The right reasons why you start a relationship with a Ukrainian woman

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Ukrainian woman

In each era, people live under some invisible rules in their society. In China, polygamy was the standard way of life for a lot of people before 1949. In India, arranged marriage is the most common way to get married nowadays. In western countries, the mainstream culture expects responsible and mature individuals to be married with children these days. Or perhaps we should say in western countries, the mainstream culture expects people who are married with children to be mature and responsible. I mean indeed, in our society, when people meet each other and make small talk, they often ask questions like “What do you do?” because if someone has a job, they are supposed to be a responsible person in the society. Similarly, if someone is married with children, they should be a mature and responsible person as well. But I would argue that being married isn’t a superior state. No matter you want to be single or married, these are just your choices. In other words, these are choices that both mature and immature individuals make due to a wide variety of reasons.

When should you choose to be single?

Well, perhaps you would like to focus on your career. Or maybe you need to look after your health. It doesn’t matter which reason you have. As long as you want to be single, that’s fine.

Whenever I start good relationships, usually it’s because I feel like positivity will increase after being with someone special. Meanwhile, I know I am not giving up my happiness just to be with someone so that other people would respect me more. That is to say, a great relationship has to add tremendous meaning and value to my life. Those are the right reasons to be in relationships. 😊

There are some bad reasons, too.

First of all, if you simply feel lonely, you shouldn’t start a relationship with a Ukrainian woman. Please let me explain.

A relationship shouldn’t be a way for you to escape a negative situation. A relationship is about sharing an amazing life with your lady.

I know a romantic relationship would surely make you happier. However, a lot of toxic relationships may falsely look wonderful if you choose them as you feel lonely, needy and desperate. When your reasons are wrong, the relationship can’t be right because chances are you can’t even select the right partner.

Remember: The best choices are always made from a place of abundance. A relationship isn’t a cure for your problem.

So, please start a relationship with a Ukrainian woman from a place of strength rather than a place of weakness. I’m sure you will choose the ideal candidate in this way. 😉

Second, if you feel pressured to get married as soon as possible, that’s not the right reason. Note that life is short, yet terrible relationships are extremely long. Don’t be pushed into a relationship by the expectations of people around you.

When you are genuinely ready to dive into a relationship with every cell of your being, that’s authentic love – that’s the right relationship.

Next, if you are at a selfish stage in life, don’t start a relationship now.

Apparently, I’m not the most judgmental person in the world; I’m just saying it’s perfectly okay to choose a single lifestyle because you want to be relationship-free and grow your business / get an advanced degree / create art….

I know many people would use words such as “childish”, “immature” and “selfish” to describe someone who isn’t in a long-term relationship, but life isn’t a set plan that you can give everybody.

Do you know what you really, really want? Be honest with yourself.

Once you fully understand what you truly want, you’d better stop making decisions according to what everybody around you wants. Yes, you would be well-advised to answer to yourself only.

Does a relationship spark joy?

Once you know what you want, you can create a clear blueprint for yourself so that you will be able to build a wonderful lifestyle based on your blueprint. Interestingly, when you live a fascinating lifestyle, Ukrainian women will find you more attractive automatically because you derive real confidence from your interesting lifestyle.

As a dating coach, I often teach my clients to build their lifestyle based on these three pillars: health, wealth and love.

In other words, you have to be healthy in the first place. It is said that a successful entrepreneur has many problems to solve because he/she is always challenged by something. But an unwell person only has one problem because he/she is challenged by health issues. Thus, you must work on your health first.

The second pillar is wealth. I’m not saying you must be a multimillionaire or a billionaire in order to be successful and attractive. I mean you need to have a reasonable income and a stable life – this gives yourself core confidence.

The third pillar is love. When you take care of your health and finances, you have the bandwidth to look for love. Indeed, when you are already happy, more happiness will find you in record time.

“Are you ready for love?”

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