Should you be an alpha man all the time when you’re dating a Slavic woman?

Slavic women

Perhaps you have heard of the difference between alpha behavior and beta behavior. Basically, an alpha guy is an assertive and confident leader; in contrast, a beta man is a submissive and anxious loser. Well, at least that is exactly what our society tells us. Yet research shows that being alpha all the time is not helpful while dating a Slavic woman.

  • It is very unnatural to be in control at all times.

Yes, when you are leading, you are quite attractive in dating and relationships. However, sometimes certain behaviors that are not really alpha could be very fascinating. What’s more, these behaviors are absolutely, definitely important when it comes to building a genuine relationship with a Slavic lady. ❤️

Let’s say you are approaching a woman in a coffee house. Obviously, your body language shouldn’t be alpha because if you put both of your hands on her table and get into the woman’s personal space, she will not like you. End of story.

As a matter of fact, your body language needs to be approachable and friendly in this context. 😊

In addition, if you are already talking to a woman that you like and now other men also approach her, you should be relaxed and cool in this case. In this situation, if you are really bothered by other men because you don’t allow them to compete with you, this alpha behavior can backfire as it actually suggests that you are very insecure. 🔥

By contrast, if you are totally unfazed, you are demonstrating your personal security and confidence.

  • Let your Slavic lady contribute to the plan.

Indeed, women like you more if you make plans for the date in advance. Ladies find leaders very attractive, so if you tell her the plan for the first date, she would certainly appreciate that. Nevertheless, if you must plan every date based on what you like to do, she will not be interested in the long term. Full stop.

Slavic ladies would surely appreciate it if you could listen to what type of dates they enjoy or find a great activity to share.

Again, if you are meeting her for the first time, you would be well-advised to give her a crystal-clear plan which helps her feel secure enough to agree to the interesting date, e.g., “What about getting a hot chocolate and then going to the gallery? There is an international exhibition in the gallery this week.”

Nonetheless, the second date could be different because you should encourage her to co-create plans with you. Ideally, you need to show her that you care enough to suggest a good plan, yet you are quite open to communication, e.g., “How would you feel about going to the museum on Friday? I’m even thinking about becoming a member of the museum.” You can listen to her feedback so that you will have a workable and practical plan! 😉

  • If you are wrong, admit it.

Someone who can’t apologize is problematic because ego is the enemy. Many alpha men tend to think that apologizing is probably weak; as a result, they simply insist their point while hoping they can look determined and strong.

If you’ve done something wrong, you’d better admit it, e.g., “Oh, I’m sorry. That was not my intention, and now I know why you feel offended.” Frankly, being able to apologize means you are a mature and responsible guy who is able to communicate effectively with people.

Look, if a relationship is literally a dictatorship, it will not last. Well, maybe some women can put up with a dictator for a while, but a relationship like that is obviously not sustainable.

By the way, a lot of men want to be alpha men simply because they are eager to perform for women and to impress women all the time. Honestly, that performance indicates deep insecurity.

If you have to perform for your lady constantly, you will never see what she truly likes. Worse still, you wouldn’t give her the opportunity to accept you as you are.

Therefore, you should totally be a switched-on guy, not an alpha guy.

Slavic women like honest, modern men.

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