War in Ukraine 2022 – Update August, 14th 2022

Stop War In Ukraine

It is now nearly six months since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th.

Despite Vladimir Putin assuming that the invasion would be completed within 72 hours, the Ukrainian forces have repelled the Russian advances and are now counterattacking; regaining ground that had been taken by the Russian invaders.

Russia is desperate to open a land corridor through the East of Ukraine down to Crimea, and then to spread their invasion to the West, throughout Ukraine, and beyond. 


A combination of the Ukraine military leaders and forces being better prepared than the Russians and the continued military and financial support from NATO and other countries, Ukraine is confident of repelling the Russians and winning the war. It will take time.


We are also determined to continue to operate and our services are provided 24/7 by our team, even though they are almost all relocated from their homes and even from their own country. Please contact us directly if you have any questions.

We are based in Ukraine and are determined to continue to offer our services, despite the terrifying and appalling conditions facing the team.

Our clients ask us daily whether we are still operating and what will be with the communication if the site closes. We will answer some of those questions here.

Are you still operating?

Yes. Our entire team was based in Ukraine, and we have been working remotely from our homes during the Covid pandemic, and we will continue to do so during this war.

Most of the ladies who are registered on the site are still genuinely searching. Some ladies were forced to move to other cities. It may be difficult for some ladies to have video chats at this time; however, you can book a video chat and the lady can advise if it is possible. We have removed all ladies who are unable to genuinely search at this time.

Our office is based in Mykolaiv, which has become a major target for bombing and fierce defensive battles. All but one of the team have relocated to other European countries or to the west of Ukraine.

We pray for peace in Ukraine so that the team can return to their homes and families.

Are the team safe and well?

Currently, all the team are well and are working to provide continuous service. All but one have moved from Nikolaev and are temporarily based to the west of Ukraine or in other European countries to be safe. We are especially grateful to the people of Poland, Moldova, Romania, Italy, Turkey, and Germany for opening their hearts and homes to provide a safe environment.

We would also like to thank all the volunteers who did their best to help.

The unity of the Ukraine people and their determination to win this war and return to an even better Ukraine is unprecedented.

Have you made any changes to the site or your services?

We have ceased all cooperation with ladies from Russia and Russian companies. The ladies from Russia will not be registered on Ukraine Brides Agency.

The other changes were not introduced on the site or our services. Our team is still working 24/7 and is available at any time to assist you. The service of delivery of gifts may not be possible for some ladies.

Can we send you money to support a lady or the Ukraine war effort?

We are not taking donations, and we advise against sending money to ladies directly. There are many charitable organizations available to contact and donate to.

We recommend you contact a major global organization such as Unicef or Save The Children. Do not send donations to charitable organizations that have suddenly appeared to offer their services; there are many scam organizations.

The Ukraine Government has also set up charities for specialized donations, such as medicines and supplies. These are https://help.gov.ua/en and https://ukraine-helpers.com/.

Stand with Ukraine!

  • Daren

    With the war going on, I feel that getting in contact with a lady should be almost free to help them get out of the country, we all can help out, but I don’t think you should be taking advantage of this situation for your wallets. When I first joined I saw that your address was in London and Ukraine, what is with this? If you offered a lower price to connect with these ladies, then it will look good on your profile and it will show that you care about your own people. I’m just a “farmer needs a wife.”

    • Admin

      Dear Daren, thank you for taking the time to read our blog and youк comment.
      The physical office of Simply Dating is located in Nikolaev, Ukraine.
      All our team is in the cities, which are bombarded each day with heavy weapons.
      Despite that, we supply our clients with the services. We work 24/7 as usual and didn’t stop our work.
      In case it is stopped, our couples are affected. Communication and our couples are vital for us. That is why we work hard each day and do all we can for our clients to be unaffected in this terrible period of time.
      The services of the site are not free, which you could see before registration. As you know all work should be paid.

      It is not possible to make the service of the site free at that moment, as Ukraine needs the support of the companies which operate within the country. We need to pay taxes, the team who provides the work of the site and consults our clients 24/7 must receive salaries, support their families, support our country, support army, and refugees.

      Simply Dating is a dating platform, which doesn’t own ladies and men. People join our site to find their love, not to find volunteers. There are a lot of official organizations for that. In case our help is needed, we will review what we can do, but our original aim is different. We help people from different parts of the world to get acquainted. A lot of ladies made a decision to stay in Ukraine, they didn’t leave and don’t want to leave. We can’t make decisions for them.

      We are not coming from greed, we are coming from common sense and from supplying good services.

      In case you are interested in getting acquainted with a nice lady from Ukraine, and we think you are, as you have joined our site. We will be happy to assist you in case you have any questions.


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