The raw truth about masculine confidence when you chat with Ukraine women

June 2, 2022 at 10.11am by in Dating advice
chat with Ukraine women

If you’ve been reading our recent blog posts, probably you already know that you don’t have to listen to motivational speakers or read motivational books in order to stay totally motivated when you are on an online dating site, because all you need to do is to maintain your consistency – give yourself a few rules such as spending a certain amount of time chatting with Ukraine women online every day and working on your grooming every morning. But the most frequently asked question about personal development as well as dating is how to be confident rather than how to be motivated. In reality, learning how to be truly confident gives a lot of people a big challenge: How can you be actually confident when you have almost nothing to feel very confident about in life? Let’s explore some examples: 1) How can you be really confident at social events when no one has ever liked you before? 2) How can you be absolutely confident in a relationship if every romantic relationship that you had was totally toxic? 3) How can you be deeply confident in a marketing job if you have never done marketing before? 4) How can you be 100% confident in wealth creation when you never had any money before?

  • The uncomfortable truth about confidence:

In the real world, confidence is an area where confident men become more confident, whilst insecure guys become more concerned. Truthfully, if you never had a successful romantic relationship before, you can’t have any reference points because you don’t even know what a successful romantic relationship feels like or looks like in the first place. You don’t have solid confidence in a new relationship; a lack of confidence makes your new girlfriend think that you are weird or clingy. As a consequence, this causes another bad breakup.

Theoretically, in order to be wildly successful, you must be confident first. But realistically, to be confident, you need to be successful. Consequently, you might get stuck in this loop: no success – no confidence – no success. What a Catch-22 scenario!

That being said, just because somebody has a large amount of money, it doesn’t mean this person is always confident in his/her own wealth. Truthfully, an individual’s confidence is definitely rooted in their perception of themselves, which has absolutely nothing to do with tangible external things. Basically, confidence is just a state of mind, a perception that you lack nothing at all.

chat with Ukraine women
  • How to have masculine confidence while chatting with Ukraine women:

Some gurus might say, “Simply tell yourself that you lack absolutely nothing. Say affirmations to yourself every day. You’ll be very confident as a result.”

In theory, this approach could work to some extent, but in practice, there is a big difference between hearing your affirmations and believing your affirmations. Remember: affirmations don’t work if you don’t really believe them. End of story.

Many gurus say things along the lines of, “If you work on improving yourself each day, you will find confidence eventually.” Yes, there are 1,001 articles about 30 things confident men do and 40 ways to become confident right now; you can read these articles and take action based on the advice they give you – you dress better, hire a personal trainer, etc. Admittedly, those tactics will work for a little while, yet in fact, it’s not really a sustainable method as that approach focuses on deriving confidence from external sources. That doesn’t work in the long run because external stuff could be taken away from you – if you don’t have a fit body to impress your social media followers or stylish clothes to wear, can you be confident?

In my opinion, the right way to become confident is to be completely comfortable with what you do not have.

It’s very easy to be comfortable with what you have. Nonetheless, can you be comfortable in what you don’t even have as well? A study shows that if you’re very comfortable with what you don’t have, it’s easier for you to become confident: no success – comfort in failure – confidence – success.

Men who are confident in their social lives are so confident just because they are comfortable with rejections. They do not fear rejections because they are obviously confident with women disliking them as long as they can express themselves authentically.

Guys who are very confident in their love lives are so confident simply because they are absolutely comfortable with getting hurt in love. They are able to be vulnerable and tell their ladies how they actually feel – that’s how they build very strong connections with women. These guys stick to their standards at all times and have crystal clear boundaries, although that means ending a toxic relationship. In contrast, when it comes to dating, the most common question that men without confidence ask is “Will I be hurt?” as they are totally not comfortable with getting hurt. Sadly, this usually leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy. Therefore, you really need to relax and accept who you are, what you have, and what you don’t have, thereby allowing good things to happen in your life.

“In order to have confidence when you chat with Ukraine women, you would be well-advised to accept who you really are first.”

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