The alpha male’s guide to international dating: How to talk to ladies

international dating

Strong-minded men who deserve an extraordinary dating experience know how to talk to women effectively so that attraction can be built fast. Here is a list of powerful questions that you can ask your Ukrainian lady when you are on a date. 😊

  • Ask her surprising questions.

Confident women want to be surprised in a good way. Now let me show you some positively surprising questions that you can ask a Ukrainian woman:

  1. “What never fails to make you laugh out loud?”

This is a perfect question to ask her on the first date. If she tells you that comedy shows always make her laugh, you will say this to her, “I’ll take you to a comedy show next Friday night.” Now you’ve arranged the second date already! 😉

  • “Do you have a hidden talent?”

A high-value Ukrainian lady never stops surprising you – she has some kind of hidden talent! So, why not find it out now?

Frankly, most people in my social circle don’t know I’m good at writing, singing, dancing, painting and teaching. I easily surprise many of them because they simply find these out after so many years! 😊

  • “Do you have a quote or mantra that you really like?”

Her mantra will tell you what is important to her and what she wants to believe in. That’s her most important value in life.

  • “Are you an early bird or a night owl in reality?”

Well, in order to be compatible, you two should have the same lifestyle preference. If one person is an early bird but the other person stays up late at night, then you two are not really compatible in this regard. Therefore, you should find out this information early.

  • “What’s the nicest thing that someone else has done for you so far in your life?”

Her answer will tell you what she is grateful for in her life. Maybe she is grateful for the fact that her parents sent her to university. Or perhaps she is grateful for little things in life – that is a wonderful quality because many great things pose as little things in life anyway.

  • Ask her fun questions.
  1. “We have been dating for some time. What do you like best about me?”

If you two have been seeing each other for quite a while, this is an ideal question because you also need to know why she chooses to be with you.

Let’s say she tells you that she likes your personality. That means you would be well-advised to further enhance the positive aspects of your personality, e.g., a good sense of humor, a relaxed attitude, etc.

  • “What is the thing that I will never ever believe about you?”

Why don’t you give her a chance to surprise you?

Your Ukrainian lady might tell you a random fact about herself – and that could be very surprising!

  • “How do you handle people that you don’t like?”

First of all, this question tests whether she has a good sense of humor or not. Second, the way she handles difficult people and situations tells you who she really is!

  • “What is the thing that you are very bad at?”

Dating is also about figuring out whether you two have compatible flaws or not. It’s easy when everything is okay in life. But life isn’t that simple. No matter which pathway you choose, there will be challenges along the way. Thus, whether you and your Ukrainian woman have compatible flaws or not determines how successful this relationship will be.

  • “In your opinion, what am I thinking of right now?”

Asking her this question makes her want to invest in you. Indeed, she is supposed to invest in the conversation on each date as well. You don’t have to do all the hard work. It’s time to let your lady from Ukraine invest in the dynamics!

  • “What makes you cry… secretly?”

She may tell you that a moving movie or a very sentimental song always makes her cry secretly, and that’s fine. Now you can ask her a follow-up question: “Do you think women live longer because women tend to cry more often?

Now she will need to explain why crying is actually a very healthy activity – it allows an individual to feel less stressed!

  • “What is the thing that is very important to you but you have never had a chance to discuss?”

This question gives her an opportunity to talk about what she really wants to say. She may want to talk about her passion, her interest, her hobby, etc. Look at how enthusiastic she is and feel that positive feeling! 😊

“If you want a woman to prove herself to you, you can ask her what her biggest failure in the kitchen is – this question is fun and it gives her a chance to impress you in an interesting way.”

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