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Some men are naturally good at dating and relationships, whereas other men need to learn dating skills – that’s totally understandable because not everyone is a natural. Last month I interviewed a very interesting male dating coach who is naturally good at attracting women effortlessly; therefore, I’ve summarized his teachings here.

How to package yourself for attracting Eastern European ladies:

Because western countries are already very clean, western women tend to spend less time thinking about cleanliness. In contrast, Eastern European ladies pay more attention to cleanliness in their daily life. Hence, the conclusion is Eastern European women respond to cleanliness.

The foremost quality Eastern European brideslook for in a man is cleanliness. If you have dirt under your fingernails, this will put Eastern European ladiesoff.

Cleanliness means daily shower, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and laundry detergent. You can afford cleanliness and it’s easy to do.

Loss of self-care is the No. 1 sign of loss of morale, as loss of self-care is oftentimes associated with loss of self-love or loss of self-control. Sometimes it is even associated with disease, emotional issues and alcoholism.

Even if there is some kind of destructive force happening in your life now, what you can control is self-care. By having control over self-care, other things in your life will eventually fall into place.

Apart from that, women from Eastern Europe respond to hairstyles because your hairstyle is the first thing that people notice when they meet you for the first time – it determines how good the first impression is to a large extent.

Before you go out for the first date with an Eastern European lady, you would be well-advised to consider getting a new haircut. If going to the best salon is too expensive for you, you can go there for consultation only (their stylist will tell you which hairstyle suits the shape of your face), and then you can go to a cheaper salon to get the exact haircut.

Alternatively, you can read some men’s fashion magazine such as GQ and look at male celebrities’ hairstyles – these celebrities have their personal stylists to design their hairstyles for them, so if the shape of your face looks like one of those celebrities’, you can directly copy his hairstyle without hiring an expensive personal stylist for yourself.

But if you do have a higher budget, you can consult with a personal stylist who can give you personalized advice about your hairstyle and your fashion. Personally, I think it’s a very good strategy because you only need to invest in this once and you can use this advice for the rest of your life.

What is the internal secret magnetism sauce?

Your inner world is something that can only be activated by you. You may read a book and become enlightened; you may have a teacher who changed your mindset; you may attend a personal development seminar and learned something new. But at the end of the day, only you can activate the special magnet inside yourself, thereby attracting Eastern European ladies.

Then what does internal secret magnetism sauce mean?

In fact, it is your inner belief system which can be activated by three components: 1) what you tell yourself; 2) your body language/sub-communication; 3) your flirting strategies.

If you constantly tell yourself that you are an unattractive man, then that’s what you will communicate to this world gradually. For instance, if you say to yourself, “I’m not good enough” or “I’m too old” or “I’m too ugly”, then that’s what women will notice – never underestimate Eastern European women’s intuition.

By contrast, if you say to yourself, “I’m a capable guy” and “I’m already an attractive guy” and “The Eastern European bride who is going to marry me must be the luckiest girl in the world”, then women will notice that, too.

The second component which can activate your inner belief system is your body language/sub-communication. That means you need to use an alpha male’s gestures and walk confidently. Also, don’t be afraid to maintain intense eye contact with the hot Eastern European ladythat you are attracted to. Lastly, your flirting strategies can also activate your inner belief system. Make sure you introduce physical touch naturally to your conversations with Eastern European ladies.

Practice radical self-love.

Your inner confidence is determined by how much you truly love yourself. Whether you have a beautiful wife or not, you still love yourself unconditionally – that should be a part of your belief system as well. When you have this mindset, Eastern European brides will find you more attractive immediately because you are not needy.

From now on, you will choose to love anything you have (including your flaws), just because it’s yours. You have to accept yourself unconditionally. No one is perfect, so you are both great and flawed at the same time. Remember: flaws make you distinctive and interesting. Flaws add dimension, texture and color to the way you interact with Eastern European women. If you were perfect, many women from Eastern Europe would be intimidated by you.

You are already a winner because you are reading this article to improve yourself. What kind of people read personal development articles on the Internet? Winners! Winners are self-educating individuals, no matter how many university degrees they already have. Winners believe in non-stop improvement.

Never put your life on hold waiting for the right woman to rock up. For the time being, just get busy reading more books about dating skills first.

Set clear boundaries with family or friends who don’t want you to be successful. I know this sounds a bit weird because all your family members and friends are probably saying, “We support what you do”. Yes, technically, they support what you do and they love you. But realistically, some of your family members don’t want you to be successful because they don’t like the change; some of your friends don’t want you to be successful because your success will invalidate their choice of staying the same. That’s why you also hear things like “Why bother? You’ll never make it” from your family and friends. Sad but true.

If your family members put you down, you must limit your exposure to them. The fact that they are your family doesn’t mean they can do whatever to you. You only have one life, so you should cherish your time on this planet.

Your family and friends are not the authority on you. Only you are the authority on you.

If your family and friends give you too much negative energy, you probably should make some difficult decisions such as moving to another city. You know what, maybe you should move to Eastern Europe where you can meet Eastern European brides who will expand your outlook. You may live in Ukraine for a year or two and chances are you will meet your Eastern European girlfriend there. After you get married, you can take your Eastern European wife back home.

“No matter what, always be on your side.”

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