8 Signs of True Love from your Man

June 10, 2019 by
true love

It’s borderline cliche but no words are ever going to be enough to define love. You just know it. You just feel it. And you know you’re in love because you’re suddenly capable of doing the impossible, see things in a different light, and life takes on an entirely different direction. But how do you know for sure that the other person feels the same? How do you know if your man is a keeper? Keep reading and learn about the evident signs of true love.

He makes you a priority

A man loves you when he prioritizes you above anything and everything. It means that he’s willing to cancel plans made with friends or opt to spend the weekend just for snuggling instead of hanging out at the bar because that’s the only chance he’s got to spend quality time with you.

His actions speak louder than his words

Promises of love mean nothing when they don’t translate into actions. A lot of men out there scream of their undying love and devotion but their deeds show otherwise. Without actions, their confession of love doesn’t mean anything. If your man is someone who’d go the extra mile to make sure you never doubt his love and make you feel cared for, he’s definitely a catch!

He means it when he says “I love you”

True love doesn’t mean your man needs to tell you “I love you” a thousand times a day. You may only hear these words once or twice a day but you know it’s sincere because he means it. As to how or why, no one can really explain but you just know it’s coming from his heart.

He respects you

Love isn’t love without respect. When a man truly loves you, he respects you, your opinions, decisions and your differences. You may disagree on many things, he may not share the same values and principles that you do but he won’t take it against you. He won’t push you to compromise and compel you to believe what he believes in.

He is patient

Things will get rough at times and there will be times when you would push each other’s buttons and get on each other’s nerves. But because a man loves you, he will do his best to remain patient. He will always try to understand even if he gets annoyed or irritated. At the end of the day, his love will always overpower any situation, mood or emotions.

He considers your feelings

Because true love is selfless, someone who loves you will always be sensitive about your feelings. He will be mindful of his actions so that he doesn’t do or say anything that will hurt or upset you. He will always consider how you’ll feel especially when making major life decisions.

He makes you part of every aspect of his life

A man who has sincere intentions and is serious about you will include you in every part of his life. He will introduce you to his family and friends because that’s how important you are. He wants them to love you just as much as he does. He wants you to be around in every important event and milestone in his life.

He considers your happiness his happiness

Another display of true love is a man who puts your happiness above everything. He tries to make you happy in every way he can because your happiness is his own. He doesn’t want to see you down and lonely because when you are, he feels your pain, too. However, he also tries to go the extra mile to cheer you up and make you feel better.

A lot of women find themselves wondering whether or not the man they’re dating is a keeper. But when you meet the right guy, you won’t even have to wonder about how he feels. These signs of true love will be present and he will make it known how much he cares and loves you.

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December 12, 2018 by


Last month, Blair from New Zealand called into our office to say hello again; Blair had previously visited us in 2017

Blair visited Kiev, Poltava, Zaporozhye, and Nikolaev. He thoroughly enjoyed his trip and his travel was problem free as he used our travel services to support him throughout his trip.


Most relevant to our members, Blair recommends that men are serious about their search. He points out it is important, to be honest with your partner about everything; honesty is a priority. A couple should discuss the smallest things and make sure they understand each other. Do not play games if you are looking for a wife. You must remain patient and take time into consideration.

Blair said a number of times that chemistry is something that makes your meeting magnificent. You should not rush and consider all the pros and cons. You should go through the process carefully, with meticulous planning.

Above all, Blair recommends men to use the service of interpreters when they are going on meetings with the ladies. He thinks interpreters are “brilliant”.


Ukraine is totally different from his country he comes from. He likes the Ukraine people and found them all to be very cheerful to him.

We thank Blair for his feedback and advice and recommend that all members take note of his comments.

We were delighted to see Blair again and look forward to his next visit. He is appreciative of our 24/7 support – he finds us professional.

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October 11, 2018 by


We have wonderful news for you. Our new happy couple Shardorn and Mariya recently got married. They were working on the development of their relationship hard. Both of them knew that our site is for serious people not to play games. They had a right mindset and were looking for each other.

Their story


A couple considers video chat to be the most logical way to keep in touch and discuss all the questions they have. Mariya says a video chat helps people to discover the nature of their characters and see the real behavior. They chatted for 2 weeks and Shardorn decided to come over and meet up with his lady Mariya. This is a serious step of a purposeful man who knows what he wants.

A real meeting approved all the expectations as the couple was considering all pros and cons about each other whilst having video chats. Shardorn is rather thankful to us as we provided a real platform for his communication with his wife Mariya.

We wish this lovely couple happiness and prosperity in their relationship. Such a beautiful union deserves all the best. They are a great example of purposeful people who did not hesitate but used the time in the best way to complete their life goal. The new chapter in their life was opened and we are sure it will be full of happiness.


Welcome to our updates on our blog.

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July 17, 2018 by

We are delighted to share with you another success story of our lovely couple of Philippe and Yuliya.


Yuliya’s story


Philippe and I met on the our website around two years ago. It was difficult to meet a decent man in my country and I decided to try my luck here. Philippe wrote to me, we began to correspond. During our correspondence, I understood that he always wished to marry a Slavic woman that is why he registered on this website. Philippe learned Russian at the university.

Since I do not know much English, I was very glad that Philippe spoke Russian. He lived in Moscow and Astana. We had very long and interesting letters. Philippe has a good sense of humour. I always looked forward to his next letter. After some time of our communication, Philippe proposed to meet in France in Paris. I agreed to a meeting. My younger brother Dmitry also went to my first meeting with Philippe. The three of us had a great time together. I had several meetings with Philippe after that. And, behold, in 2018 after a long time of our communication Philippe asked me to arrange a civil marriage in the embassy of France. I gladly agreed.

I hope in the near future to move to France and maybe we will have an official marriage.

We wish everyone to have such a wonderful happy story. Please, join us and be acknowledged with our new articles in our weekly updated posts.

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July 12, 2018 by

Welcome to the amazing world of the lovely couples of our site. We are extremely excited to share with you our latest news! One more star started shining the brightest ever. Please, greet our new happy couple Tam and Marina. They are definitely full of the joys of spring right now. Just take a look at the story they have shared.

Tam’s story



Thanks to the qualified team and their local representatives in Zaporozhye – “Jasmin” agency I was able to meet the love of my life – Marina. Our first meeting took place in her native city before I came we had corresponded and had several video-chats. My impression of the website services is great, tried most of the services they offer and I was satisfied with everything.


We started our correspondence in fall 2017 and I came to visit her in 3 weeks. Above all, when I came, Marina introduced me to her family. Her son and her parents, at this meeting the assistance of an interpreter was vital. I am grateful to the agency for their help.


Furthermore, we had a very warm family dinner. Marina’s mother cooked Ukrainian food. For this reason, her father showed their family album and told a lot about Marina’s childhood and life. This meeting was very significant for me, as it showed that Marina is a serious lady, ready for the marriage. As a result, after this we met a couple more times, I supported her desire to study English and she does her best about this. Hence, we have recently married in Zaporozhye and now we are in process of making the documents that will allow Marina and her son to come and live in Canada with me. Hopefully, every user of this website will find their happiness with the help of the professional team from the site!

We wish our sweethearts to be indeed happy and show others that love exists! They are our inspiration.  For the recent updates and latest news follow our blog and take a look at our recent useful articles!

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January 4, 2018 by

What an amazing news we have for you! Our story is a successful and amazing path of two beloved halves, two wonderful people who wanted to build their relationship despite different difficulties like distance and time difference. Many people believe that long-distance relationship is never going on to work out. It is all about mutual understanding and a tremendous wish to be together. People should go for the same goal and do their best to be together! They did it!

Meet Will and Olga

Hence, we are happy to introduce you new happy couple that met each other on our site, Will from the USA and Olga from Ukraine.

Our team and the Agency NOVA agency team are amazed by a beautiful love story and a wonderful meeting of two amazing people.

Their story started with letters and video chats via our site. Olga and Will even introduced their children to each other in the video chat!

These people may show you that it is possible to be together if you want and wish that. It is a hard work of two beloved hearts. Thousands of miles separated them but with every day they become closer and closer to each other.

Especially relevant, Will and Olga met at the beginning of summer 2017. It was a wonderful time, Olga took days off to spend more time with a man she dreams about.

Please, look at this awesome wedding ceremony. See how happy they are, smiling and exciting.

It is really a fairy tale because Olga waited for a man of her life for quite a while and she did not lose hope to meet him – her dream man!

They adore each other and we pray for their happiness. We are waiting for you to post the video from your wedding ceremony soon on our site. Go for it and we will be happy for your success story also.

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Tatiana & Steve – February 2015

March 8, 2015 by

Yes, it works!

We met at the end of May 2013 though this site. Steve sent me an interest, and I accepted it. We exchanged several messages and understood that we had plenty of things in common straight away. The next day we were already chatting. This was the beginning of our communication that would take a few hours daily from there on.

It was very easy and fun to talk on chats (we didn’t have any language barrier, as each of us was thrilled to learn more and more things about another one). Literally two months after we met, Steve bought tickets to Ukraine to meet me. We met in the August, liked each other and kept communicating until his departure, yes, we actually used the interpreter`s help during the initial period of our relationship, but have never felt uneasy as the assistance of the person who was of much help only increased our communication and allowed us to set for mutual future goals to achieve. Steve asked me to marry him online, and during his second visit we filed documents to get married. Steve arrived two times more to see me in Ukraine, we spent New Year`s Eve together and the unforgettable time we had by the sea in September was absolutely marvelous.

We had a very beautiful ceremony in Ukrainian church saying pledges and since April we belong together. On the 20th of February 2015-th I received the very much awaited fiancé visa and will arrive on the 6th of March 2015 to Join my LOVE to live happily ever after in Florida.

I am the happiest woman in the whole Universe and want to shout to the WORLD: PEOPLE, IT WORKED FOR ME AND WILL DEFINITELY WORK FOR YOU!

When I registered with this site, I was skeptical and didn’t think this way of meeting would work. But now I think differently, and I am very grateful for this life-changing meeting with the man I love!!! Now I recommend this way of meeting people to my friends. 🙂 Thank you very much!!!

Tatiana and Steve



Tatiana and Steve 1Tatiana and Steve 2Tatiana and Steve 3Tatiana and Steve 4

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An Update from Kelly (December 2014)

December 11, 2014 by

We have just received an update from Kelly who visited Sveta back in June and posted regular updates to our blog section. Many men followed Kelly’s progress intently and commented through the blog with encouragement and support. Kelly and Sveta were gracious enough to also provide a video interview on his trip that we placed on the homepage and reference section for men to view. This has also provided positive support to other men who are looking for that special lady.

Kelly’s update follows:

Hi Kieth  kak dela? horosho?  See i am starting  to learn some russian.  I thought you and the guys might like an update on how Sveta and I are going. As you know I returned to Australia on the 1st of July.  It was the worst time of my life.  I am not a small man ( you can see me in the video) but i fought back tears all the way to Australia.  If i could have stayed in Ukraine I would of. I did not want to come home at all.
When I got home the first place i went to was McDonalds for a coffee.  Yes they have McDonalds in Zaporozhye but we never ended up there.  It took about 8 weeks for Sveta to get her paperwork sorted out.   I thought that all i had to do was to give her papers to the immigration department and that was that.  How wrong I was.  With the economic situation and the war Ukraine is now listed as an Ultra High Risk country  and that means more paperwork for people wishing to visit Australia.  It became clear that I would not have the time to do the paperwork for the visa myself so i engaged the services of a migration lawyer.  We now have letters from my friends and Svetas friends, birth certificates, passports, copies of chats from the website, your letter keith and a letter from Karina from Jasmin Agency.  The list of paperwork is endless.  It has never been too much trouble for you, the site admin or Karina to help in any way they can with the paperwork.  All for nothing as well.  Not one cent has ever been asked for.
I  was hoping to go to thailand in September but the pressures of being self employed ruled that one out.  So we are going to Bangkok for two weeks in January next year ( also next month). I would have liked to have gone over the christmas/new year break but Sveta has a birthday on the 29th and she want to have that one with her family and friends in Ukraine.  They also have Christmas day on the 7th of January so Sveta, Renat and Galina ( Sveta’s mum) are leaving for thailand on the 8th. We hope that if the visa is granted on time and the medical can be done on time as well, she can come to australia from Thailand, if not she will go home and wait for the visa to be granted.
When i first got home from the trip I would talk with Sveta every day and ask her about the visa, and i would always get, do not push, give me time. These days when we talk everyday all i get now is, where is my visa, where are the medical forms?  I think the hardest thing for us is the language barrier.  I try to learn russian each week and sveta is learning english.  She was with a tutor  but the tutor found a foreign husband so sveta is back to learning english on line and she uses a little bit each day in our viber chats.
The most frustrating thing is the time difference.  When I have finished work for the day she is just getting out of bed or is already at work. Finding the time to have a good chat is difficult and  google translate has its own ideas about what i am trying to say.  All of this extra work for us both strengthens the relationship as if we were not totally committed we would not go through with it as it is just so much work.
Guys, i still do not know if Sveta will stay in Australia permanently.  It is one of those things that she needs to come and see what life if like.  My feeling is she will as she wants someone just to love her as she is, to be by her side, to protect, comfort and provide for her and her son.  I would be honoured to be allowed to do these things for her.   If however she finds she can not stay in Australia to live and returns to Zaporozhye and returns to her life before we meet, that is just the way things are meant to be. Yes i will be devastated but that is life.
I would however like to thanks everyone at the site and to Karina and Keith for all of your help and ongoing support.
I shall write again from Thailand and when she is in Australia with some photos.  I wish all of the very best of luck in your search.  2014 has been the best year of my life so far and if she stays it will only get better and better as we  grow together as a family.
Wishing you all a very happy and holy christmas and a fantastic 2015


Pierre from France and Catherine, December 2012

December 26, 2012 by

Pierre met Catherina online on our site and came to Odessa. He was impressed by her beauty and kindness.

She worked as a teacher, and in his spare time helping homeless animals.

In her apartment always lived some doggy or cat, the bird, which not have enough room in a special home for the animals.

Pierre was not rich, but a very hardworking young man. He taught himself Russian, found work in Odessa and then dared to ask Catherine to marry him.

Now they have a wonderful son – their little angel.

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