes of transport.

Feedback and Recognition

1.     My plan to visit 5 cities (Kiev, Poltava, Zaporozhiye, Krivoy Rog, Nikoleav) began with a casual chat about transportation options.

A few days later when I reached her on live support, to my utter amazement, they had noted down my travel plans, and had made all the inquires and had the relative costs of transportation options available.

I never expected this kind of commitment and dedication – and it was an extremely pleasant surprise. In our subsequent chats, they reassured me of all the concerns I had about rail travel (not knowing the station names, luggage space limitations, safety and much much more).

2.    Anastasia: Anastasia did an amazing job at coordinating all my travel between cities. Extremely methodical and had exceptional attention to detail.  I am highly impressed by the standards of her work in making hotel reservations, taxi bookings, train ticket bookings and for the coordination of everything.

I wish I got to thank her in person – but hope this note of thanks serves as a small symbol of my gratitude and admiration for high standards of quality work she produces
3.    Julia: I interacted a lot with Julia during my stay. I got reminders about meetings,  and even the taxi drivers/interpreters had printed copies of my train tickets (nice touch by the way!), and contact details of the interpreters.  Everything went so smoothly

I must also add, when I needed some last-minute table reservations, this was done so promptly and efficiently – I never needed to follow-up.  I could simply close my eyes and rest assured that everything would be taken care of
4.    You and Senior staff:  Thank you for accommodating my request for helping transfer some money to Svetlana. Having spoken to you, I understand the inconveniences that this entailed, and I am deeply grateful for doing all of this.  I just want you to know that these favours have not gone unnoticed.  I cannot thank you enough for this.

Keith – you have built a truly remarkable team at the office – you won’t find it easy to find replacements for any of them. I hope they continue to remain part of the brand for many years to come…..

“I visited 5 cities as a solo traveler to Ukraine in May, and I am truly delighted at how well everything went.  What I value the most was the exceptional level care and attention to detail that the staff go through to make your visit hassle-free as possible.  I never had to send a follow-up or ask for a confirmation – all my train bookings, taxi arrangements, meet and greet services went without even the slightest hitch.

As for my meetings with ladies, I was deeply impressed with the site standards. I feel they genuinely care about helping people find someone special. This alone, sets you far ahead from other agencies. Finding a mutual match for your heart is radically different from having a ‘date’ – and the consultants I spoke to truly understand this at a very very deep level.

Visiting the office in Nikolaev makes you feel like visiting genuine friends. I can very openly discuss any matter regarding my experiences and receive constructive and thoughtful input.

I whole-heartedly recommend this site to anyone – and a special big thank you to all for doing an amazing job!

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Best regards,

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Meet The Team

May 17, 2016 by

Meet The Team

Over the last 3 months, we have positioned ourselves as the dating site that offers the best customer service and also personalized assistance for all members – any day and any time. Many members already knew that through dealing directly with the team or even calling into our office in Ukraine. There is always a welcome for you.

We want you to find your soulmate in the most efficient time and we offer free personalized consultations with you to assist. Many men are now using this service and it is proving very effective.
As it is a new feature (I don’t think any other site is offering this personalized service and 24-hour support in the industry) many men are apprehensive about speaking with any of our team on skype and maybe a little shy. So, our team has decided to make a video in which they introduce themselves and show that they are professional people who genuinely want to help.

We pride ourselves in being not only professional but also fun to work with. Our office is always warm and the team works together exceptionally well.

Each of the team is qualified to assist you and enjoy speaking with members from different countries and gain the greatest pleasure from watching members achieve success.
The team also made another video – which is a Video about the making of the Video! This video shows more about the team working together and gives you an idea of what happens in our office. You can watch this video here

We hope that you will see that we are a happy team of professionals who are ready to help you at any time.
Remember, you can arrange your own personalized 30-minute consultation with one of the team at any time using the schedule on the homepage link, it is very simple and we will call you at your scheduled time.

We can assist you with:
• Your profile – ensuring it is professionally presented and will attract a great choice of ladies
• Your selections – we can offer you free matchmaking advice that may save you time and effort
• Your communication – how to present yourself, what really works, how to find out about your lady
• The lady – what is she looking for, which cultural differences matter, what can you do to impress her
• Video chat – what to wear, how to behave, what to say. We can test chat with you to prepare you
• Meeting her – we can arrange all your meetings, venues and support
• The first meeting – ideas to impress, a small gift, the venue. The second meeting and the third meeting are also important
• Your travel – we are IATA registered travel agents and can arrange your travel, VISA, accommodation, transport, cell-phone, translators and be available 24 hours a day during your trip

We offer this support for free as we believe in service – and success. We hope you accept the offer and we look forward to meeting you and helping you find your soulmate.

PS If you subscribe to our YouTube channel you will see automatic updates on news, ladies videos, travel and updates

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Isaac-USA, Seattle-April 2016

April 18, 2016 by

Feedback from Isaac about our services

I would like to say that this site is a superlative and exceedingly legitimate business and is perhaps, the only creditable matchmaking service in the world and certainly in the Slavic countries.

Their care, diligence, excellence and professionalism in the entire process involving the special ordering and delivery of the bouquet of flowers to my Olga was exemplary and is a reflection of the degree to which they represent the beautiful ladies who graciously adorn this website. If you are a foreign man who desires to win the heart of one of these ladies I testify to you that these ladies are real and that the team is dedicated to your search as they are their representation of these exquisite flowers of Slavic beauty.

If you would like to know the success formula for winning their hearts and hands, here it is:
1. Be sure that you’ve “got your act together.”
2. Be adventurous, confident, kind, gracious and courteous.
3. Realize that you are now embarked on winning the heart of one of the most desirable of women in the world who is probably much more than you can comprehend or maybe even deserve. Nevertheless, she is approachable and her heart is winnable.
4. Remember that Ukrainian women, despite their dazzling looks do not consider their beauty as their greatest asset but rather their desires to be the ultimate wife, companion, mother, homemaker and cornerstone of her family and 100% enthusiastic supporter of her man.
5. Before you seek to impress her first seek to know her for she is more interested in your soul than in your wallet.
6. If in the end you succeed in winning the heart of one of these treasures, care for her as you would your most valuable possession because she will become your greatest blessing.

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