Proven Success is Hard to Come By

June 12, 2014 at 1.00am by in Online Dating

I have mentioned previously that getting approval from couples to put their photos and story after they have met on the site and have gotten married is very difficult. Most couples refuse to allow their story to be published on such a public domain as the internet.

Last month we had another wedding and although the couple initially said they were happy to have their wedding and story put on the site, after we had arranged the video, photos and story, they changed their mind. This is typical and we understand their desire to quietly enjoy their new life in privacy.

I look at some sites that have hundreds and hundreds of wedding photos and calculate that if only 5% of couples allow their photos to be published then they must have had about 100,000 weddings – and this makes me dubious.

For this reason we had neglected our success story and testimonial page as we thought that unless you have video evidence, you can publish anything you like and no one can refute the stories. That is typical of us – if something cant be shown to be genuine, we don’t do it.

However, we had a number of emails from men and ladies saying that we must put more success stories onto the site to promote the good work that we are doing and convey the success that we have enjoyed. So, retrospectively, we have gone back in time and have started to put these stories on the page. You can see them and judge for yourself here

Our agencies were also asking us to add the stories as they have been working very hard to achieve success and they would also like the recognition. This is fair enough as we are very cautious with which agencies we work with and they deserve to have their work and success published.

We have a wedding video available to view on this page, which is a rarity as I have said and we will be hoping to add more. We had undervalued the importance of this section of the site and we will be ensuring that this is kept up to date at all times from now on.

The happy union of a man and a lady from our site and our agencies gives us tremendous satisfaction and helps to replenish our enthusiasm after all the ill-informed emails of doom we get from some visitors, especially those who’s views have been tainted by bad experiences elsewhere or bad feedback in general about Ukraine dating sites.

I hope you enjoy the stories that have been shared and we will continue to add more and more as we studiously collect and publish these moving forward.


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