The real reasons why western guys prefer Slavic ladies.

December 3, 2019 at 10.20am by in Dating advice
dating Slavic ladies

Recently, a growing number of western guys are interested in meeting Slavic women. Many dating coaches also prefer dating Slavic ladies. For instance, love coach Yad says his dating preference is Slavic women; relationship expert Richard la Ruina is married to a russian wife; dating coach George Massey says he is attracted to Eastern European women. Why is this happening in this day and age?

Feminism has made many western women undatable.

I understand that there are many benefits brought by feminism and I support organizations such as Business Chicks which empower women to become successful businesswomen. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, feminism has made this world a better place in various ways.

However, when we look at feminism closely, we also discover that feminism has brought a variety of liabilities in this day and age. When feminism is overdone, a lot of western women have green hair and lots of tattoos. Worse still, many of them are overweight and unattractive in general.

I know this isn’t the most politically correct thing to say, but the mainstream media have been lying to us for too long. It’s time to point out why feminism shouldn’t be overdone.

First and foremost, the Establishment in western countries promote feminism in order to double the supply of labor in the workforce, thereby reducing the price of salaries. In your grandparents’ generation, only men had to work & women could stay at home as housewives. At that time, families could afford to buy houses and the household could live on your grandfather’s income alone. In contrast, nowadays how many families can live on the husband’s income alone? These days even both the man and the woman have full-time jobs, they still find it hard to buy a house. It is clear that the price of wages is actually lower now, even when inflation is considered.

In the second place, feminism weakens the family unit; therefore, women depend on their jobs and the society, i.e. corporation and the government (all controlled by the Establishment) & women don’t depend on strong men anymore.

A society best characterized by strong families is harder to control. Think India and China. When these countries were invaded by western countries, the invasion wasn’t successful. Both India and China have strong families, so they can protect their countries very well and their cultural identities are still quite strong today.

According to American author Roosh V, in every woman’s soul, there is an angel and a devil. The angel wants to have a meaningful relationship with a strong man, whereas the devil wants to have casual flings with exciting men. Feminism directly feeds a woman’s devil in western countries. Indeed, too many western women are looking for “the dream guy” without realizing how unrealistic this concept is.

Western men who can see the truth are interested in marrying Slavic brides.

Since the majority of western women are programmed to compete with men in terms of their careers, an increasing number of western men have figured out that they can only find true love in Eastern Europe where Slavic women are traditional and feminism isn’t strongly promoted.

This is how a typical Slavic lady sees feminism: If working has become an obligation which is disguised as “empowerment” and “independence”, there is nothing independent about being forced to work, i.e. something that almost every other woman is doing, too.

Many years ago, when cigarette companies were trying to sell cigarettes to women, the world’s most famous marketer Edward Bernays literally made western women associate smoking cigarettes with “empowerment”. During the 1929 Easter Sunday parade in New York City, Edward Bernays hired a group of girls to smoke cigarettes with the slogan “torches of freedom”. The entire event was scripted carefully to promote this message. Then within 24 hours, headlines in newspapers showed that photo, so women in western countries began to buy cigarettes – they associate smoking cigarettes with empowerment. But in reality, smoking cigarettes doesn’t give women empowerment at all (it only gives women diseases). Yet what really matters is the emotions behind smoking cigarettes.

As you can see, it’s all about the associations with a concept. As working for corporations represents empowerment and independence, women in western countries want to depend on their jobs rather than strong men. That’s exactly why feminism is designed to decrease western women’s chance of getting married – or if a western woman actually gets married, feminism decreases her chance of staying married (when there is a conflict in her marriage, she can consider getting a divorce easily as she doesn’t depend on her husband anyway.) No wonder more and more western men prefer dating Slavic women who are much more traditional – they still highly value family.

The truth about dating Slavic ladies:

This is how human nature works: If a woman signals that she wants excitement and status, a man will give her those things in order to get laid (a common scenario in western countries). In contrast, if a woman signals that she highly values family, motherhood and virtue, a man will tend to consider having a family with her.

Because most Slavic women want to get married and have children, mature men from western countries have realized that Slavic brides are the best wives. A guy who knows the nature of women will marry a lady who leans traditional rather than feminist.

Also, don’t forget that a man needs to provide and protect. That’s also human nature. Marrying a Slavic bride also fulfils a guy’s role as a provider. By contrast, marrying a western woman means the divorce rate is higher. But how does a pro-woman divorce law support women if there are fewer men who are willing to marry them in the first place? (Note that due to the pro-woman divorce law in western countries, a lot of western guys have fear of commitment.)

In Eastern European countries, the older a lady, the lower her standards become if she wants to get married. Nevertheless, in western countries, the older a woman, the higher her standards become if she wants to get married, for she has seen more and has higher & unrealistic expectations. When a woman’s beauty is fading, her standards shouldn’t be rising. This is just the unpleasant realism.

This also explains why many Slavic ladies in their late 30s are happy to marry western men in their 50s – these ladies understand value exchange. On the other hand, western women are more entitled and can’t take criticism. I can almost guarantee that some western women who read this article will find a way to feel offended. But I’m not here to lie to you, so I have to tell you the truth.

In western countries, there are many sugar momma dating sites and apps which help cougars to meet younger men. Nonetheless, in Eastern Europe, sugar mommas are as rare as unicorns. If you show me a sugar momma from Eastern Europe, I will show you a unicorn.

In conclusion, Slavic women are the most datable and the most marriageable women in the world.

“The uncomfortable truth is: The material prizes a western woman has accumulated since she was in her 20s (i.e. credentials, money and job titles) are much less valuable to men than beauty, femininity and virtue.”

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