Sparkling happiness: the secret ingredient of international dating

February 18, 2021 at 1.17pm by in International Dating
international dating

The real reason why some guys find dating difficult is because they do not really have a positive attitude/mindset. Truthfully, your attitude determiners your communication; your communication determines your love life.

  • The truth about Law of Attraction:

I know your brain wants to switch off when you hear Law of Attraction as it sounds like some woo-woo stuff. However, I’d like to talk about how Law of Attraction actually works.

In fact, Law of Attraction has nothing to do with wishful thinking; it’s actually about feeling the upbeat emotions before positive things happen for you. That means when you feel happy emotions, your vibration energy becomes higher. As a result, the universe will give you results that can match your high vibration energy.

To be more exact, when you remain positive, your good energy will naturally attract Eastern European ladies. A well-known psychologist points out that the most desirable trait is sparkling happiness in a man. Obviously, nobody wants to be around a man who is always unhappy and complaining.

Remember: What you project is also what you get. In life and in love, you will only get what you give. So, please always give positive energy and protect your own energy! As a man, you are supposed to lead with your good energy, and then other people will have to respond to you in a more positive manner. Meanwhile, things in your life will become more positive as a result.

international dating
  • The importance of a spontaneous and playful mindset:

You can be very serious in your general attitude, yet the way you communicate with Eastern European women should be spontaneous & playful, as that’s what ladies realistically respond to, although ladies may not know that logically.

Yes, when you radiate positivity, your upbeat attitude will be spontaneous and your positive mindset will also be playful as well. Those are key ingredients in the chemistry between a man and a woman.

Perceived challenge + perceived value + uncontrollable chemistry = massive attraction (this is the ultimate attraction formula).

As you are happy, you seem to be more confident; as a result, your perceived value is higher. What’s more, a truly confident man looks like a very strong guy, so your perceived challenge is also bigger. Finally, your happiness creates uncontrollable chemistry because you always make women laugh – you are sharing your happiness with Eastern European ladies.

Hence, you will effortlessly attract Eastern European women.

  • The real relationship between happiness and success:

A lot of people assume that when they become wildly successful, they will automatically be happy. In other words, most people think that success results in happiness. Nevertheless, in reality, the opposite is true – happiness results in success. Let me explain.

When you’re naturally happy, things get a bit easier. Also, your dynamic is more alluring, so you can become successful more quickly.

Clearly, a positive attitude is the fast-track to a rewarding relationship; sparkling happiness is the fast-track to sustainable success.

Now let me show you how to be happy before you become wildly successful and perfectly satisfied: First of all, you must identify what’s holding you back and remove those anchors. An anchor can be overthinking, dwelling on your past mistakes/trauma or anxiety/depression. You have to remove these anchors before you make progress; otherwise, you will feel stuck. As I see it, the best way to remove your anchor is to focus on your exciting future as well as what you can do right now in order to achieve your goals. Perhaps your vision is to be self-employed and have freedom, so what you need to do right now is to find clients and keep your clients. Every day, you should take action so as to make great things happen. If you need some support, you can speak to a counsellor (many companies offer EAP which gives you access to free counselling sessions). Well, before you become self-employed, you’d better be grateful for your employer who offers so many benefits. And you should make full use of these benefits when you still have a job. Yes, a thankful attitude attracts positivity as well!

“Eastern European women like sparkling happiness – do you radiate sparkling happiness in your interactions with ladies?”

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