Should you date Ukrainian ladies with your Thinking Brain or your Feeling Brain?

December 10, 2019 at 9.22am by in Slavic Women
dating Ukrainian ladies

According to American author Mark Manson, everyone has two brains: A Thinking Brain and a Feeling Brain. Your Thinking Brain represents your conscious thoughts, your ability to reason through different options, your ability to make calculations and express ideas via language. Your Feeling Brain represents your feelings, emotions, intuition and impulses. Whilst your Thinking Brain is working on the spreadsheet in the office, your Feeling Brain wants to book a flight to Ukraine now.

The intellect VS the heart

Dr. Christiane Northrup famously said, “When there is a conflict between the intellect (what you think) and the heart (what you feel), the heart always wins.” In other words, the intellect is logical, but logic can’t convince emotions in the long term.

As I see it, when you decide to date Ukrainian ladies, you’d better use your Thinking Brain first & here is why:

At the very beginning, you need to have some standards, i.e. your non-negotiables. Therefore, I highly encourage you to write down a list of standards that you expect your Ukrainian lady to have (I noticed that some men may write down 10 items and 8 of them are about a woman’s looks; however, I’d like you to write down 10 items & the majority of them can’t be about a woman’s looks because looks can fade away, whereas other traits will stay.)

This is Jake’s list:

  1. My ideal Ukrainian wife needs to be feminine and pretty.
  2. She must value virtue, innocence and motherhood.
  3. She must treat me, my family and friends with respect at all times.
  4. She should be well-educated and has to speak English fluently.
  5. She needs to come from a good family.
  6. She is a very kind woman.
  7. She is a generous woman.
  8. She is honest.
  9. She is rational.
  10. She is mainstream-friendly so that I can take her to social events.

Obviously, Jake used his Thinking Brain to write down this list. With these standards, Jake isn’t needy – he knows that Ukrainian women who are interested in him must meet his standards first, so he isn’t clingy at all – all candidates must be filtered by his standards in the first place.

Therefore, men who feel insecure or not good enough can try this technique: simply write down a list of 10 non-negotiables and let Ukrainian ladies prove themselves to you first.

After that, once you’ve selected the right candidate, you can begin to use your Feeling Brain to connect with her. Your love life is to be enjoyed, not calculated; thus, it’s perfectly okay to feel relaxed in your relationship and feel the loving feelings completely.

You can even use your Feeling Brain more often in other areas of your life. For instance, if you decide to wake up earlier in the morning every day, you would be well-advised to prepare a bottle of your favorite body wash in the bathroom. In this way, you will look forward to the shower in the morning, thereby waking up earlier. When you are in the shower, just allow yourself to feel the positive feelings created by your favorite body wash & let the good emotions sink in.

Another example is to use your Feeling Brain when you work out. Let’s say you dislike going to the gym because it’s very boring and tiring. How about this new strategy: From now on, every day you will dance to the music at home for at least 30 minutes. Choose your favorite music and feel the nice feelings in your heart & the beautiful sensations in your body at the same time. This technique will definitely help you become healthier and happier as a result.

Similarly, if you have negative associations with money (money is a taboo topic in western culture), you may start a new routine, i.e. every week, you have a money date with yourself: You put on your favorite background music, prepare your favorite drink and wear your favorite clothes. And then you have a Money Time at home – you check your income, save money, view transaction history and pay your bills. Hence, you will have positive associations with money over time.

As you can see, using your Feeling Brain to your advantage can make you a wealthier, healthier and wiser man who enjoys his love life totally.

How to use your Feeling Brain when you are dating your Ukrainian girlfriend:

When you are on a date with your Ukrainian girlfriend, you should become spontaneous, e.g. if you are going to the booth of a karaoke bar with her, you can playfully push her into the booth; as you are sitting in a coffeehouse and talking about art, you can immediately take her to the art gallery which is only 10 minutes from the coffeehouse.

All of these will make Ukrainian ladies feel more attracted to you because women love spontaneous men who know how to enjoy life and have fun in general. Remember: don’t take yourself too seriously and you will feel happier as a result. Life is short, so the best way to take life seriously isn’t to have a serious face; instead, the best way to take life seriously is to laugh every day and enjoy yourself.

How to use your Feeling Brain when you are married to a Ukrainian wife:

After getting married, many people’s lives are all about logistics because they are busy – busy with work, busy with kids, busy with busyness…. But that’s not the ideal way to enjoy a happy marriage. In my opinion, if you would like to have a healthy and sustainable marriage forever, you have to switch on your Feeling Brain more often. Let me explain, please.

The average person only has about 30,000 days on this planet, so every day is an important day. Every day is special; thus, you must make every day count. I know this sounds like a cliché, but it’s paramount.

You only have a few decades with your Ukrainian wife, and you have to make the most of this marriage. The best way to make the most of your marriage is to use your Feeling Brain every single day. Yes, you read that right. I said you need to use your Feeling Brain every single day, not just occasionally. Now you may wonder, “I’m not the most fun-loving person in the world, so how can I prioritize fun in life?”

The truth is: You don’t need to be the most fun-loving person in the world in order to enjoy your marriage fully. Life isn’t about perfection or permanent bliss. As a matter of fact, life has its own complexities in almost every way. What you need to do is to notice the beauty in these complexities – What can you get from challenges in life? What can you benefit from the issues in your environment? What can you gain from a relationship that requires your maintenance and care?

“To create the best that is within you, you must let go of the old and welcome the new.”

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