Russian Ladies: Their Worldview, Blueprint and Insights

Russian woman

If you are looking to date Russian women, you would be well-advised to have a good understanding of how women from Russian look at this world. Recently, we’ve spoken to several Russian ladies who work and travel internationally – their comments are very insightful.

Ladies from Russia are growth-driven and intelligent.

Natasha is a Russian lady from Moscow. She is a senior manager of an international hotel. According to Natasha, although there are various tensions and conflicts in the corporate culture in international hotels, offering training is always a good strategy which can help the management team to effectively cope with these conflicts and tensions. Clearly, technical training is essential as it can help employees update their knowledge and skills through specific training programs so as to be able to work with new models of management as well as new technologies.

Also, value orientation training can be paramount if an international hotel has entered a new overseas market. For example, countries that are best characterized by planned economy which is centered on achieving certain production plans are very different from developed countries in the western culture. Thus, if an international hotel has entered a country with a planned economy, a bureaucratic value system and / or a communist ideology, value orientation training is key. It is clear that a culture like that and the western culture have dramatic differences which directly influence the way managers in international hotels operate.

Eastern European women are more traditional because they aren’t really influenced by the western culture.

In actuality, there are several influential countries that have totally different systems compared to western countries. For instance, China does not have democracy and is run by the Communist Party. Though China does not really have a planned economy today, it is certainly not a free market. As the second biggest economy in the world is not a free market, it is almost impossible for this world to become a free market. Since China is not really participating in the global free market, international hotels that have entered the Chinese market have to be very well-calibrated and adjust their practices according to the Chinese culture. Similarly, as many Eastern European countries are not active participants in the global free market, when international hotels enter these countries, it is of vital importance to modify some of their practices in order to localize their services based on the local culture in these countries. Interestingly, because Russia is not an active participant in the international free market, most Russian women that you meet still have traditional values. Natasha, the elegant Russian lady, also claims that training can be seen as an incentive scheme. This is particularly true when an international hotel trains its overseas employees who work for their new hotels in the new market, for this type of training may involve international trips which can expand employees’ outlook. Usually, advanced training is given to managerial staff of an international hotel and the incentive dimension of training is certainly highlighted in this regard. Last but not least, training for professional development also plays a key role in dealing with cultural differences. Godin (2020) argues that what is relevant today may become obsolete tomorrow in the workplace. Hence, individuals would be well-advised to pursue further training regularly. In addition, professional development programs can help employees and managers to identify and / or develop their transferrable skills. For instance, when an individual has existing skills such as being able to speak more than one language, this person can make these skills transferrable, i.e. they can work as a tour guide in the tourism industry; they can also work as a translator or an interpreter for international hotels. In reality, career success is less about which skills a person has; in fact, career success is more about how this person combines and leverages their skills effectively and efficiently in the workplace, thereby achieving more at work.

Never stop learning.

Victoria is a Russian woman from Saint Petersburg. She is also a senior manager of an international hotel chain. She implies that training for professional development is an effective way to cope with conflicts and tensions in international hotels, as even countries like Cuba are slowly changing their cultures due to globalization. To be more specific, because of socio-economic changes in Cuba, managerial standards are gradually becoming more and more important, which means managers are being increasingly assessed, evaluated and promoted on the basis of actual results in today’s day and age.

As a result, having the necessary knowledge, capabilities and skills through professional development is considered a mechanism for long-term career development. These days some international hotels have implemented e-learning in the workplace. For example, LinkedIn Learning is a popular platform where a wide variety of training programs are offered online so that people can access these professional development sessions anywhere, at any time (Horn 2019).

On LinkedIn Learning, individuals can learn hotel management skills, international hospitality, tourism, communication strategies, negotiation tactics, time management techniques, how to increase productivity at work, how to manage work / life balance, how to use modern technologies, and so on. Obviously, a large number of managers and employees who work for international hotels are able to learn these programs on the Internet because LinkedIn Learning does not require anyone to go to a specific classroom or a meeting room for any training session – everything happens on the Internet. In this way, big organizations with a lot of international hotels all over the world can use this platform in every hotel, thereby ensuring the same standards in this aspect. In reality, some international hotels have already utilized this strategy so as to create a more positive corporate culture – when employees and managers complete online programs from the same platform, they build mutual understanding and have shared experiences. Thus, managers and employees in international hotels are more likely to build trust and positive relationships. Apparently, this is a good method to deal with tensions and conflicts in the workplace.

“Russian ladies’ insights are mind-blowing.”

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