The importance of clarity in a relationship with a Ukrainian woman

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Many men have complained about things like “She should pay more attention to me and spend less time watching TV” and “She should totally do X with me and stop doing Y with her female friends”. When I asked them, “Why don’t you ask her to do what you desire?”, their answer was, “I don’t want to look needy.” But this is one of the major issues people face in dating and relationships – many people assume that “If she is the right person, she should know what I need.” Yet in reality, nobody can read your mind!

You are responsible for your life.

Yes, you read that right. You are responsible for your happiness. Other people in your life may contribute to your life, but ultimately, you are the only person who is responsible for your life and your happiness.

When you don’t tell your girlfriend exactly what you want because you don’t want to look emotionally needy, you would be well-advised to understand the importance of clarity in a relationship!

Okay, so, you don’t want to look needy. Call it unassertiveness, lack of confidence, or even playing mind games, yet a lot of people don’t clearly say what they actually want just because they fear being judged!

This doesn’t only happen with getting a lady to pay more attention to you. Also, it happens with:

  1. Wanting her to help you with your business
  2. Wanting her to participate in your hobbies
  3. Wanting her to take care of your children from your previous relationship

And the list goes on….

If you don’t communicate your expectations and your standards to your Ukrainian girlfriend clearly, how can you tell whether this candidate is the right person or not?

Without clear and effective communication, you literally risk wasting energy/time, disappointment and inefficiency in exchange for the overrated “not seeming desperate”?

To my mind, having specific standards and expectations about how you want this relationship to be doesn’t equal emotional neediness, okay?

Actually, if you can clarify what you expect early, you are a winner. In that case, you either filter out the wrong person or keep a woman who knows you have high standards & is aware of the fact that she must step up or level up if she actually wants to be with you!

Yes, it’s your job to assert your standards early on. Remember: the mind games, the Jedi mind tricks and the niceties that might get somebody to hang on aren’t valuable. Your most valuable asset is your time. If you invest your time, you get dividends. But if you spend your time, you never get that time back!

Also, the Jedi mind tricks and tactics are only short-term tools which merely attract the wrong people anyway. If you are dating the right Ukrainian woman, you won’t need to use any of those manipulation games.

As I see it, what works actually takes some work, i.e. build your core confidence, make what you express match how you feel inside, be brave enough to say no to someone’s bad behavior, improve your lifestyle, fix your character flaws, so you can live up to the high standards you would expect from the Ukrainian lady you like.

That’s why you must have the tough conversation when it’s necessary. You have to ask for what you really want. You either become the guy who charts a very different course, or end up confused like the average Joe.

The bliss of blamelessness:

Not complaining is so key in dating and relationships. This is the beautiful sound of nothing.

The No. 1 thing that many people take for granted in a romantic relationship is the benefit of having someone who acts like a sounding board for their issues, be it their family conflicts or career concerns.

At the beginning of a relationship, your Ukrainian bride will be willing and happy to hear all of your problems due to the honeymoon stage. Until she is not.

Complaining is easy and it feels good for a little while. But it’s literally a distraction from high-leverage activities in life, so it is just energy wasted!

Of course, if there are serious issues, you should totally have discussions with your Ukrainian wife. But complaining about meaningless things isn’t going to make your relationship better.

Note that your Ukrainian bride is here to support you. However, she is also here to share the best version of you most of the time.

In other words, maybe 5% of the time you can be dull and moody, so 5% of the time you bring your issues and ask for support, which is totally understandable. But you also have to understand that your lady is here to share a joyful life with you.

Can you get things handled?

The individual you choose to be with forever should be someone who can get things handled. This reliability is an attractive trait regardless of gender. For example, ladies like gentlemen who can book a surprise holiday, whereas men like women who can take care of dinner!

Being able to handle small things such as booking tickets and pre-planning a ride home after a dinner party is a highly attractive quality because it means you can rest easy knowing that you have a solid partner who will not ask you to pick up all the annoying slack.

Speaking of parties, being able to be on your own at parties is another attractive quality that everyone should have. Let me explain.

Couples spend lots of time together. If a relationship is healthy, most of that time is positive and fun. But what’s also great is spending some time apart. No, I’m not saying you should live separate lives; I mean being able to detach when you two are in the same room is a desirable trait!

Let’s say you and your Ukrainian lady are at a party. Obviously, you don’t want to baby-sit her. So, if she is able to enjoy herself by talking with other people, she is more attractive.

If you’ve selected a Ukrainian woman who has an interesting mind filled with intriguing opinions and preferences that you could spend a lifetime learning about, you should totally take some time to study her favorite things!

In order to explore her mindset, you can read her favorite magazines, watch her favorite movies, ask about the art & the literature that she likes and learn a thing or two about the projects that she spends a lot of time working on in her career.

I know this sounds like things you can figure out naturally. However, it actually takes some effort to really dive into these things fully. Once you can do that, she will feel like that you truly understand her on a deep level.

“Communication and clarity are the key to a successful love life! Do you have clarity in your relationship with a Ukrainian woman? Please write a comment below and share your ideas with us.”

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