The best date ideas for online dating and offline dating

December 26, 2020 at 11.17pm by in Dating advice
Slavic woman

Online dating is commonplace right now, yet you still need to meet that special person offline, right? So, let me show you a list of fun date ideas today.

  • The real reason why you need more than one date idea:

The least interesting date is the very boring dinner date – two individuals are sitting face to face in a restaurant – that literally looks like a serious job interview. Also, they must sit there for hours as it’s a dinner.

In contrast, a more interesting date is moving from one place to another place. For instance, you meet for coffee from 3pm to 3:30pm; you go to the park from 3:30pm to 4pm; you go to the museum from 4pm to 5pm. This way, you will not be bored, for there is something different to do and talk about.

Do not allow stagnation to ruin the joy that you deserve on the date.

  • What you do on the date is more important than where you go for the date.

When you are on an online dating site, you probably should make a list of good venues where you can visit. In this way, you know where to go and what to do with your Slavic lady. Note that what you actually do on the date counts.

If you go to the art gallery with her, rather than looking at every painting while walking around the gallery, you would be well-advised to offer comments on what you have seen and carefully listen to each other’s understanding of art. Truthfully, in life, how you interpret & explain what has happened is much more paramount than what’s happening.

Let’s say you go to a restaurant or a coffeehouse with a woman. Rather than focusing on the drinks or food while chatting with her, you should totally pay attention to how she treats the waiter or waitress: Does she actually respect the waiter or waitress? If she does not show respect when the waiter or waitress is offering the service, it is actually a big red flag, for that means she would probably merely ‘respect’ people who are useful to her. Please note that in that case, you will only know who she really is when you aren’t useful to her any longer.

Maybe hikes to explore mountains are more exciting. You should observe the interactions in this trip. When you need some help, is this woman willing to offer help? Since everybody is on their best behavior at the beginning of a romantic relationship, she definitely won’t proactively help you in the future if she isn’t offering help right now. End of story.

Perhaps you have decided to go to the movies with your Slavic woman. Notice what she is keen to see: A woman who likes action movies probably thrives when the dopamine supply is strong; a woman who likes comedies possibly thrives when oxytocin is abundant.

Slavic women
  • An ideal date:

Here is a typical example of an ideal date:

In the first place, you and your Slavic lady go to a high-quality ice cream parlor where you can try various flavors of delicious ice cream. Nobody can resist that!

After that, you take her to the park and relax on the bench. You aren’t sitting face to face. Instead, you are sitting side by side. So, it’s easy to alleviate the pressure and talk to each other in a relaxed manner. Now you can simply observe what is happening around you – in the park, there are flowers, trees, sunshine and many other people. You will not run out of things to talk about on the date!

Last but not least, you can take her to the local museum and have a meaningful discussion about culture and history. You will understand each other much better on a higher level!

  • How to make the date fun:

When your Slavic lady pays you a compliment, you say this to her, “That’s not a compliment; that’s a true fact.”

Now your fun and playful energy will make the date more interesting – your vibe is positive and engaging.

Well, if you are modest and polite all the time, you may look boring. If you think of it – when you talk to your boss or your teacher, you should be modest and polite, right? When you talk to the police or your grandparents, you also want to be nice and polite, right? Yet where is the attraction and fun? Clearly, you need to create fun and attraction while talking to your girlfriend!

“If you are a nice guy, please ask yourself why you want to be nice. Do you want to be nice because you want to be kind? Or do you want to be nice simply because you want women to accept you and like you? Your answer will reveal whether you have the ‘nice guy syndrome’.”

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