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September 28, 2016 by


Good Morning to you dear!!!

Thank you for contacting me regarding my meeting with Svetlana!

I am very happy to report that this meeting was very pleasant!

There was certainly an extreme amount of chemistry between us and it was a once in a lifetime date that you wish would never end. I firmly believe there is strong potential for a lasting relationship between us.

As for the services provided by the Agency and my translator Natalia, I cannot say enough. This trip has gone astray from the original plans. But thanks to Natalia it has been salvaged. The lady I have come to see, well things did not work out. Natalia offered to recommend some ladies for me to view in her city. I agreed and reviewed what she offered me. I narrowed my choice from about 8 ladies down to 2 and the further inquired with Natalia who she believed was more compatible with me.

Natalia, having known the lady clients told me that without a doubt Svetlana was the lady I needed to meet. I accepted her opinion and immediately scheduled the meeting. I can say that not even half way thru the meeting, I was very happy, excited and full of energy. I could already feel the extreme chemistry boiling between Svetlana and I. As a matter of fact, I remember looking at Natalia during the meeting, I smiled at her and said “Thank You”! She knew what I was talking about, she simply smiled and replied “I told you so”!

It is my beliefs that Natalia has gone above and beyond her job and has created a match made in heaven. She also has continuously ensured that my comfort in her city is acceptable to me, as well as ensuring that I have everything I need. Furthermore, Natalia has arranged all of the activities for my lady and I which have all gone absolutely flawless! This lady, Natalia is a wonderful asset to your team and it is my firm belief that she should be recognized by Keith, Anna and the rest of her team! Reward her, she has earned it!

Even if something happens and I do not find love on this trip, I have found a true, close life long friend. My dearest friend Natalia!

As for the Team, you have all performed flawlessly! My plans had unexpectedly changed during this trip, and when my request were presented to you, even as short timed as they were, you made it happen! Not only did you make it happen, but you did not complain, you simply took my requests, put them into action and you have done it flawlessly! This is my third trip to Ukraine now, and by far this trip has been the best!

This site is absolutely the best in the industry. My sincerest Thanks to Keith, Anna, Juliya B, Juliya F and everyone else who has brought this trip and this experience to life! And a very special Thank You to my dear friend Natalia, my translator.




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September 23, 2016 by

Still doubting if you are right in choosing a special Ukrainian woman as your wife? From across the Atlantic the proof in favour of the best choice has arrived!
Our member Sergey, actively searching for his love, gained some enthusiasm after using our site and he has composed for her his chart-hitting song, a future masterpiece (the opinion of #ourteam). We share it here so that all the other man may be so inspired!
Sergey, thank you. Go on and rejoice us with your initiative, which is even better than a written testimonial!
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September 9, 2016 by

Hello, I hope you are having a wonderful day.  I finally have a chance to give you some feedback on the meeting with Natalia.  First, I have to say that this is my first time dealing with an agency when meeting a lady so i really did not know what to expect.  I was even nervous and skeptical as i heard from so many friends back in the states all the scams that happen.  Well, I was pleasantly surprised that the meeting went very well and better then i was expecting.

1) First, I was impressed with the interpreter, Kate.  She was amazing and did a great job.  She was professional and knew English very well.  If she needs a good review I will give her a great one.  Kate was outstanding.

2) and the lady Natalya, was more then i expected.  She is an amazing woman and i was so impressed with her character and ethics.  I think this first meeting went so well and after our many correspondence we finally had the chance to meet.  I was amazed by her and she is a great woman.  I like her, and i hope we can continue to build something special.

3)  I traveled to Ukraine on my own, arriving in Kharkov by train.  So I took care of all my travel and hotel.  I have many friends in Ukraine who help me when i travel to Ukraine, and now i have a new friend in Natalya.

4)  And your agency was amazing.  I found your site after a friend from London told me about you.  I was skeptical because i have heard so much about scams on the news back in the states.  But I was impressed with the agency here in Kharkov.  I see that the agency screens ladies and from what i have seen the agency acts in a very professional way.  Coming from a business background, this is the way to do business and attract customers.  I have found that businesses that have high character and ethical standards attract customers.  And you are doing a great job and have a good business model to build on.

5)  I now hope to continue to build a special relationship with Natalya.  I really like her and now since our first meeting went so well we will take our relationship to the next level.

I hope I gave good feedback for you to see.  I think i have covered everything here and not forgotten anything to say.

I hope you have a wonderful and happy and joyful day.

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August 2, 2016 by

1. You’ve come a long way to be in Ukraine?
Yes, I have come a long way, from Louisiana in the southern part of the United States.

2. What did you like on our site?
Your site expresses to a scam free company and ensures thorough customer support 24/7. I like that you can easily communicate with the owner and all of the agents that work for the site. They can plan every part of your trip if it is your first time traveling and need help.

3. What can you say about our service?
Service is thorough and honest. You are able to contact an agent at anytime of the day.

4. What experience of communication on the site you can share that can help men?
In my opinion, after communicating with a lady via text and video, then you should feel a connection after a couple of months and consider traveling to meet this lady in person. Communication can be expensive over a long period of time, therefore, I feel that a man should come visit the lady in person or ask to exchange contact information so the communication will no longer have a fee.

5. Was your trip to Ukraine safe?
Yes. I have been to Ukraine 3 times and have felt very safe every moment here. I feel there is more danger in my own cities in the United States. I have traveled to several cities in Ukraine, via taxi and plane. I have walked the streets alone at night and felt safe the entire time. Please do not let the media convey a bad impression of Ukraine because of the incidents on the border. This in no way is affecting the safety of the other regions.

6. What do you think about Ukrainian ladies after your visit?
Of course you will first notice the unique beauty of the Ukraine ladies. More importantly, they carry themselves with respect and very polite and helpful, especially if there is a language barrier. They are concerned about your time here and ask if you are enjoying yourself. Of course there will be questions about life and concerns of search for serious relationship.

7. Is it possible to find an honest Ukrainian Woman with serious intentions to create a family ?
I honestly cannot answer the question if it is possible to find a serious woman since I am not engaged or married yet, however, I do feel that women here desire to have a happy family. I think you can notice early on if the lady is serious or not, and of course she will have the same concerns of the man she is meeting.

8. What is the best age difference to create a strong family?
I feel that finding someone within 10 years of age is important. Maybe 15 years difference if there is a connection.

9. What can you advise men and women on our site?
I advise everyone on this site to truly realize what you are doing and searching for. Take this seriously and realize that there will be cultural differences. For the man, know that you will need to travel to meet your lady and there will be some differences in your culture, but those can easily be learned and adapted. For the lady, know that you will likely be leaving for another country and a different culture, one that is similar in many ways and you can easily adapt. I can only speak for the United States, but our culture is vast and is a combination of every culture all over the world. For men and women, take this search and journey serious. You are looking for a lifelong partner and should be ready to accept the change and journey and do this together.

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Juan (Veracruz, Mexico) – Oksana (Zaporozhye) – June 2016

July 1, 2016 by

Love Story of Oksana and Juan!

Hi, my name is Oksana and I want to share my story with you. I have lived all my life in Ukraine, successfully graduated from the university and got the specialization of a psychologist.

I am a happy mother of my dear son – my little prince! Though, I never give up spending leisure time actively and energetically, improving and advancing myself and broadening my range of interests.

Who is a PERFECT MATE for me?
I was looking for a man who is as sincere as I am, the one whose loyalty could organically harmonize with ability to support and encourage whenever I need it.
Undoubtedly, he must be responsible for any deed and genuinely smart – I have never preferred men who could become attractive just for one night.
Not long after I came across Juan. He turned out the man who I was speaking a lot to, who we had so much in common with. I found that the only one I was waiting for!
As a sign of our love, we decided to make tatoos of each other’s names and surnames. My honey made it on the shoulder, and I chose my neck to paint it.
Since now, I believe that life is full of wonderful things and unforgettable moments!

I wish every man and woman to take place in life – finding their soul mate!


Watch the video about happy couple Oksana and Juan on UBA Youtube channel


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Robert (USA)-June 2016

June 7, 2016 by

Thanks to the Team, specifically Juliya and the local Agency Jasmin, my lady Ekaterina had a very wonderful birthday dinner with her daughter as I requested. I sincerely appreciate your hard work and cooperation in making this happen for Ekaterina and I. You guys are playing a very huge roll in the success of our relationship and it is noticed and greatly appreciated. Without you, the team, none of this would have ever been possible!!!
I would also like to thank the Jasmin office for going above and beyond what is required when delivering the gifts to my lady. Today, I received many photos of her including videos showing her receiving her gifts, as well as enjoying her dinner. Thank you so very much! Soon Ekaterina and I will be spending some time together and we will be officially announcing our engagement to the Agency, and again it is because of you and the work that you do that has made this dream of ours come true. Thank you all again and again.

Sincerely, Robert

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