The right mindset for men who are dating Russian women

Russian women

Let me start today’s article with a true story: Ben left his ex-wife approximately eight years ago. Because of the stressful marriage and the divorce, Ben had anxiety and probably suffered from PTSD, too. However, through talking to psychologists and counsellors as well as reading self-help books, Ben has basically overcome the mental health problem successfully, but he still needs to do some maintenance work by listening to podcasts. He hasn’t seen his ex-wife for almost 8 years. Yesterday as he was walking in the street, he accidentally saw his ex-wife who was chatting with her friends while walking in the same street. Interestingly, she didn’t see him (and possibly couldn’t recognize him because he was wearing a mask due to the pandemic). Strangely, he felt incredibly calm. “If I saw her in 2015, I might lose my mind,” says Ben, “Nevertheless, fortunately, I saw her yesterday and now I have the right mindset. I have recovered from that experience and now I’m ready to meet a Russian woman who has traditional values.” Clearly, the right mindset is the foundation of doing everything in life. This principle applies to all situations (it’s not just about dating and relationships).

  • The power of the right mindset:

Because of COVID-19, a large number of people have some kind of anxiety. Mental health issues are commonplace nowadays. We should get rid of the stigma about mental health problems. 

What’s more, research shows that many people are traumatized because of negative experiences in life. Trauma is actually quite common. As a consequence, a lot of people have depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Nonetheless, luckily, these days a large amount of information and resources are available in modern-day society, so people have access to the support they need.

In my opinion, everyone should work on their mindset. This is not just for those who are challenged by mental health crises. Physically healthy people still need to pay attention to their physical health. Similarly, mentally healthy people would be well-advised to keep working on their mental health as well. In other words, fit people still should go to the gym in order to remain fit; mentally healthy individuals still should maintain their mental health regularly. 😉

As this blog is about international dating, I’d like to focus on how the right mindset can help you date Russian women.

  • How relaxed are you?

A major study shows that anxiety is caused by too much masculine energy, whereas depression is caused by too much feminine energy. That explains why so many men are anxious when they are on a date. 

The best suggestion for not over-giving on a date and having higher standards is to know that it is perfectly fine for you to walk away first. It’s perfectly fine for you to finish the date earlier. It’s perfectly fine for you to end an interaction simply because the connection isn’t there. Indeed, if you invest a lot in the interaction but she isn’t investing in you, you probably should let the interaction go because it’s not going to be rewarding anyway.

Please always remember that not every date needs to have an outcome. Just because she is an attractive lady, it doesn’t necessarily mean you must keep her. I’m sure you have higher standards for yourself and the ideal partner that you would marry.

I want you to put yourself out there bravely and then invest in a Russian lady that you truly admire and totally respect. She must have the qualities that you look for in the first place.

It’s always easier to meet new candidates who are aligned with you than trying to change someone’s mind – if she is not investing in the interaction, she isn’t the right person. Period.

“The right Russian woman would respect you, admire you and invest in you. Meet her on!”

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