Powerful ideas on ambitions, authenticity and dating Eastern European women

May 17, 2021 at 1.00pm by in Online Dating
Eastern European women

If you trade in your authenticity for being liked by others, you might experience resentment, anxiety, depression and rage. In this article, I’m going to share some powerful ideas on authenticity, ambitions and dating Eastern European women. Enjoy!

  • Good ideas on success and personal growth:

Successful people are more afraid of stagnation rather than change. Life is too short even with the right person. More time that you spend with the wrong person will just take away from the limited amount of time that you have left to spend with the right person. Three reasons why you should never settle: 1) because when you settle for less, you will get less than what you settle for; 2) because when you settle, you stay in the job that you hate; 3) because when you settle, you live a mediocre life that you can’t stand. If you don’t change your belief and only change your job or relationship, you will probably end up in another unsatisfying situation. You have to transform your belief first.

Three ways to date authentically: 1) Communicate your needs honestly; 2) Worry less about whether they like you, and more about whether you even like them; 3) Notice patterns and believe them.

Three ways to get rid of anxiety: 1) Find a healthy distraction; 2) do some exercise every day; 3) try meditation.

Eastern European women
  • Why you need to love yourself first before finding a relationship with an Eastern European woman:

Three reasons to love yourself right now: 1) all the old stories and habits that you left behind; 2) even during difficult times, you kept going; 3) your ability to learn, change and transform.

Don’t take your blessings for granted. Someone is praying to have something that you have right now.

Four things to let go of today: 1) trying to please everyone; 2) gossip; 3) saying yes when you mean no; 4) perfectionism.

Please be patient with yourself because big goals are achieved one day at a time. Three things to tell yourself today: 1) Stop waiting to be chosen and start creating, living and manifesting. 2) Stop complaining and start taking action. 3) Stop procrastinating on your dreams and start making great things happen.

Four things to stop doing: 1) Feeling unworthy; 2) expecting other people to share the same beliefs with you; 3) ignoring your intuition; 4) spending time with those who don’t support your dreams.

Don’t ask people who have never been where you are going for directions. You need a real mentor. Don’t be a waiter; be a creator! You are the author of your own story. Don’t underestimate your power. Three things you need to evolve: 1) a blueprint which shows you where you are going; 2) an empowering ‘why’ which keeps you going in tough times; 3) a system to rewire limiting beliefs. Three signs that you are transforming your life: 1) You live in alignment with your value system; 2) you say ‘no’ without feeling guilty; 3) you trust your intuition more than everyone else’s opinions.

If you think you are taking a risk but don’t feel uncertain or uncomfortable, then you are possibly not really taking a risk. Happiness is a choice rather than a result. You can choose to be happy. Happiness only comes from you.

Four excuses to stop making: 1) I’m not ready; 2) I can’t afford this; 3) I don’t deserve it; 4) I’m afraid. Three rules to remember: 1) If you don’t take action, the result is stagnation; 2) if you don’t try, the failure rate is 100%; 3) if you don’t even ask, the answer will always be no. Three things that always block your blessings: 1) settling for less; 2) not asking for what you deserve; 3) being jealous. Three mistakes you need to forgive yourself for: 1) staying in a toxic relationship for too long; 2) wasted energy on people who didn’t even deserve you; 3) losing people who never really understood you. Three ways to feel proud of yourself: 1) Giving without expectations; 2) asking for what you deserve; 3) cutting off draining relationships.

Things that were removed out of your life or never worked out merely made room for new opportunities to come in. Don’t worry about what’s gone. Embrace new blessings!

Four habits for happiness: 1) dream big; 2) judge less; 3) put your needs first; 4) think positively.

These ideas will empower you and benefit your relationship with an Eastern European woman in the long term.”

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