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What’s your goal for the rest of this year? What’s your daily ritual that makes achieving your goal inevitable? My mentor’s daily ritual is to read empowering quotes every day & I’ve organized some of his favorite quotes here.

  • How to succeed in business, life and Slavic dating:

The best time to build a powerful network was ten years ago; the second-best time to build a powerful network is now.

Asking for help is a sign of strength. People can’t help you if you don’t ask for help.

I know many experts would tell you to find out your why, but I actually want you to find out who you are first. When you know who you really are and be that person in your career, you won’t need to work a day in your life.

A successful person juggles 24 balls at the same time and allows 9 balls to drop, while everyone else only holds 1 ball.

When you are cooperating with the universe, the universe wants to work with you! So, you want a healthy body – you should say no to junk food; you want a happy mindset – you should say yes to the book that you are eager to read; you want a satisfying love life – you should say no to stagnation and say yes to SimplyDating.com, a reputable Slavic dating site.

When you know you have tried your best, at least you can sleep at night. What keeps you awake at night is knowing you didn’t even put yourself out there.

In order to create a virtuous cycle, you must feel the good emotions before good things happen for you. Most individuals believe that success leads to happiness. However, I would argue that the opposite is true: happiness leads to success.

Joyful activities trigger the release of nitric oxide which is very important to everyone’s health. Basically, that means if you want to prioritize your health and wellbeing, you should make time for things that bring you joy and do those activities without guilt!

If someone actually wronged you or treated you very badly, you don’t have an obligation to forgive them – they should forgive themselves. Truthfully, there is a difference between forgiving someone and letting it go. Never underestimate the power of letting things go. When you don’t have anyone to hate, life is liberating!

  • How to navigate these changing and challenging times:

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket in these changing times. Obviously, someone with a variety of skills can significantly lower their risk when it comes to success.

In business and in life, you can only get what you give. Most people are takers rather than givers. So, if you are a giver, Law of Reciprocity applies to you in a good way – when you give other people lots of good value first, they will reciprocate. That’s how you become impactful in the long term.

When you know your worth, you love yourself unconditionally. I know this sounds a bit corny, but it’s actually true. Remember: no one will value you more than you value yourself. If you have money and want to start investing, you must invest in your education first, because education is the prerequisite of everything you want.

Having a financial discipline includes having a date with your money regularly. This is particularly important to entrepreneurs who need financial clarity.

Knowledge is everywhere, but the implementation of knowledge is rare.

Does money represent the root of all evil or the source of happiness? Your mental associations with money give you the answer. Whenever you have negative associations with money, just keep filling your brain with positivity in this regard, so that negative associations with money have no space in your brain.

The real difference between a talented wannabe and a talented celebrity is their business models. A talented wannabe has talent, but probably doesn’t have a business model that is working. In contrast, a talented celebrity has obviously figured their business model out.

Although money can’t guarantee happiness, lack of money can guarantee unhappiness. If you are an entrepreneur, the skill of attaining publicity is perhaps the most important part of your business. Publicity is the fast-track to new opportunities. What have you done to attain publicity this week? In business, the fundamental difference between someone who lacks options and someone who has lots of options is publicity.

Whenever you can add value to someone’s life, do it without asking for anything from them. Do that as often as possible. You will become rich as a result. Stop thinking about what you can get from others; start thinking about what you can give others. You can only get what you give.

Think big. Courage is the real gatekeeper. Making decisions based on emotions usually means making wrong decisions. Effective leaders have worked on themselves to develop their abilities to keep their emotions in check when necessary. Stable emotions help you succeed in Slavic dating.

“Having more joy in life significantly reduces stress. If you give yourself permission to play and enjoy life, what would you do today?”

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